Chapter 403 - You Won’t Be Able to See Tomorrow's Sun

Lina froze when she saw George.

The smile on Sven's face disappeared, and darkness flashed across his eyes. He looked at Lina and tightened his grasp on her hand.

Lina recovered her senses and turned to look at Sven. Their eyes met for a few seconds.

"Lina—" George shouted from the other end of the red carpet.

"Darling." A smile reappeared on Sven's face, but there was no hint of a smile in his eyes.

On one side was the true love that encompassed her youth and feelings of the past few years, and on the other was the father of her son that she couldn’t break away from.

Lina lowered her eyes expressionlessly.

The guests who came to the wedding reception were basically people with status and experience, so they understood at a glance what was going on. They watched the scene from the sidelines and couldn’t help but whisper amongst themselves.

All kinds of expressions were seen on the faces of the Gudilesi family members. Some were gloating, some appeared solemn, and some looked anxious.

Family Head Bruno, who was sitting next to Family Head Gudilesi, narrowed his eyes at the sight. He then smiled at Family Head Gudilesi and said,...

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