Chapter 374 - Memory Loss

When she saw Sheng Jiaoyang again, Lina became absolutely certain that Sheng Jiaoyang’s memory had been tampered with.

Although she found it hard to believe, she had to accept that there was someone who was capable of altering other people’s memory in just one short day.

She tested Sheng Jiaoyang’s memory in a very straightforward manner. She simply asked her, “Do you still remember your Mr. Shen?”

“Mr. Shen?” Sheng Jiaoyang questioned with a face full of suspicion, “There’s no one with that surname in my family.”

Lina added anxiously, “I’m talking about Shen Zhining. Did you forget about him?”

“Shen Zhining?” Sheng Jiaoyang frowned.

“Nana.” Lin Yan walked over and gave a disapproving look to Lina.

Lina was obviously trying to expose the lies that he had managed to build up after putting in a lot of effort. However, Lina was not bothered by Lin Yan. Her gaze, as well as all of her attention, was solely fixed on Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Mei Niu, what happened? Why did you bring Demon King Shen up out of the blue?”

“He is your boy…”

“Lina!” Lin Yan cut her off before she was able to finish what she wanted to say.

“Why, are you scared?” Lina sneered at Lin Yan.

“Jiaojiao, I would like to have a few words with Nana. Can you wait for me?”

“Alright, but don’t argue with each other, okay?” Sheng Jiaoyang nodded and smiled at Lin Yan.

Lin Yan returned a gentle smile to her, before forcefully pulling Lina away to have a private chat.

“What do you want to say? You want to ask me not to expose your deeds?” Lina’s voice was dripping with sarcasm.

A slight furrow could be seen between Lin Yan’s brows. He gave Lina a solemn look. “Nana, don’t you wish for me to be happy?”

Lina tried desperately to control her surging feelings of irritation. “Of course I wish for you to be happy, but you shouldn’t have done this. If you won her over fair and square, I will never oppose your relationship.”

“I’ve tried, but the fair and square method you’re referring to didn’t allow me to be with her,” Lin Yan said calmly.

“You say you tried? Did you really?”

Lina laughed coldly, “You had so many chances with her, but you didn’t grab them because you couldn’t let go of the title of Bruno’s successor. If you were like Shen Zhining, who stayed by Jiaojiao’s side every day, did you think you would end up like this?”

Truthfully, Lin Yan knew about Jiaojiao’s identity much earlier than Shen Zhining did.

Had he put down everything on hand and chased after Jiaojiao once he knew about her identity, the end result would have obviously been different.

Lin Yan had thought of that too. Hence, his face darkened, “Nana, you don’t understand. If I don’t obtain Bruno’s power, I would never be on par with Shen Zhining. An ordinary person will never be able to protect their loved ones. Look at how easily Sven was able to ruin George.”

A sharp pain pricked Lina’s heart when George was mentioned.

“Nana, this is my first and the last time I will beg you. Even if you don’t help me, at least just don’t expose my plans. Please.” Lin Yan let go of his pride, and put in a very sincere request to Lina.

Lina turned towards the living room, and saw that Sheng Jiaoyang was talking happily to Sven. She felt a surge of complex emotions arise within her.

“If she found out you used such underhand means to keep her by your side, she would despise you when her memories return.”

Lin Yan also turned towards the living room. When Sheng Jiaoyang noticed that both brother and sister were looking at her, she waved and smiled at them. When he saw this, a relaxed smile appeared on Lin Yan’s face.

“By then, we would already have kids, and formed our own family. With her optimistic personality, she would definitely let it slide,” Lin Yan whispered.

Back in the living room, Sven looked at Sheng Jiaoyang with great interest.

“From what I understand, you did not know Lin Yan for long. And yet, he was willing to put in so much effort for you.”

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her brows, “Outsiders would never know how long I’ve known Lin Yan for. You’re one to talk. To think that Lina would leave George for you… you’re not even the type that Lina would like.”

Sven laughed at the amusing situation. Not long ago, Sheng Jiaoyang was still trying to get him away from Lina, but now she was here, talking and laughing with him.

He looked at the pair of siblings who were still in negotiation, and a thought crossed his mind. If Lina’s memory could be altered as well…

“When are the both of you getting married?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked.

“There was a misunderstanding between us, so Lina is still opposed to the idea of getting married. I don’t really mind either way, I just wish that our child will be born into a normal family. Ms. Xu, you’re her best friend. Why don’t you persuade her for me?” A sly smile could be seen in Sven’s eyes.

“Child?” Sheng Jiaoyang was astonished.

Darkness flashed through Sven’s eyes. It seemed that her memory was not altered. Rather, it seems that she had just lost some of her recent memories.

“You guys act quite quickly too, it seems that a lot has happened in the past six months.”

Just then, the Lin siblings walked over.

“Jiaojiao, come to my bedroom with me. I’d like to talk to you in private,” Lina said calmly.

Lin Yan glanced at Lina, but did not stop her.

As the two ladies went to Lina’s bedroom, hand in hand, Sven looked at Lin Yan, “You…”

As soon as Sven opened his mouth, Lin Yan knew what he wanted. He immediately denied Sven’s request, “No can do. Your situation is different from mine. What I did is something specifically tailored for Jiaojiao. It’s not meant for others.”

“Oh?” Sven still had his doubts.

“I’ve only locked up part of her memory. I did not alter them, as it’s extremely difficult to alter one’s memory. Do you think that a day is enough to do that? Even if I had a year, it might still not be achievable.”

“Locked up part of her memory?” Sven squinted and thought about the situation between him and Lina. Truly, it seems like messing with memories would not be a workable solution for their situation.

Lin Yan leaned on the sofa, and after he withdrew the smile from his face, he looked exceptionally dark and brooding.

Meanwhile, Lina had just pulled Sheng Jiaoyang into her room, but did not speak up immediately. She was still experiencing some sort of internal struggle.

“What is it? You were never the hesitant type,” Sheng Jiaoyang asked suspiciously.

Lina stared at Sheng Jiaoyang and said in a stern voice, “Jiaojiao. Listen up, you lost your memory. Now, I’m going to try and jog your memory.”

As for Lin Yan’s request… to hell with it!

She would never watch Jiaojiao put herself in a dilemma.

Sheng Jiaoyang did not understand the internal struggle within Lina. She tilted her head in surprise and asked, “I’ve lost my memory? That can’t be. I still clearly remember everything about us!”

“So, do you know why I’m here, and why you’re here?”

Sheng Jiaoyang was left dumbstruck, and she hesitated before replying, “After my car accident, Lin Yan found me in my current appearance, and brought me here to see you. As for you…”

She frowned. What was Mei Niu doing here?

“Aren’t you together with Mr. Sven now? Hence, it is natural for you to be here, no?” Once the words came out of her mouth, Sheng Jiaoyang started to become doubtful as well. This was because she knew Lina well enough to know that she would never ask such obvious questions.

Am I really suffering from memory loss?

“Mei Niu, please refresh my memory. Help me see what exactly I have lost.” Sheng Jiaoyang chose to believe in Lina’s words unconditionally.

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