Chapter 125 - City of Jadeite, Hilderlocke

Chapter 125 - City of Jadeite, Hilderlocke

“Yikes, I’ve barely stepped foot through the door, yet you’re already throwing me curveballs! Hmm, let’s see… Of course there’s no point in joining a weak guild. That’s why I’ve been searching for a strong backer this whole time. When I found out about this shop, I was almost certain that it had a strong backer acting from behind the scenes, but I didn’t know exactly who. Perhaps a financial group or a major guild? I’m not sure which, but I’m certain it’s an entity with a terrifying amount of resources. It hasn’t been long since the servers opened, but you’ve already got a shop opened when even the major guilds don’t. That’s why I’m applying here, to see if my intuition was correct,” Quiet Nannan responded in a frank and very direct manner. He felt using flowery words to praise and flatter would have sounded insincere, so he chose to go with a more direct approach.

How many days had passed since the game’s release, probably half a month at most? Yet a Tier 2 shop had already sprung up in this region of the city. Even if it was located in the slums, how could such an event go unnoticed?

Bird nodded his head in approval, then said, “We offer a 10% cut to contracted Alchemists at your rank. Are you still willing to join?”

“So low? The other...

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