Chapter 385 - Lin Yan Is Here

The film crew decided to start filming on an auspicious day that was nice and sunny. A lot of journalists and media companies came to report on the scene.

Sheng Jiaoyang barely appeared in public in the past few days, so everybody was very curious about what happened in the airport. Although the main event today was the start of the movie’s shoot, the journalists’ questions were all about her personal matters.

Sheng Jiaoyang simply skipped over all the personal questions, and only expanded on the ones concerning the movie.

After the questions, Sheng Jiaoyang completely tossed her personal problems to the back of her head, so that she could focus and finish the movie, hopefully in time for her to take part in Gu Zhou’s drama. She threw herself wholeheartedly into the filming of the movie.

“Your expression for this part wasn’t correct. Don’t treat me like an idol. You should act like someone who has just fallen in love for the first time in his life.” After she rewatched the scene, Sheng Jiaoyang directed the male lead, Song Junyi, seriously.

Song Junyi stood by her side and listened to her criticism obediently.

As he stood behind the camera, Qin Anliang suddenly felt like his role as the director was actually just to be a figurehead. He joked to Ma Tingting, “Who’s the real director now? I suddenly feel like I’m just freeloading in this project but still getting my salary.”

“The plot of the movie could be the story of someone who is very dear to Jiaojiao, so she will definitely be very particular about the details. Anliang, you gotta film it well and not disappoint Jiaojiao. Remember, we’re working for her now,” Ma Tingting firmly reminded him.

Qin Anliang became serious as he replied, “Of course, I’ll definitely do all that I can to make this movie a success.”

“Director Qin, we can try shooting the scene again now,” Sheng Jiaoyang shouted out.

“Ok! Everybody, get ready!” Qin Anliang entered the director mode immediately.

The scene they were currently filming was the scene where the female lead encountered the male lead again by chance. As they were filming this scene, two people came to the set and watched her act. Once they were done with the scene, the two immediately came up to Sheng Jiaoyang with a bottle of iced water.

“Jiaojiao, why don’t you take a drink!”

Jiaojiao accepted the water and looked at the girl who kept staring at her with eyes of adoration and gratitude. “Ye Zi, are you done with your filming?”

“Yeah. Sis Ping asked the director to shift all my scenes forward so we could finish filming them quickly, because I wanted to spend more time studying the script. Jiaojiao, I definitely won’t let you down!” Ye Zi said earnestly.

Sheng Jiaoyang gave her a smile before finding a chair to take a break.

“Jiaojiao, are you tired? Do you want me to give you a massage?” Ye Zi followed behind her and fawned after her.

Ye Zi’s personal assistant, who was following behind her, really wanted to tell her artist to stop acting like a bootlicker! However, when she thought back to how Xu Jiaojiao wasn’t just the female lead of the movie, but also a producer, and the boss of their agency, she realized that it was only natural to be bootlicking her. After all, other people might not even get the chance to do that!

“Alright, you don’t have to keep hovering around me. If I need somebody to give me a massage, I have Zeng Huan. Why don’t you go study your script? You promised me that you wouldn’t let me down.” Sheng Jiaoyang waved her away with a laugh, and motioned for her to go and study her script.

“Alright.” Ye Zi felt a bit disappointed, but after thinking it through, she decided she absolutely couldn’t let Sheng Jiaoyang down and went to study the script.

Ye Zi’s role in the movie could actually be considered to be the real female lead. The plot was based on Sheng Jiaoyang’s parents, and a major plot point in the movie was exploring what could have happened if her mother went back in time and made a different decision. Would there be a different outcome? Ye Zi acted as the female lead while Sheng Jiaoyang acted as the mother of the girl who the female lead had transmigrated into.

This movie’s plot could be summarized like so: there were a hundred ways to change her parents’ tragedy, so the female lead would be reborn over and over again, and each time, she would try a different method to change their tragic ending. However, when she awakened, she would always find that nothing had changed, and that her father would still look at her with cold eyes. The movie ends with the female lead meeting a similar fate as her mother.

The most important thing for Ye Zi was to act out the unwillingness and despair the female lead felt when she woke up and discovered that nothing has changed. She also had to perfect the strong emotions of hesitation, conflict, and regret at the end of the movie when she meets the same fate as her mother.

Sheng Jiaoyang had to act out both the roles of the female lead’s mother and the female lead after she was reborn. But since she could simply draw from her past experiences, it wasn’t too difficult to act out the role.

The truly difficult role was the male lead, who was played by Song Junyi. Although he was only acting out one character, he had to play the male lead at two different ages - the male lead at his youth, and the lonely, middle-aged male lead.

Playing the same character at two different ages was a big test of Song Junyi’s acting skills. The role of the young male lead was still a manageable role for him, as he could still find some common ground with the character. After all, he was also a youth. However, acting out the middle-aged man was a huge challenge. He couldn’t just put on some makeup to look older, he also needed to act out the charm of a mature man and pull the audience into the movie through his acting.

Song Junyi hesitated for a moment before he took the script that he had flipped through countless times and walked over.

“Ms. Xu…”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Song Junyi with a smile, “I’m not used to you calling me so formally.” She already heard from Ma Tingting that she had personally chosen him to be the male lead, and that he was even a big fan of hers.

Song Junyi revealed a shy smile as he laughed, “I've always wanted to meet you as a fan, but since you're the producer and I'm acting in the movie, I should formally greet you.”

Sheng Jiaoyang was about to reply to him when a staff member suddenly ran over to her. “Somebody came to find you. He’s standing over there.”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked toward where the staff member was pointing at, and saw Lin Yan. If it was Shen Zhining, he wouldn’t have even waited for the staff member to notify Sheng Jiaoyang before he went over to her. Or maybe it was because everybody already knew that Shen Zhining was her boyfriend, so they never told her when he was coming.

Soon, she realized that Lin Yan wasn’t coming over because he couldn’t. The bodyguards that Shen Zhining had arranged for her was blocking his path.

It had been a week since she had returned to China. If Lin Yan didn’t come to find her, she probably would’ve forgotten that he said he would come back to find her soon.

She gestured at Song Junyi to wait for her before walking over.

“Jiaojiao.” Lin Yan revealed a soft and gentle smile.

Indifference flickered in Sheng Jiaoyang’s gaze. Although she couldn’t remember the past two years, after contacting a lot of people and drawing information from them, along with the information she gleamed on the internet, she knew about most of the things that happened. The two years she missed out on were truly rich.

Furthermore… it was fine if she forgot about everything else, but she even forgot about Sheng Xun’s passing! That was her dad!

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