Chapter 375 - The Alleged Confession

“Just now, you said that you remembered getting into an accident, and that Lin Yan found you. Where did he find you?”

“Actually, what happened was I woke up, and the first person I saw was Lin Yan. It was then when he told me that I’ve become someone else.”

“And you simply accepted that you have changed into some other person?”

Sheng Jiaoyang was left dumbstruck once again. Right, why was I not surprised when Lin Yan told me that I have changed into another girl named Xu Jiaojiao?

“And the accident you mentioned. It was the accident where you drove to look for Lin Yan, and crashed into Xu Jiaojiao, right?”

“That’s right. Mei Niu, how did you know about what happened? Did Lin Yan tell you?”

“You told me about the accident yourself.”

“What?” Sheng Jiaoyang was stumped.

Lina held Sheng Jiaoyang’s hand in hers, and word by word, she slowly spelled out the truth, “Jiaojiao, this accident was something that happened two years ago.”

Sheng Jiaoyang was left speechless, and she stared blankly at Lina.

The only thing she remembered was her knocking a girl down. Then, she got out of the car to check on her, only to have a sudden heart attack. After that, the only thing she could remember was waking up in a ward with snow-white walls, and being surrounded by a room full of medical instruments.

As soon as she woke up, she discovered that Lin Yan was standing right beside her.

Lin Yan told her that she had become Xu Jiaojiao. He then added that he regretted letting her come back to China.

He also said that he would not let her go again.

Then, he talked about other random stuff.

At the time, she had just quietly listened to him and accepted everything he said. She didn’t doubt him, as she could not remember anything that happened after the accident, so she could only take his words as the truth.

After comparing Lin Yan’s words and Lina’s words, whose words should she believe in?

Naturally, she chose to believe in Lina’s words.

“So, you’re telling me that I’m suffering from memory loss, and that I have lost two years of my memory?” Sheng Jiaoyang said while letting out a long sigh.

“Yes.” Lina still had things that she wanted to say, but they suddenly heard a knock coming from the door.

“Ms. Xu, Master is asking for your presence.”

Lina furrowed her brows, and she gave a final reminder to Sheng Jiaoyang, “You must never ever believe what Lin Yan says.”


The butler rushed her again from the other side of the door.

“No matter what, just remember what I said.” Since she had no time to explain, Lina could only leave her with this last piece of advice.

There were a lot of questions in Sheng Jiaoyang’s mind. She was not a foolish person, so she could tell that there must be a reason why she suddenly lost two years of her memory, just like that. When she saw how guarded Lina was against Lin Yan, and when she remembered that the very first person she saw when she woke up was Lin Yan, she quickly connected the dots and realised that this incident definitely had something to do with him.

She buried her doubts, and followed the butler down.

When she entered the living room, she could hear Sven talking to Lin Yan, “Since it has come to this, you shouldn’t be able to leave now, even if you wanted to. So, why don’t you use this chance to give it a try?”

Hearing footsteps, Lin Yan turned around and waved at Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang hesitated briefly, as she recalled Lina’s words.

This brief moment of hesitation didn’t escape Lin Yan, and his eyes grew darker.

“What did Nana tell you?” He looked gently at Sheng Jiaoyang, while asking in a natural tone.

“Nothing much.” She chose to keep Lina’s words a secret.

Ever since she was young, she had learned how to hide her own emotions. Regardless of how many questions she had in her mind, she would never show them outwardly. She did the same thing when she did not understand why her mother had to hide her own illness from everyone, including her father. Although she had wanted to know her mother’s reasoning very badly, she still abided by her mother’s words. She did not even share it with Lina, and Lina only found out about it on her own after they started living together.

Hearing Sheng Jiaoyang’s response, Lin Yan was relieved. If Lina had said what she should not have said, Sheng Jiaoyang would definitely have questioned him about it, instead of acting like how she is right now.

He stood up and reached out to Sheng Jiaoyang. Sheng Jiaoyang put her hand in his, and looked at him with inquisitive eyes.

“Let me introduce someone to you.”

However, instead of replying, Sheng Jiaoyang turned her head around to look at Lina, who had come down as well. Lina gave her a silent nod, and thus Sheng Jiaoyang left with Lin Yan.

After they had driven off, Lina turned to look at Sven.

“Is Mr. Shen here?”

Sven smiled playfully, and a hint of excitement sparkled brightly in his eyes, “For him to have found me so quickly…he’s sharp indeed.”

“Darling, don’t you want to watch the show as well?” Sven stood up.

Lina furrowed her brows lightly, but did not reject his proposition.

At the gate of the manor, there was a confrontation happening between two parties.

An SUV drove out from the manor and stopped by the gate.

Sheng Jiaoyang curiously observed the situation through the window of the car, and eventually, she laid her eyes on the vehicle in the middle.

“Lin Yan, who do you want to introduce me to?”

She turned around to look at Lin Yan, and she coincidentally managed to catch the strange look on his face before it quickly faded away. The gentle expression that she was used to seeing soon came back.

“Jiaojiao, before you meet this person, I have a confession to make.”

“Go ahead.”

Lin Yan looked deep into her eyes and said, “Your accident actually happened two years ago.”

Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes twitched.

“And I was the one who caused you to lose your memory.”

“…Why?” Sheng Jiaoyang was shocked. She had never expected him to come clean.

“I wanted you to forget the unhappiness you were feeling, and live a new life.”

The unhappiness I was feeling… Sheng Jiaoyang repeated those words in her heart.

She was still in deep thought when Lin Yan continued, “There’s someone who had forced his way between us, and ruined your feelings towards me.”

“You mean that this person… is Shen Zhining?”

Lin Yan was perplexed at her quick response.

“That’s right, it’s him.”

Sheng Jiaoyang’s mouth dropped slightly in shock. The reason she could guess who the person was is because earlier, Lina had asked her if she could remember Shen Zhining. However, she became more astonished after Lin Yan confirmed her guess.

From what she could recall, Shen Zhining had always hated her to the core. When she was young, Shen Zhining was the person who had bullied her the most. Otherwise, she would not have given him the title of a devil.

“How can it be him?” Sheng Jiaoyang mumbled.

She had not seen Shen Zhining in recent years, but every time they met, Shen Zhining always had a cold look on him, and it was so cold that she felt he could even freeze her to death.

Lin Yan held onto her hands tightly. “In the past, I wasn’t as capable as him, so I couldn’t stop him from badgering you. But now, things are different, so I helped you to forget about him. You don’t need to be troubled over the past now.”

Shen Zhining was badgering me? Sheng Jiaoyang raised her brows in suspicion. She couldn’t help but turned back around to look out, and coincidentally, she caught the moment when the passenger door was pushed open.

A person with a familiar figure stepped out.

She wanted to take a closer look at him, so she reeled down the window.

As the window was rolling down, she was suddenly pulled into a hug, and she couldn’t take a good look at that person.

Lin Yan hugged her tightly and got her attention. “Jiaojiao, I’m very sorry for doing this without your permission. Will you please forgive me?” There was a note of uneasiness and nervousness in his voice.

Sheng Jiaoyang had never seen Lin Yan acting like that before. The Lin Yan she knew was calm in everything he did. Due to his drastic behaviour, she did not bother to look out the window, and thus, she could not see the man’s expression as he walked closer.

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