Chapter 390 - Who’s Taking the Initiative

“Stop! We already agreed that you can’t touch me without my permission.” Sheng Jiaoyang held her towel up with one hand and used the other to signal him to stop.

To prove that he really was a trustworthy man who kept his word, Shen Zhining listened to her words and stayed still. However, he was smiling to himself, as he had already calculated everything perfectly, so he wasn’t worried about this request of hers.

Sheng Jiaoyang was surprised to see him being so obedient. She raised her chin like a queen, and she deliberately strutted right past him and headed toward his walk-in closet. She was surprised to see some clothes that fit her perfectly, but then she remembered that they were dating. It wouldn’t be strange for some of her clothes to be at Shen Zhining’s house.

Sheng Jiaoyang was just about to take off her towel when she spotted Shen Zhining leaning on the closet door. She paused and pointed outside, “Go out, I want to change.”

Shen Zhining also knew when to stop. He simply chuckled, before turning around and walking out. After eating his fill, he didn’t feel very rushed. After all, the process of hunting a delicious prey was also quite enjoyable.

Later in the day, Sheng Jiaoyang maintained some distance between herself and Shen Zhining. She was determined to use action to protest his unruliness from the previous night.

If it wasn’t for the cheerful smile evident on Shen Zhining’s face, you would’ve thought that the two were having a fight.

Sheng Jiaoyang took Lina to the film set. Along the way, Lina gave Sheng Jiaoyang a simple overview of her plans.

Sheng Jiaoyang knew Lina was pregnant. If Lina didn’t stop her, she definitely would’ve told the chauffeur to turn around, so that she could get Lina to rest properly at home. She only dropped the matter when Lina said that she would only be watching them film, which wouldn’t be very tiring at all.

When they got to the set, Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t get out of the car immediately. Instead, she looked at Lina with a serious expression.

“Mei Niu, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes. I thought it through calmly. This is the only way I can break free from Sven.” Lina was firm on her decision.

“Then, what about the child? Can you bear to part with it? Are you sure you can trust an unreliable man like Sven with your own child? What if Sven finds a bad stepmother for them?” Sheng Jiaoyang quickly came up with a whole lot of concerns.

Lina looked as if she wavered for a moment, but soon, she became firm again. “He can have as many children as he likes with other people, but I will definitely fight for and obtain custody of my child.”

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t question her any further, and simply reached out and held Lina’s hand. “We’ll face this situation together.”

Lina smiled, “You definitely can’t run away. You’re my child’s godmother after all.”

Sheng Jiaoyang brought Lina to meet the crew, and only left to get her makeup done after telling them over and over again to take good care of Lina.

Just like that, a few days passed while Lina spent her time leisurely and had fun with Sheng Jiaoyang on the set. At the end of those carefree days, she finally flew back to Paris to return to her work.

Recently, Sheng Jiaoyang kept running into a distressing matter.

A certain somebody kept appearing around her. Sometimes, he would be trying to court her with flowers, other times, he would suddenly appear next to her while she was resting in the housekeeper’s car, and there were times when he would even… lie on her bed, half naked, in the middle of the night.

The most outrageous time was the incident where she couldn’t go home one day, because their filming dragged late into the night. In the end, she and the crew had to book into a hotel to rest. When she finally got back to the hotel room, she was exhausted, and she went straight into the bathroom to wash up. However, when she pushed open the frosted glass doors, a certain somebody was standing there facing her with a smile. He was completely naked, and his body was only partially obscured by hot steam.

She discovered that his figure was actually really good. It almost seemed sculpted to perfection. As he flexed his muscles, the beautiful contours filled with strength caused her heart to race. She really wanted to sketch the sight before her.

But, in order to maintain her aloof image, she maintained her stiff expression on her face, and said to him, “You must really be in a good mood to go out of your way and come here. Otherwise, why would you go the extra mile just to take a bath?”

He simply responded with a smile and didn’t feel the least bit of shame as he took a towel and wrapped it around his waist.

When he walked towards her, she stepped back and reminded him, “Remember what you promised me.”

He didn’t touch her. Instead, he just tilted his head and watched her while leaning on the sink. The invitation in his voice was clear, “Princess, do you need me to help you change for your bath?”

“No! Just get out!” Sheng Jiaoyang endured as she pointed at the door and gestured for him to leave.

A playful smile formed on Shen Zhining’s lips as he walked past her, and the familiar scent of the shower gel and shampoo she normally used hit her nostrils.

Because of this guy’s possessive nature, none of the men in the film crew dared to get too close to her. The movie’s male lead, who used to be her little fanboy, now distanced himself far away from her after filming, as if he was terrified by something.

Everybody in the film crew knew Shen Zhining’s identity. Nobody would stop him or get in his way, unless they wanted their life to be difficult.

The actors all hid far away, barely talking to her after their scenes. Only a certain unbridled man kept hovering around her. A small flame started to burn in Sheng Jiaoyang’s heart, and it grew bigger and bigger with every passing day, until one day, it finally grew into a forest fire.

On the night when she finally finished filming her last scene, she drank some alcohol and could no longer bear it. She pushed down that man who kept, deliberately, tempting her!

The next morning, when Sheng Jiaoyang woke up, she couldn’t remember what happened after she got drunk. The first thing she saw was Shen Zhining, and she discovered that he was currently holding her in his embrace.. She angrily pushed him away and sweeped the sheets off the bed, leaving the man who was suddenly woken up by her violent push to lie silently under the cold morning breeze.

Are we having a falling out now?

Last night, they were so passionate that he almost melted from her intense heat. But now, as soon as she woke up, she became so cold. The contrast was really too big.

He draped on his clothes and walked to the bathroom door. It was locked, so he had to shout from outside the bathroom, “What’s with you now?”

“You liar. You promised me that you wouldn’t touch me without my permission,” Sheng Jiaoyang accused him from inside the bathroom.

Now, who’s the true liar here? Shen Zhining broke out in laughter.

“Last night, you took the initiative to throw yourself at me. You can’t blame me.”

The bathroom fell silent.

“Do you need me to describe what happened?” A cheeky smile appeared on Shen Zhining’s face. “After eating dinner with the film crew last night, you pulled me back to the room, and as soon as we returned, you pulled my clothes off. Then…”

“I’m not listening!” Sheng Jiaoyang shouted.

“I listened to your request, but since you broke it yourself, it’s now invalid, starting from today.”

“No way!” Sheng Jiaoyang opened the door in a bathrobe and glared at him, “I got drunk last night. You were definitely taking advantage of me, so you have to continue to keep your word.”

“Continue? Hm?” The look in Shen Zhining’s eyes changed.

Sheng Jiaoyang became more guarded when she saw his sudden smile.

“Alright, then I’ll do that… starting from tomorrow.”

Sheng Jiaoyang was still thinking over his words when she was suddenly pulled into his embrace. One of his hands immediately snaked around her waist, while the other darted to her chin and tilted it up, bringing her into a kiss.

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