Chapter 108 - Plague Canyon Tasoyi Village

Chapter 108 - Plague Canyon Tasoyi Village 

How’s it going? Are your runs going smoothly?

Sigh… Please don’t remind me. We wiped on the first run. Dealing with the Werewolves’ poison is just too difficult without Black Phenol. We barely made any progress...  That aside, the equipment drops are pretty decent. Not only does the boss have a chance to drop Dark Gold equipment, even the common mobs have a chance of dropping Gold equipment. Why? Are you interested in joining?」Sleepy Fox didn’t miss a beat and made use of this opportunity to try and recruit Nie Yan.

Nah, not really, but I do happen to have some Black Phenol on me. I’m wondering if you’re interested?

Black Phenol? How much do you have?」 Sleepy Fox asked. He couldn’t help but get excited. Was  Nie Yan unaware of just how many players were madly scouring for Black Phenol right now?

Thirty bottles,...

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