Chapter 107 - Black Phenol Frenzy

Chapter 107 - Black Phenol Frenzy

The first team to succeed in clearing a new dungeon would receive additional rewards and Honour. Not to mention, since Sosil Valley was the final Level 3 dungeon, the equipment dropped there would be the best. These benefits spurred numerous guild leaders into attempting Sosil Valley with their elite members. Though the price of pioneering was wrought with bitterness and difficulty, some teams still advanced dauntlessly. Yet, in the end, the overwhelming majority would fail to even reach the boss, falling victim to the extremely potent poison of the common mobs.

A hallucinogenic poison that applied the fear status debuff and robbed the player of all movement ability… Presently, the only cure for it was Black Phenol!

Shortly after Sosil Valley’s opening, the demand for Black Phenol magnified countless times over. All of a sudden, it became the hottest...

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