Chapter 140 - It’s Always the Quiet Ones

Chapter 140 - It’s Always the Quiet Ones

As the pair walked into the Jaderiver Dining Hall, they were greeted by a fairly spacious and luxurious lounge. The ceiling, constructed out of a special glass, refracted the incoming sunlight in a peculiar way, causing the various plant life surrounding the rock garden fountain to flourish with vibrant colours.

After passing through the lounge, they walked across a winding hallway before arriving at the meeting place.

It was an outdoor tea garden specially designed to host gatherings of this sort. Right now, a large group of people were lounging in the area, drinking tea and chatting among themselves. They all appeared to be eighteen or nineteen years old, youthful and full of energy. Nie Yan scanned over the crowd with his eyes and recognized several familiar faces, Hao Cheng, Zhao Li, and Guo Huai. Even when he had hit rock-bottom in his past life, these three were among the few who didn’t abandon him, which was why he never forgot them. Along with Tang Yao, they were inseparable during their time in middle school.  

“Tang Yao, Nie Yan! You two finally arrived.” Hao Cheng was the first to spot them and immediately walked over to greet them. As his eyes fell on Nie Yan, a trace of surprise flashed across his face as he bumped his fist into Nie Yan’s chest. “Wow, Kiddo! You’ve grown sturdier, taller as well! I...

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