Chapter 118 - Sea of Bones

Chapter 118 - Sea of Bones

Nie Yan led the pair of Skeleton Kodos in clearing out to the rest of the monsters in the vicinity. During this, he would also occasionally use Undead Rite in an attempt to recruit more servants. After all, the chances of success might be slim to none, but what harm was there in trying?

Since the Kodos’ spawning areas were rather sporadic, Nie Yan had to lead his minions all over the region to hunt them, while steamrolling everything in his path. By the time he had killed ten Kodos, he was able to bring yet another Skeleton Kodo under his control.

Now, with three Kodos, he possessed enough manpower to move on to the next phase of his plan.

Tang Yao was left awed by the sight of these three immense skeletal minions.

“What’s your experience at now?” Nie Yan asked.

“57%,” Tang Yao responded.

“Nice, you’ll be levelling up soon. I’ll stick around for a little while longer, but then I gotta head off and take care of some business. When you reach Level 8, let your Arcane Fairy have all the experience, then I’ll help you evolve it to Rank 2. Afterwards, I’ll bring you to somewhere you can train on your own.” Raising a fairy from Rank 1 to Rank 2 was fairly easy, but getting it from Rank 2 to Rank 3 was a hundred times more difficult. From Rank 3 and onwards, the amount of experience required became even more excessive. This was also one of the reasons why...

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