Chapter 145 - Explosive Levelling

Chapter 145 - Explosive Levelling

Occasionally, when Ignore Level proc’d, Tang Yao’s spells would deal over 100 damage, but they usually didn’t exceed 10. Even then, his DPM (damage per minute) was still quite significant because he was making up for the low damage per hit with the sheer number of spells he was outputting.

The Lord-class Scaled Frog’s health fell at a constant pace. Even though it wasn’t by much, it still gave Nie Yan and Tang Yao hope of seeing an eventual end.

This was a Level 30 Lord!

It couldn’t be compared to an Elite!

In his past life, when a player encountered a Lord-class monster in the wilderness, they would immediately notify their guild. Hundreds of members would then be mobilized to deal with it because Lords were often the sparks for many major guild battles. Lords would usually drop Dark Gold-grade equipment upon death. However, if the player was lucky, then Legendary-grade equipment fragments might drop. Even with terrible luck, they were guaranteed equipment of at least Gold-grade which could be sold for quite a bit of money.

Now, under Tang Yao’s intense barrage of spells, the Lord-class Scaled Frog’s health was being gradually chipped away, 99.9%, 99.8%...

Even though the battle was progressing at a snail's pace, Tang Yao and Nie Yan were nonetheless...

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