Chapter 381 - A Quarrel?

“What’s wrong with Jiaojiao? She didn’t let the girl take a picture with her, and she even looked very unhappy.”

“Earlier, I saw her boyfriend leave her with an ugly look on his face.”

“Did they quarrel? Maybe they broke up?”

“In the past, they looked like they couldn’t even bear to separate from each other, and her boyfriend even gave her such a big company. If they really did break up, Shen Zhining would have suffered great losses. They aren’t even married yet, but he already ended up giving Jiaojiao such a big alimony package. This must have been the biggest alimony package in the Entertainment Circle, right?”

“Why is she just standing there alone? Her manager and assistant haven’t come to pick her up either.”

The faint murmurs from the crowd made Sheng Jiaoyang feel a bit bewildered. She felt as if the crowd was talking about someone else, and not her, for she only remembered her life as Sheng Jiaoyang. She had only heard about the name Xu Jiaojiao from Lin Yan.

She stood at the airport’s pickup area, and watched as the cars came and went. She was now feeling even more lost.

The reason she was standing there staring into space was because she didn’t know where her grandfather lived. Before, Lin Yan was going to accompany her back to visit her grandfather, so she didn’t ask him for her grandfather’s location. Then, when Lin Yan couldn’t make it back, she forgot to ask him about it.

Furthermore, when she left the airport she searched her pockets, and realized that she was penniless and couldn’t afford a taxi. Back when she was still with Lin Yan, she saw that he was hesitating, and this really left her in a bad mood, so she simply walked off without thinking. Now that she thought about it, she really felt like she was stupid.

Even though she wasn’t unfamiliar with the area, without money, it was very inconvenient to do anything. Furthermore, her current appearance was Xu Jiaojiao’s. Hence, it wouldn’t be convenient to call the Sheng Family’s people to pick her up.

There were a lot of people surrounding her. Although there weren’t many people who dared to stand close to her because of the solemn expression on her face, there were still many that simply chose to observe her from a further distance, and they refused to leave.

After listening to them talk, she finally understood two things. The first was that she was a couple with Shen Zhining, and the second was that she was a celebrity. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many people asking for her signature.

After realizing these two things, Sheng Jiaoyang decided to borrow money from somebody that recognized her and leave the airport.

However, when she looked up, somebody was already standing in front of her.

Shen Zhining reappeared in front of her.

“What are you still standing here for? Let’s go.” Shen Zhining pulled Sheng Jiaoyang over to the sedan.

He treated her like a lost pet that he was bringing home. He pulled her to the car door, opened it for her, and protected her head as he gently brought her in.

After the sedan drove away, the surrounding onlookers finally returned to whatever they had been doing.

“Just now, who was the one who said that Xu Jiaojiao had been dumped?” somebody looked around and asked.

“Looks like it’s just a quarrel.”

Somebody on site had recorded the scene, and it was already posted onto the internet.

A person in the crowd actually took the same plane as her, and he followed her out from the plane, and took photographs during the journey. He had photographs of Shen Zhining walking away and leaving Jiaojiao alone, Jiaojiao standing alone in the airport lost in a daze, and finally, Shen Zhining coming back to pick Jiaojiao up.

Although it wasn’t a video, the photographs were enough to tell the story.

All the netizens thought the Peerless Couple were just having a fight. After all, how could that Shen Zhining, who always pampered Jiaojiao dearly, just leave her alone like that? But since he still came back to pick her up in the end, their fight probably wasn’t all that bad. Otherwise, Shen Zhining wouldn’t have calmed down so quickly and gone back to find her.

The people who wanted to get autographs and selfies with Jiaojiao also took pictures of her standing alone, and they posted it on Weibo with the caption: This is the first time I saw a celebrity literally spell out on her face that she’s not happy and that no pictures or autographs were allowed.(Hahaha idk whether to laugh or to cry). Even the fans who excitedly went up to ask for selfies were all rejected.

Very soon, the search term, ‘The Peerless Couple’s fight’, got on the popular searches list.

Moving everything on the internet aside, after Sheng Jiaoyang was pulled into the car, she looked at Shen Zhining.

“Where are we going?”

Shen Zhining just raised his eyes and glanced at her without replying.

Seeing that he refused to reply, Sheng Jiaoyang could only close her mouth and stay quiet.

When the car stopped in front of an entrance of a large villa, Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t move. She didn’t know where they were at.

Shen Zhining also didn’t move and just turned to look at her.

“Do you have something you want to tell me?”

Sheng Jiaoyang was startled for a moment before shaking her head, “No.”

“You’re still not getting off then?”

Just like that, Sheng Jiaoyang was forced out of the car. She watched in a daze as the car drove into the building next door.

“Miss Xu, aren’t you entering?” the guard at the entrance asked.

Sheng Jiaoyang almost didn’t realize that the guard was calling her. She had nearly forgotten that her current identity was that of Xu Jiaojiao.

She walked into the villa, her heart filled with confusion. When she saw the person who walked out of the villa, her eyes lit up. It was her former nanny, Aunt Zhang.

“Jiaojiao, what are you standing there for? Hurry and come in, the sky’s already dark.”

So this place is Grandfather’s? Sheng Jiaoyang walked into the villa.

“Mummy!” a young boy ran up and hugged her.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned stiff. Mummy?


“Mummy?” Xiao An raised his head and looked at her in confusion. Usually, she would squat down and give him a kiss.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt her head swell. How did I suddenly get such a big son! Didn’t I only forget two years of my life? So how could I have such an old son? Or was this the original Xu Jiaojiao’s son?

“Jiaojiao, you’re back.” Grandfather Yang’s voice travelled to her ears.

So it really was Grandfather’s house! A smile appeared on Sheng Jiaoyang’s face. She looked down at the little boy hugging her and hesitated for a moment before taking his hand and leading him in.

“Grandfather.” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Grandfather Yang, and found him to be very different from her memory. Now, Grandfather Yang was in a wheelchair, and although his face was still as gentle as ever, he looked much older than she had remembered.

“Grandfather, what happened to your legs?” Sheng Jiaoyang nervously walked over.

Surprised, Grandfather Yang looked at her and said, “Nothing happened.”

“Then why are you sitting in a wheelchair? Is it really nothing? Don’t try and fool me!”

The whole house turned silent.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt the sudden change in the atmosphere, and noticed that everyone was looking at her strangely. She grew nervous as she asked, “What happened?”

“What happened to you?” Grandfather Yang asked back.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked around before leaning in to whisper in Grandfather Yang’s ear, “Grandfather, I heard I lost my memory.”

For a moment, Grandfather Yang didn’t respond.

“I only remember the things that happened before the car accident,” Sheng Jiaoyang added in a whisper.

“What happened?” Grandfather Yang recovered.

Sheng Jiaoyang opened her mouth, and she was about to tell him everything, when she decided that it was better to hide Lin Yan’s involvement in the matter. She was afraid that her grandfather would be angry.

“Go and take a bath and relax first.” Grandfather Yang calmed himself down.

Sheng Jiaoyang nodded and took two steps away before suddenly asking, “Where’s my room?”

“… Xiao Zhang, help Jiaojiao run a bath.” Grandfather Yang was stunned for a moment before he gave an order to Aunt Zhang.

Sheng Jiaoyang followed Aunt Zhang up the stairs.

“Grandfather, this…” An Jing couldn’t find the words to comment on this situation.

Grandfather Yang heaved a sigh, “Go and call Zhining. Ask him what happened.”

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