Chapter 109 - Gaia Monitor

Chapter 109 - Gaia Monitor

The sound of heavy, turbid breathing travelled between the scattered stacks and entered Nie Yan’s ears. As he carefully went over to investigate, an enormous, scaly body, lying flat on the ground, entered his sight.

It was a Gaia Monitor!

Nie Yan knew he would be encountering this fellow even before arriving at this location.

This five-meter long lizard hidden between the piles of rocks was covered in sharp spikes, making it almost indistinguishable from an ancient dinosaur.

As he looked elsewhere, he spotted a small cave well-hidden among some boulders. If one didn’t observe carefully, it would be rather easy to overlook.

From where he stood, he was unable to see deeper inside the cave.

I’ll need to get past this lizard first… Entering the cave without alerting the Gaia Monitor wasn’t going to be a simple task.

By habit, Nie Yan inspected the Gaia Monitor with Transcendent Insight.

Gaia Monitor (Elite): Level ??

Although Transcendent Insight failed to gather anything significant due to the level discrepancy, Nie Yan dimly recalled the Gaia Monitor was an Elite monster that was at least level 30. Even the slightest graze from such a high-level monster would undoubtedly mean his death.

Fortunately, this Gaia Monitor wouldn’t stay in this area for too long.

That being the case, Nie Yan patiently waited...

After twenty minutes,...

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