Chapter 134 - Red Name

Chapter 134 - Red Name

Nie Yan glanced at his status bar and was disappointed to find his name branded red. Though, now that he thought back to earlier, he was indeed the one who had drawn first blood. However, the circumstances at that time were very tense. He had no time to thoroughly consider the consequences of his actions. After all, if Night Shadow got the first attack in while he still held the Zombie King’s aggro, then he would be sandwiched between two enemies and it would without a doubt mark his death.

Sadly, there was nothing he could do about this since the system rules for player interaction were as such. Truthfully, the act of PKing, or player killing, was a form of recreation unto itself. To effortlessly dispose of an opponent while staying within the boundaries set by the game, now that was the highest level of play very few could achieve.

In his earlier predicament, it was impossible for him to yield the first attack to the enemy. As for cutting his losses and leaving, that was even more of an impossibility! However, he had to admit he did have such an urge at the back of his mind, but in those circumstances, who would possibly submit to such humiliation!?

Though, after killing those three players, his name had been branded in a deep crimson red.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t anything so alarming that...

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