Chapter 110 - Lively Market

Chapter 110 - Lively Market

Nie Yan carefully inspected his surroundings, making sure not to overlook even a single inch. His movements were extremely cautious. He didn’t dare to make the slightest sound, for fear that he might alert the Fire Elemental sleeping in the depths.

Eventually, his search led him to a hidden crevice. There, past volcanic fumes and smoke that obscured his vision, he found a small shabby chest tucked tightly behind a boulder.

The chest was made of wooden plank. Through the passing of centuries, the wood had long decomposed and become riddled with holes. Yet the fact it hadn’t broken down entirely in this harsh environment was the most surprising. It appeared rather ordinary, lacking the elegant designs of its silver and gold counterparts. The only feature worth paying particular attention to was the fire immunity rune engraved on the wood.

Although the ancient character appeared simple, it was exactly such an inconspicuous rune that isolated the chest from the fire elements in this cavern and ensured its integrity.

If my guess is correct… this should be it! Nie Yan knelt down and then opened the chest. He fished around for a while and eventually pulled out a ring.

Crawler Ring: Unidentified

The Crawler Ring! Alongside the Silk Spinner Ring[1], these two rings were essential for any player who wanted to be considered top-tier! 

Nie Yan used Transcendent Insight to appraise the Crawler Ring’s properties.

Crawler Ring (Bronze): Unique...

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