Chapter 138 - Beat Heaven Breaker!

Chapter 138 - Beat Heaven Breaker!

Having killed yet another Elite Scaled Frog, Nie Yan walked up to its corpse and picked up the drops, a Level 30 Gold-grade Mage staff and an Intermediate Alchemy Recipe.

Elemental Convergence Potion Recipe

Requirements: Intermediate Alchemist 

Properties: Elemental Magic Cast Time −10% 

Materials: Windspirit Grass, Congealing Gel, Diffusing Agent, Quicksilver 

If Still Grieving, Quiet Nannan, or Bird—whoever reached Intermediate rank first—learned this recipe, he would be able to put Elemental Convergence Potions up for sale in his shop for 2 silver a bottle, a considerable price for today’s player base. He had already given Bird permission to access his personal storage, so all of the recipes he picked up from the Zombie Foremen earlier should have already been withdrawn by now. Presumably, Bird had already put them to good use and was now well on his way to stocking the shop up with new goods.

With this potion recipe dropping, his shop would gain another source of income. The potion would attract plenty of player interest, and at the same time, it would also bolster the sales of the other goods in the shop. Aside from the experience, another benefit of hunting high-level monsters was that he would be able to obtain the recipes for potions, pills, and other concoctions that had...

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