Chapter 130 - Collaboration

Chapter 130 - Collaboration

When Nie Yan levelled in Black Gold Mines in his past life, he had required the cooperation of at least three other Level 10 or higher players, including both a tank and healer, to be able to bring down a single Zombie Foreman.

This time around, he hadn’t only come here to level, but also to try his luck at finding some decent Silver-grade equipment. Generally, Level 10 Silver-grade equipment would be slightly worse off in terms of stats to Level 5 Gold-grade equipment. If he were able to snag a piece of Level 10 Gold-grade equipment, then it would be even better. In addition, if equipment for other classes dropped, he would be able to sell each piece in the auction house for a sizable profit.

After three hours or so of exploring the wide open rocky terrain of the mines, he managed to kill sixteen Zombie Foremen. From them, he was able to obtain a few decent items: several gems that he could sell for a good price and the fairly uncommon Berserk Pill Recipe. While moving around this area, he had also encountered two groups of players training in the area, both of which he took a long detour around since he couldn’t be bothered to deal with the hassle if a conflict were to arise.

As he sat down to recover his stamina, he opened up the notification window for his shop. After a quick glance,...

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