Chapter 106 - Nie Yan’s Talent

Chapter 106 - Nie Yan’s Talent

“You rotten punk! Your parents owe so much money. Even if we sold you off, do you really think you’d somehow pay it back?” Uncle Luo Ming’s wife sneered.

Unlike his wife, however, Uncle Luo Ming’s prior arrogance had vanished almost entirely. He couldn’t help but notice that the atmosphere around his nephew was completely different from the past. He no longer dared to treat Nie Yan like a child he could easily push around.

“Little Yan, have you been training recently? Come, let your Uncle Lin see how much you’ve grown!” This recent development made Mr. Lin feel happy and rekindled his desire for a good fight. Seeing his old comrade’s son finally grow up was also one of the things he desired to witness in his life.

Mr. Lin pushed past Luo Ming and Nie Yan’s other relatives. Although the space in the house was a little narrow, it was still more than sufficient for sparring. In fact, a narrow...

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