Chapter 389 - The Big Bad Wolf Eating His Fill

Sven examined Lina closely, and he relaxed slightly when he saw that she looked fine.

“Looks like Darling’s mood is pretty good.”

“If you stop appearing in front of me, my mood will be even better.”

Although Lina sounded like she was joking, she spoke with a serious expression. It was clear that she really did think that way.

“What to do, that’s the only thing I can’t do.”

“No. There’s also another thing you can’t do.”

“What’s that?”

“Giving birth to a child,” Lina said with a slight smile.

Sven was startled. He looked at her smile, and he suddenly recalled the first time he had met her. She greeted her with a smile that time too, and introduced herself by saying, “Hello, I’m the person who accidentally hit your car in the parking lot earlier.”

At that time, she was glowing with health and vigour, and had a radiant and happy smile. Her liveliness gave him a very deep impression.

When he saw this side of her again, he realized. This was why he had fallen for her.

“Sven,” Lina called out lightly.

Sven smiled as he looked at her and waited for her to continue.

Lina was also watching him as she asked seriously, “Do you really like me?

“Of course…”

“Or do you just like me a little, and most of your feelings toward me is actually just your desire to possess me?” Lina interrupted.

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“If you really liked me, then you would wish for me to be happy and not add to my bitterness. After leaving you, even the fresh air becomes beautiful to me. Sven, I don’t want to be anywhere near you right now.”

Lina didn’t wait for Sven to respond as she continued, “I can’t understand your way of thinking but I hope you can understand mine. I don’t want a plundering and possessive love. I just want a simple, pure, and sincere love.”

“I can also give you a simple, pure, and sincere love.”

“You used the wrong method from the very start. Even if you act perfectly from now on, it still wouldn’t be able to heal the wounds on my heart.”

Sven stared at her deeply. “If I didn’t do that, I would have any chance at all.”

Hearing that, Lina actually lowered her eyes and laughed. It wasn’t until a while later before she looked back at him. “You think you have a chance now?”

“Darling, what do you think?” A trace of a smile appeared in Sven’s eyes, making him appear even more intoxicating.

Both of them were smiling, one with their face, and the other with their eyes.

There wasn’t the slightest hint of a smile in Lina’s eyes. She just stared calmly at the man on the screen and examined him with indifference.

“Sven, I think that dilly-dallying like this is useless. How about this. We’ll set a time, and if by then, we aren’t mutually in love, we’ll part cleanly. What do you think?”

Sven narrowed his eyes, “How much time do you want?”

“The deadline will be when the child in my stomach is born. If we eliminate all our barriers against each other by then, we can give this child a complete family. If not, then don’t ever try and force me again.”

Lina was currently very calm, and negotiated with him in a professional business-like manner.

Sven stared at her, seemingly pondering over her proposal. After a moment, he smiled, and spoke confidently, “Alright, let’s do it.”

Lina smiled slightly, but it quickly faded away. She ended the conversation by saying, “It’s late, I’m going to sleep.”

“Good night, Darling…” Sven was cut off as she shut off her phone.

Lina threw her phone far away, her eyes cold and indifferent as she watched it drop on the floor.

She knew that for people like Sven, trying to meet force with force was useless, and begging for him to stop was even more so. Thus, she chose to retreat in order to advance.

The next morning, Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly woke up from her sleep.

She grabbed the hand that was wandering around her body and glared at the unsatisfied man. “Can’t you let me sleep?”

He stuck to her, their noses almost rubbing against each other. “Just ignore me and sleep.” His voice was hoarse in the morning, making it sound especially sexy.

“How am I supposed to sleep when you are acting like this? You try and sleep while I touch you. If you can sleep, then I’ll, I’ll…”

“You’ll what?”

Sheng Jiaoyang scrunched her brows. “I’ll agree to one of your requests.”

Shen Zhining’s lips curved up into a smile. “Alright then. Give it a try.”

“If you can’t, you have to agree to one of my requests.” Sheng Jiaoyang rolled her eyes. She wasn’t that stupid, both parties needed to put something on the line.

“Alright.” Shen Zhining agreed straightforwardly and closed his eyes to sleep.

Sheng Jiaoyang got ready to launch her attack. She reached out with her tiny claws, and drew small, tickling circles on his chest. Slyly, she used the tip of her nails to trace his chest, and a proud smile appeared on her lips when she noticed his lashes tremble. Her hands had already started to travel from his hard abs down to his powerful lower back.

When her fingers slid down to his lower back, she could clearly feel his body tense up. Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes crinkled in delight as she hooked her finger and changed from tracing his body into tickling him.

After being scratched like this twice, Shen Zhining could no longer hold back. He flipped over, and pinned Sheng Jiaoyang under him.

Under his strong, masculine momentum, Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t speak the words she had planned.

Their bodies were once again entangled into a singular mass.

Once again, she was devoured by the big bad wolf that posed as a sheep. To vent her anger, Sheng Jiaoyang grabbed his hand and ruthlessly bit it, leaving a row of teeth marks.

Despite being bitten, Shen Zhining didn’t even blink. He just gently kissed the side of her shyly closed eye before extending his other hand. “Do you want to make them symmetrical?”

“F*ck!” Sheng Jiaoyang threw his hand aside, “I’m never believing you again. Your words can’t be trusted.”

“When did I ever break your trust?”

“We said that if you couldn’t fall asleep, you would agree to one of my requests. Who said you could touch me?!”

“But I didn’t say I couldn’t touch you.”

“…” Sheng Jiaoyang was startled, and she thought back to their earlier deal. Indeed, he had a point.

“Alright, what request do you have?” Now that he had eaten his fill, Shen Zhining’s mood was very good.

“Next time, you can’t touch me without my permission!”

Shen Zhining’s face changed immediately. “Choose a different one.”

“I’m not switching!” Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly pushed him away and rolled the quilts around her body before jumping off the bed. Although her legs softened a little when she got off the bed, her movements were swift, and she quickly ran into the bathroom. Her speed even surprised Shen Zhining.

And so, Shen Zhining was left on the bed, alone and stark naked.

He looked at the quilt that was tossed in front of the bathroom door, and he touched his lips before he chuckled to himself.

Sheng Jiaoyang deliberately stayed in the bathroom for a long time, leaving Shen Zhining out to dry, as she washed herself up nice and clean before coming out in a big bath towel. However, when she saw that Shen Zhining had already changed and freshened up, Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly realized she was stupid. There was obviously more than one bathroom in the villa.

She rolled her eyes.

Shen Zhining watched her come out, and his gaze devoured the sight of her bare shoulders. He walked over, and his eyes darkened as his gaze lingered on the marks he had left on her.

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