Chapter 80 - Pieces

“Jiao, after this cup, you’re my good friend!” Rita wrapped her arm around Sheng Jiaoyang’s shoulder, her breath smelling of alcohol as she shouted.

On the side, Lina, who’d also drunk a lot, was shaking her head, dazed. She took out her phone and subconsciously dialled a number, which was soon connected.

“George, I’m drunk, come and pick me up!”’

The man on the phone’s voice changed, “Where are you?”

“Where am I?” Lina looked around, misty-eyed, before turning to ask Rita, “Where are we?”

“My house!” Rita replied without thinking.

A hand from beside her suddenly snatched Lina’s phone. “I also want to make a call.” Sheng Jiaoyang hung up Lina’s call and laid against the bar, the phone almost squashed against her eyes as her fingers slid across the screen.

“Lin Yan, Lin Yan…hehe, found you.”

“Heyyyy, Lin Yan, I’m at Rita’s house… Oh, you don’t know Rita? You’ve seen her before…hurry and come, I’m waiting for you…”

Rita wrapped an arm around each of them and shouted, “Nobody’s leaving tonight! I still haven’t drunk enough, let’s continue!”

Sheng Jiaoyang had already fallen asleep holding the phone. Lina supported her head with her hands, swaying occasionally as moments of sobriety flashed by her mind before returning to a daze. But, compared to Sheng Jiaoyang, she was already much soberer.

A group of youths were all passed out in the living room as the music continued to roar.

This was the sight Lin Yan was greeted with when he entered. He frowned slightly as he scanned the living room, soon finding the three at the bar.

He walked over and gently rubbed Lina’s head. “Nana?”

Lina raised her head to stare at him, confused.

“Let’s go home.” Lin Yan reached out to take Lina’s arm, planning to leave.

Lina suddenly started looking left and right.

“What are you looking for?”

“Where’s Little Sun? Where did you hide my Little Sun?” Lina threw off Lin Yan’s hand and stepped back.

Lin Yan pulled on Lina, his tone pacifying as he said, “Nana, I know you’re grieving over Jiaoyang’s accident, but you have to continue and look forward.”

Lina shook off his hand again. “What accident? Nothing happened to my Little Sun!”

“Jiaojiao, Jiaojiao!” Lina looked around before running to Sheng Jiaoyang slumped across the bar.

Lina pounced on her, causing Sheng Jiaoyang to release a groan at her weight.

Lin Yan massaged his forehead and walked to Lina. He looked at the person at the bar, his gaze pausing on the phone clutched in her hand for a few seconds.

“Jiaojiao~” Lina reached out to tug Sheng Jiaoyang, wanting to pull her up.

Sheng Jiaoyang was already completely limp on the bar, so when Lina pulled on her, her entire body started to fall.

Lin Yan raised his brows as he reached out to support her.

“Jiaojiao, let’s go back home.” Lina was completely focused on dragging her, not aware that Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t even stand. Oh, that’s not right, with how drunk she was, it’d be a miracle if she could focus at all.

Seeing this, Lin Yan gave a helpless sigh before scooping Sheng Jiaoyang up. This time, Lina obediently followed him out of Rita’s villa.

The bodyguard waiting outside saw them come out and immediately stepped forward to help Lin Yan carry her.

Sheng Jiaoyang sensed herself being separated from the familiar embrace, and even though she wasn’t awake, she subconsciously clutched onto him, her face stuck to his chest.

“Whatever, let’s just enter.” Lin Yan personally carried her into the car. However, when he tried to drop her onto the back seat, her arms looped around his neck again and she rubbed her face into the curve of his neck.

Lin Yan frowned slightly, trying to push her away when he suddenly heard her murmur, “Brother Lin Yan…”

He paused, lowering his head to stare at her.

How could a total stranger call him that?

Lin Yan’s doubts grew deeper and deeper. Because he couldn’t push away the woman clinging to him, he could only sit down.

“Let go of Little Sun! She’s mine!” Lina became a wild drunk.

Lin Yan told the chauffeur to start driving before raising the screen to block out the bodyguard and driver. He then turned to face Lina, his voice low as he said, “Nana, she’s not your Little Sun.”

“She is! She is!!” Lina tugged on Lin Yan’s arm, wanting to separate him from Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Nana, don’t be noisy.” Lin Yan frowned.

Lina ignored him. “Release her!”

Who’s the one releasing who? Lin Yan was completely helpless as Lina relentlessly tugged on his hand. “Nana, she’s not Jiaoyang. Even if they’re very similar, in the end, they’re still different people. Don’t mix that up.” Near the end, his tone became serious, almost as if he was reminding himself too.

Lina looked at Lin Yan, tears starting to stream from her eyes.

Just as Lin Yan relaxed, Lina shook off his hand and curled up in the corner, hugging herself as she cried.

“George, why didn’t you come?…”

Lin Yan felt a headache grow as he faced this drunk who’d lost all reason. Lina had never lost control in front of them before; it was only when she was drunk that she would act so uninhibited.

Compared with the out-of-control Lina, the girl clutching onto him like a koala seemed to be very quiet and cute. He couldn’t help but remember what had happened in the mall that afternoon. Her familiar tone and eyes, together with the intimate phone call tonight, all made him suspicious.

An inconceivable idea flashed through his mind, but it was too outrageous. He didn’t dare to believe it, taking it to be his imagination running wild.

Once they arrived home, Lin Yan carried the motionless girl still clutching him. Then, he got the bodyguard to carry Lina before making his way to Lina’s room.

Lina seemed to regain some awareness once she was back in her own room and staggered into her bathroom.

The bodyguard cleverly left.

Lin Yan set Sheng Jiaoyang on Lina’s bed, but the hands clutching his neck still wouldn’t let go. He looked at her face, so close to his, where each of her lashes could be counted and their breaths mingled together.

Lin Yan was also surprised that he could be so close to a person that he’d only met two or three times without feeling uncomfortable. Still, he wanted to move her hands away. Personally carrying her here was just for Lina’s sake.

He was just about to use brute force to pry her hands away when her fan-like lashes trembled and her eyes opened, looking at him.

She still seemed mostly drunk, not understanding what was happening as she blinked at him.

“Lin Yan?” Her voice was a bit shaky. She probably couldn’t even figure out if she was sober or still drunk.

“Can you let go now?” Lin Yan’s tone was calm as he asked.

She didn’t speak, just staring at him in a daze as if she was ascertaining something.

“Lin Yan, what are you doing to Jiaojiao?” Lina shouted angrily, pulling Lin Yan away.

Lin Yan looked at the soaked Lina. “Sober now?”

“What were you doing just now?” Lina was like a protective mother hen, her gaze guarded as she stared at Lin Yan, not treating him like a family member at all.

“Ask her.” Lin Yan glanced at the person lying on the bed.

Sheng Jiaoyang rubbed her temples and narrowed her eyes, trying to see who was standing next to her. Her face turned stiff as her mind instantly sobered up. Her thoughts spun, discovering that she didn’t remember anything after she’d started drinking.

Her heart skipped when she saw the serious and angry expression on Mei Niu’s face.

She couldn’t have said something she shouldn’t have, right?

“Jiaojiao, did he bully you?” Lina asked when she saw that she was awake.


Sheng Jiaoyang’s face was filled with confusion. Lina knew that she didn’t understand and glared at Lin Yan before driving him out of the room. She walked back and poked Sheng Jiaoyang’s red cheek.

“You! Do you think that you’re like that monster, Rita? If you can’t drink, don’t drink that much alcohol. Otherwise, you won’t even know if you were taken advantage of by somebody!”

Sheng Jiaoyang nervously gripped Lina’s hand. “Did I say anything I shouldn’t have?”

Lina blinked. “I can’t remember either.”

“…Alright!” Sheng Jiaoyang could only be optimistic. Even if she did say something, Lin Yan might not believe it.

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