Chapter 88 - Living Together

In the study, Grandfather Shen and Shen Zhining had a one-on-one conversation.

The old man said, “That girl is still underage! How could you marry her?”

Shen Zhining replied, “I can wait.”

Grandfather Shen then added, “If you’re just fooling around, heed my advice and end your relationship now. Don’t play around with her feelings. It won’t be good once trouble comes and there’s a human life at stake.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if there’s a human life at stake? You’ve always wanted a great-grandson, right?”

Grandfather Shen was rendered speechless.

With his astuteness, how could Grandfather Shen not see that Shen Zhining was purposefully misinterpreting his words? If he had a walking stick on hand, he would have hit that brat long ago. Looking at his stubborn grandson, Grandfather Shen didn’t give up and persuaded him patiently. “Zhining, Grandpa isn’t judging her because she’s poor. However, if you’re looking for a wife candidate, then my future granddaughter-in-law must certainly be an outstanding woman. Only then will I have a smart and brilliant great-grandson. If nothing else, you have to at least find someone well-matched in terms of social status, only then would your relationship last.”

“Were you and Grandmother well-matched in social status?” Shen Zhining asked rhetorically.

Grandfather Shen had no words to counter and was rendered speechless once again. Back then, when he got together with Andy, he was still a poor lad who worked under someone else. Andy even cut all ties with her family to be with him. That was right, Andy’s family name wasn’t originally Flynn. Flynn was only her middle name and it was also her maiden name. Andy’s Chinese name ‘Fu Lailin’ was based on her maiden name.

“How can you compare your Grandmother and I with you two. The love between your Grandmother and I overcame the boundaries of poverty and wealth, and the boundaries of nationality and ethnic groups. We’re the embodiment of true love! It’s true love!” Grandfather Shen tapped on the table and emphasised the two most popular words of this era ‘true love’.

“Since the two of you could be together after overcoming so many boundaries, then what’s there to worry about when it’s my turn?” Shen Zhining sarcastically asked.

T-this brat! He’s trying to piss me off to death! Grandfather Shen reckoned that if he was in poor health, he would’ve passed out already.

“Nevermind, let’s just drop things here. You can leave now!” Grandfather Shen didn’t want to speak another word.

Shen Zhining nodded and got up. He then walked away without turning back.

As Grandfather Shen stared at his grandson’s departing figure, he couldn’t help but sigh. He was cuter when he was younger. Ever since his son and daughter-in-law met with an accident, his grandson never opened up to anyone again. Later, after great difficulty, he finally opened up a little through the companionship of his good friend’s granddaughter. But, unbeknownst to him, something must’ve happened afterwards for him to turn out like this.

“I want to stay in this room. Ask her to move out!” Daisy instructed Felix as she pointed at Sheng Jiaoyang’s room.

“Why do I have to move out? I won’t!” Sheng Jiaoyang wasn’t one to be bullied.

Daisy, who’d originally come to tour around the house, saw that Sheng Jiaoyang’s room was carefully decorated. At the thought that Shen Zhining had specially arranged this, she of course wanted to live in this ‘specially arranged’ room, and thus she made a scene.

Fu Lailin tried to persuade her and said, “Daisy, this is Jiaojiao’s room, so you’d better choose another room. If you like this style, we can let someone decorate another room for you with a similar interior.”

Daisy stood at the door with an aggrieved look and tears in her eyes as she said, “Andy, even you are speaking for her! I don’t want any other room, I want this one!”

“What happened here?” Shen Zhining, who happened to come down from the third floor, walked over and asked.

“Daisy wants to have Jiaojiao’s room,” Fu Lailin replied.

When Grandfather Shen, who was trailing behind Shen Zhining, heard Fu Lailin’s words, he said without a second thought, “It’s just a bedroom, isn’t it? Daisy is just staying here for a short while, so let her have it.”

Sheng Jiaoyang frowned upon hearing that. In the past, Grandfather Shen had treated her so well, but his attitude towards her now was totally different. Speaking of which, she was supposed to be Shen Zhining’s girlfriend. So, even if it was just a bedroom, how could she simply give it up just because Daisy wanted it?

“Felix, tidy up Jiaojiao’s belongings and bring them out,” Shen Zhining instructed.

“Yes, Boss.” Felix bowed slightly.

Daisy was grinning from ear to ear at this moment. Her eyes were glistening with happiness as she thought: Even Ning is helping her. Does this mean she still has a chance?

Fu Lailin cast a worried glance at the expressionless Sheng Jiaoyang before staring at Grandfather Shen with a reproachful look in her eyes. Why are you meddling in the affairs of young’uns?

“Boss, where should I put Miss Xu’s belongings?”

Shen Zhining replied in a flat tone, “You can put them in my room.”

Daisy: “…”

Grandfather Shen: “…”

Fu Lailin: “…”

Sheng Jiaoyang: “…”

Probably only ellipses could perfectly express everyone’s feelings at this moment.

“No, I don’t want this room anymore.” Daisy backed out at once.

Sheng Jiaoyang immediately breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. If that’s the case, then she no longer had to move into Shen Zhining’s room.

Felix stared at Shen Zhining with an inquiring look, waiting for the latter’s instructions.

“Go ahead,” Shen Zhining uttered no more than two words.

Daisy wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

Unexpectedly, Sheng Jiaoyang’s feelings were similar to Daisy’s. She continuously stole glances at Shen Zhining as she thought:Is it really necessary to take things this far?! Where is she supposed to sleep tonight? She doesn’t want to sleep on the floor!

“Zhining, this girl is still underage, so you can’t sleep in the same room,” Grandfather Shen stated.

Shen Zhining glanced at Felix again while responding, “There’s nothing that can’t be done.”

Upon receiving the instructions, Felix immediately sent a few helpers over to start moving Jiaojiao’s belongings.

Sheng Jiaoyang walked to Shen Zhining’s side and tugged at his sleeves, whispering, “That’s not necessary, right? She already said that she no longer wanted my room…”

Shen Zhining turned his head and stared at her coldly as he mouthed two words: Zip it!

“Nevermind, I won’t interfere anymore. Andy, let’s go for a walk along the coast,” Grandfather Shen called out to his wife and off they went.

Daisy humphed with anger and went downstairs.

“Don’t act in a fit of pique!” Sheng Jiaoyang scratched her head and exclaimed. In this instant, she could care less about her hairstyle as she was freaking out inwardly. She’s about to be driven mad by Demon King Shen!

“I’m not acting in a fit of pique. This is what you call ‘getting something done once and for all’.” Shen Zhining turned and proceeded to the study upstairs.

What ‘getting something done once and for all’?! Sheng Jiaoyang bared her fangs and brandished her claws at Shen Zhining’s departing figure.

“Miss Xu, please excuse me,” Felix’s voice suddenly sounded beside her.

Sheng Jiaoyang instantly recovered, and her demeanor immediately switched back to that of an affluent Eldest Miss. If one were to ignore the strands of messy hair on her head, then her smiling face could still be described as graceful and dignified.

Soon after, it was time for lunch. When Grandfather Shen arrived, he sat down at the head of the table. Fu Lailin sat down on his right-hand side, and Sheng Jiaoyang was dragged along by Shen Zhining to sit on the left, so Daisy had no choice but to sit next to Fu Lailin.

Looking at the two sitting opposite her continuously picking up a mouthful of food for one another, Daisy could only grind her teeth in silence. She wasn’t very good with chopsticks to begin with, yet she still had to pay attention to her image. Eating Chinese food for lunch was practically torture that was painful to death.

“Honey, eat some more~” There was a big smile plastered on Sheng Jiaoyang’s face as she used her chopsticks to pick up a big mouthful of carrot shreds, which Shen Zhining didn’t like to eat, and placed it in his bowl.

Although Grandfather Shen and Fu Lailin didn’t know what kinds of food Shen Zhining disliked, Sheng Jiaoyang knew. When she was a child, she was forced to nibble on raw carrots every day for half a month just because she’d placed some carrot in Demon King Shen’s bowl one time. It was absolutely horrible!

Now, she took advantage of the fact that the two elders were present to exact her revenge. She couldn’t let this dish, which she’d specially asked the kitchen to prepare, go to waste.

“I’m already full.” Shen Zhining stared at the bowl filled with shredded carrots and silently put down his chopsticks.

“Ahh? You’ve only eaten a little, so you should eat some more! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the energy to do anything later!” Sheng Jiaoyang persuaded.

“That’s right, A’Ning, you’ve lost weight lately, so you should eat some more,” Fu Lailin added.

“Could it be you’re tired?” Sheng Jiaoyang tilted her head and looked at him. “Let me feed you.”

Tsk, tsk. Youngsters nowadays were inconsiderate of their surroundings. Grandfather Shen glanced at Fu Lailin, feeling a bit upset in his heart. They were married for so long, yet they never acted like that.

“No need, I still have some business to tend to. You guys can continue, I’ll leave first.” Shen Zhining got up and left the dining hall.

Sheng Jiaoyang swept a glance at the bowl filled with carrot shreds and secretly chuckled.

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