Chapter 144 - Lord-class Scaled Frog

Chapter 144 - Lord-class Scaled Frog

Nie Yan left Calore and sprinted back toward the Scaled Frog zone. Those Elites should have respawned.

Be careful, don’t get yourself accidently killed while I’m not around,」Nie Yan cautioned. Tang Yao being all alone was extremely dangerous.

Don’t worry. I haven’t seen any monsters nearby. I’m perfectly safe.

Give me your coordinates.」 


Heading for these coordinates, Nie Yan eventually met back with Tang Yao in the forest.

“Did you buy more Smoke Powder?” Tang Yao asked. After using so many pouches yesterday, there probably wasn’t much left.

“Yeah, I did,” Nie Yan replied.

“Hah, killing Level 30 Elites is pretty costly.” Tang Yao sighed in sorrow at the thought of how much gold was spent solely on Smoke Powder.

“Well, we can make it back by killing them. Remember those recipes that dropped yesterday? After giving them to the Alchemists on the second floor, they’re earning the Starry Night Potion Shop at least several gold a day. It’d be even better if we could find some top-quality gear that we can equip.”

“Your shop really makes that much?” Tang Yao asked in an amazed tone. Could a few recipes really bring in so much gold?

“Of course.”

“We should find some more recipes then! We’ll be rolling in money!” Tang Yao exclaimed in excitement. Elites already had...

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