Chapter 147 - Establishing the Guild Treasury

Chapter 147 - Establishing the Guild Treasury

Nie Yan glanced over his masteries, Intermediate Marksman, Beginner Dual Wielding, Beginner Adept Hands, Beginner Dagger, and Beginner Cloaking. With 3 mastery points to allocate, he raised both Dual Wielding and Adept Hands to Intermediate and put his final point into Beginner Cloaking which increased his Cloak stat even further.

While equipped with two daggers, Intermediate Dual Wielding would now increase his attack by 13 points. Its effects were quite significant.

His damage was growing increasingly powerful. If he was able to equip the Scarlet Poison Ring, then even a tanky Fighter would be easily cut down by his blade. 

Accessories and Legendary equipment usually had stat requirements. So long as they were fulfilled, the player would be able to immediately equip them regardless of their level. On the other hand, regular equipment had strict level requirements. Hence, obtaining a defense or attack that vastly exceeded the norm was very difficult. However, though incredibly rare, rings that increased attack or necklaces that increased defense did exist. In fact, they could even be found in the auction house. It was just that on the rare occasion they appeared, they were often excessively expensive.

Nie Yan had never stopped thinking about how he was going to get...

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