Chapter 126 - Battle Crazed Alliance

Chapter 126 - Battle Crazed Alliance

The true worth of the property would only manifest itself in the future. So long as it was left there, its value would rise astronomically with each passing day.

Going off whatever funds were remaining, the number of things Nie Yan could purchase became severely restricted. Now, even buying one or two plots would place him in dire straits. As such, his goal was not to buy up whatever he could but rather to attempt to gather as much money as possible. After all, a single person was limited in what they were capable of. He could accomplish only so much by relying solely on himself.

“Hilderlocke is a beautiful city, and its residents are kind and friendly. On behalf of the city, I’d like to extend my warmest greetings. Feel free to come here if you wish to purchase more properties, and I sincerely hope you have a pleasant time during your stay,” Administrator Kallan said. He smiled in a heartfelt manner and appeared rather affable.

Nie Yan’s eyebrows raised as Kallan’s words suddenly reminded him of a certain piece of information. According to rumours, the administrator of Hilderlocke was the most good-natured out of all the administrators in the empire. What he loved the most was to hear players praise his city.

“I love Hilderlocke. It truly is the most beautiful city I’ve been to. I would even go as far...

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