Chapter 94 - Fake Girlfriend in Action

“Did you take the photos?” Sheng Jiaoyang closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair.

Zeng Huan was driving the company’s car as she replied, “Yep.”

“Organise them and help me post them later.”


While they were waiting for the traffic light to change, Zeng Huan turned to look at the girl resting next to her with her eyes closed. Sheng Jiaoyang was younger than her by a few years, yet everything she did was so efficient and smart.

Setting up the couple and the cleaning up of the scandal were both done so well!

Ding! Her cell phone beeped.

Zeng Huan looked at the text before glancing at the person sitting beside her. She took advantage of the red light to type out a reply.

“We’ve arrived.”

Sheng Jiaoyang opened her eyes and adjusted her glasses. She frowned as she looked outside. “Are you sure we’re there?”

Zeng Huan wasn’t confident and didn’t dare to look at her as she replied, “The notification I got said to have you come here.”

“Notification?” Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression turned cold.

Beside her, the car door was pulled open. She looked over and saw a tall man standing next to it, his face completely expressionless.

“Let’s go,” Jing Weinan said.

Sheng Jiaoyang brushed away some hair from her forehead and got out of the car.

“Jiaojiao, you can call me anytime you need me. I can also help you post on social media,” Zeng Huan said from behind her.

By now, Sheng Jiaoyang had gotten over how this assistant was one of Demon King Shen’s spies. At worst, she’d just have to spend some money to personally hire another assistant later. She could use Zeng Huan for now, since in any case, her dispute with Demon King Shen still wasn’t over.

She knocked on the door of a private room after entering the restaurant.

“Just enter!” an impatient voice said from inside.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s brows twitched; that voice sounded rather familiar. She glanced at Jing Weinan and entered.

“Eh, it’s you?!”

Sheng Jiaoyang knew almost everybody in the room except for the person sitting by the door, next to Shen Zhining. The most surprising thing was that Idiot Ning was also there. The young pretty girl was the only one she’d never seen before.

“You’re my cousin’s girlfriend?” Ning Xiaoruan’s face was filled with disbelief. After all, the last time they’d met, there were no signs at all. Furthermore, he and Jing Weinan had even kidnapped her together, and his cousin was very cold towards her at the time.

“Xiaoruan, you know her?” the middle aged man sitting at the head of the table asked.

Ning Xiaoruan noticed that everybody was staring at him and his face turned embarrassed as he rubbed his head. “I’ve just seen her a few times before.”

Sitting next to the middle aged man was a very distinctive woman who asked, “Zhining, aren’t you going to introduce us?”

Shen Zhining turned and glanced at Sheng Jiaoyang. “Xu Jiaojiao.”

Everybody waiting: “…”

Seeing this scene, Sheng Jiaoyang knew that it was time to be useful. She took the initiative to introduce herself, acting as a dedicated shield. “Hello everybody, I’m Xu Jiaojiao. You can just call me Jiaojiao.”

After saying that, she used a coquettish tone to softly scold Shen Zhining, “Really, Zhining, how could you say so little?”

Ning Xiaoruan was stunned as he watched them. Although he didn’t know her very well, he still somewhat understood her. Before, she was completely cold and indifferent towards him. Now, she was suddenly acting so delicate and sweet to his cousin. Wasn’t this difference way too big?

“Sit first,” the woman said. “Have you eaten yet?”

“I already ate,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied, smiling slightly as she sat in the empty seat next to Shen Zhining.

Without needing an introduction, Sheng Jiaoyang already knew that the middle aged couple sitting across from her was Shen Zhining’s maternal uncle and his wife. Ning Xiaoruan was their son. She later learned that the girl who’d been staring at her critically was Xiaoruan’s cousin.

It was clear that the two families had come to matchmake between her and Shen Zhining.[1]

It was now time for the typical introduction questions. After finding out that Sheng Jiaoyang was from an impoverished, single parent home, the couple’s faces both turned indifferent.

The beautiful, young woman never spoke until now. “Are you a model, Xu Jiaojiao?”

“Yep,” Sheng Jiaoyang admitted calmly.

The Ning couple’s faces turned even colder. They’d already decided to have a good talk with Shen Zhining.

“When I was online today, I saw some news about you, saying that you were two-timing Gu Zhou and had brought some other man home. The man in the picture wasn’t Zhining either. How are you going to explain that?” the pretty girl asked.

Sheng Jiaoyang snorted. Originally, she thought that the pretty girl had just come here to go through the motions due to her parents. But, it turns out that she was actually on her phone all this time because she was searching for something to use against her. Sheng Jiaoyang noticed that the faces’ of the Ning couple were already rather unsightly and said, “There was nothing between Gu Zhou and I in the first place, it was just a publicity stunt by the company. As for bringing that guy home, it’s true.”

“Wow, you’re so blunt!” Ning Xiaoruan shouted.

The faces’ of the Ning couple could no longer be described as simply unsightly. No, they were extremely unsightly.

Shen Zhining looked as if it had nothing to do with him as he sat there calmly.

“But, he’s my mum’s boyfriend, so we don’t really know each other either,” Sheng Jiaoyang slowly finished replying.

Earlier, she’d said that she grew up with her mum in a single parent family, so it was normal for her mother to find a boyfriend. The Ning couple’s faces improved a bit and Ning Xiaoruan also had an expression of understanding.

However, the pretty girl wouldn’t give up. She thought before saying, “Somebody took a picture of you and Gu Zhou on a date alone. If it really was as you said, and you two have nothing to do with each other, then why would you guys go for dinner together by yourselves? Furthermore, he’s already confessed to you.” The pretty girl’s stare became even more critical as she stared at Sheng Jiaoyang. Why did this slightly passable looking woman, whose only asset was her height, have so many excellent men circling around her?

“Huh? Where did you see him confess to me?” Sheng Jiaoyang frowned.

“Gu Zhou even posted it!” The pretty girl waved her phone. “He said, ‘Junior Sister probably won’t reject me again, right?’ Isn’t this a confession?”

“He asked me for one of my paintings before, and I rejected him. That’s what he meant by rejection.”

“Your paintings?” The beautiful woman clearly didn’t believe her. Why would a big star like Gu Zhou want to buy a young girl’s paintings so much?! It was obviously just an excuse!

“You just don’t believe me because you don’t know me well enough. Zhining’s never doubted me.” Sheng Jiaoyang dealt the killing blow, leaving the pretty girl speechless.

The Ning couple glanced at each other, cautiousness against Sheng Jiaoyang in their eyes. Her arguments were watertight, and that last sentence was especially effective.

As a single dog[2], Ning Xiaoruan had received a critical hit. He thought: He also needs to find a girlfriend so he won’t be abused with PDA again! Wait, something doesn’t seem right…

“I already told Weinan to book the room. It’s also tough on you guys to have travelled so far, so it’s better to rest early,” Shen Zhining said to the Ning couple.

“Okay.” The Ning couple stood up. “Zhining, we’ve still never visited your island. Bring us there tomorrow and we can stay a few nights as a vacation.”

“Alright, I’ll arrange it.”

After sending the four to the hotel, Sheng Jiaoyang was about to go back when she was grabbed by her collar. Shen Zhining’s low voice rumbled next to her ear as he said, “Stay here for the next few days.”

Sheng Jiaoyang silently ground her teeth before pasting a flattering smile on her face as she turned to Shen Zhining. She used a nauseatingly sweet tone of voice to reply, “I will, Shen~ Zhi~Ning~”

Ning Xiaoruan, who’d just opened the door to say something, stopped, utterly dumbstruck.

1. The girl is Ning Xiaoruan’s 表妹 (biǎo mèi), meaning cousin from the maternal side, which is the wife. So, the cousin isn’t blood related to Shen Zhining.

2. The term ‘single dog’ is internet slang describing a person who is neither married nor in a relationship.

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