Chapter 128 - Eye of Truth

Chapter 128 - Eye of Truth

Whether or not he should go up and expose this swindler was a dilemma worth contemplating over. Nie Yan couldn’t resolve it simply by relying on emotion and impulse, but rather, he needed to analyze it with logic and reason. Just what were the intentions of this quest’s designer?

While pondering, he happened to glance over his own character information and noticed a new status effect—Administrator Kallan’s Referral.

Administrator Kallan’s Referral: Increases Influence in Hilderlocke by 30 points. Duration: 30 minutes.

He immediately came to a decision upon seeing this.

During the thirty minutes Administrator Kallan’s Referral was active, his Influence in Hilderlocke would reach a staggering thirty-seven points, more than enough to deal with these common nobles.

If I successfully trigger and complete this hidden quest, I might be able to obtain a decent reward. On the other hand… if I fail, then I should still be able to get out without any problems as long as I leave the city walls within thirty minutes.

After determining his plan, he began walking over to Krusch.

He would be a rash fool if he simply announced to all the nobles in the room that Krusch was swindling them. Instead of believing him, these arrogant nobles...

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