Chapter 141 - Asskickers United

Chapter 141 - Asskickers United

Fortunately, the surprise Tang Yao had given them before acted as a cushion now; otherwise, the shock Hao Cheng, Zhao Li, and Guo Huai received would’ve been much more severe. Evidently, Nie Yan’s level was a result of him levelling together with Tang Yao.

Today was quite eventful. Hao Cheng, Zhao Li, and Guo Huai were able to meet two experts that ranked at the very top of the leaderboards. Not only that, but these experts were also fellow students from the same school. Most surprising of all was that one of them was Nie Yan, a kid who had been mediocre at everything but studying. To their surprise, in the time that they didn’t see him, he had transformed into such an outstanding person. They could barely wrap their heads around this fact.

“Back in middle school, we always knew you liked to keep a low-profile. Even when we took tests, you would usually be around tenth or eleventh place, but after the final exams, you suddenly shot up to the top three. It really is in your style to do this kind of stuff. I should’ve known it was you earlier when Tang Yao said he was just following someone around. Still, we never really thought of you as a gamer, and rightfully so since you never played any in the past. Who could’ve known that, as soon as you got your hands on one, you’d be so good at it. Yet, even when you can place in the...

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