Chapter 104 - Preparing for the Future

Chapter 104 - Preparing for the Future

Nie Yan forced out a smile.「Oh, then you’re telling me you’re not being foolish right now...?

Moon Child and Feiyun were shocked beyond belief when they saw Yao Yao had actually accepted the gift. They both understood Yao Yao’s disposition as she generally never took gifts from others, especially from males. Even on her birthday, she would only accept simple things like birthday cards. Today though, she actually accepted a gift, and from a male no less! There was definitely a hidden story behind this!

Yao Yao, what’s your relationship with this person?」Moon Child whispered.

He’s a good friend of mine,」Yao Yao replied with a somewhat guilty conscience.

Really? Just a good friend eh~?」Moon Child asked in a mischievous tone. The expression on her face showed that she didn’t believe her friend in the slightest.

Really! He’s just a friend!」Afraid Moon Child would continue down this line of questioning, Yao Yao decided to...

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