Chapter 152 - Glaring Red Name

Chapter 152 - Glaring Red Name

Back at Victorious Return guild headquarters, Heaven Breaker was so infuriated that he could no longer calmly stay seated on his throne as he watched the live video feed. If those reinforcements hadn’t arrived, no matter how much stronger Nie Yan and Tang Yao were, they would have still succumbed to death in the end. Even though he was bound to suffer enormous losses, enough to feel as though his heart was bleeding, he only had a single objective in mind, to completely crush the pair… because he had an inkling of a feeling that they truly posed a threat to him like no other before. Truthfully, even when the reinforcements from Asskickers United arrived, he had still been as steady as Mt. Tai. After all, those mediocre forces were nowhere near the level of the elites of his guild. However, with the sudden emergence of Holy Empire, his plans had truly gone awry.

“Dammit! It’s Holy Empire!” Heaven Breaker’s expression turned hideous. He now regretted not being there to personally lead this operation himself. To lose three hundred elites and still not accomplish his objective, such a bitter pill was simply too hard to swallow.

Lost in the fervour of battle, Nie Yan and the others didn’t expect a new force to jump into the fray. Holy Empire had actually decided to involve themselves! With more reinforcements coming to his aid,...

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