Chapter 120 - Grace of the Civet

Chapter 120 - Grace of the Civet

Those Skeleton Warriors seemed to have a fear of Abraham’s Tomb as they didn’t dare to approach it.

Nie Yan sat above the tomb’s entrance while his health gradually recovered. Moments later, his low health was once more restored to full.

No longer in danger of dying, his mind felt much more at ease. Turning around, he jumped off the beam, and after a graceful landing, he walked through the entrance before descending down the flight of stairs.

All of the steps had become smooth and flat due to erosion from the elements while their surfaces were covered in the ancient characters of the undead. Down below was an endless darkness where the silence would infinitely magnify even the softest of sounds. The silence was so palpable that he was even able to hear his heartbeat and breathing.

It was almost as if he was walking toward the gates of death.

The sinister smell of death and decay drifted upward from the deepest abyss of the tomb.

Nie Yan’s footsteps were light, sticking close to the wall as he made his way down.

Although he had traversed this place once upon a time, by the time he reached this area, it was already long explored by Victorious Return. The difficulty of exploring a new map and the difficulty of exploring...

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