Chapter 373 - Change

The room was obviously spacious, but the tension in the air seemed to have solidified, making the room feel claustrophobic and narrow.

Lina looked right back at Sven without backing down. Even if he gave her a murderous look, she pressed on without blinking even once.

In one moment, Sven looked like he was about to beat someone up, but in the next, he started smiling.

He slowly stepped closer and reached for Lina’s chin. “Darling, did you misunderstand something?”

“I want the child.”

“And I,” he looked deeply into her eyes, “want you too!”

Lina bit her lips and responded coldly, “I will never follow in my mother’s footsteps. If I had to, I would rather die.”

“That’s easy,” Sven kissed her, “I’ll marry you then.”

Lina was terrified. She had never thought that those words would come out of his mouth so easily. She was not happy to hear these words. Instead, she felt rather disgusted. She pushed Sven away without saying anything else, and swiftly walked out of the room.

As soon as Lina returned to her room, she immediately regretted her impulsive actions. She should have pretended to be more receptive to his words, so that she could get Sven to promise that he would ensure Jiaojiao’s safety, before thinking about her next step.

However, she did not wish to go back and look for Sven either. Her heart was full of resentment.

After tossing and turning on the bed for the whole night, Lina stood before the door to Sven’s room once again, this time with disheveled hair.

She knocked on the door.

As her thoughts were in turmoil, her knocking had become more aggressive.

Sven was not surprised to see Lina standing outside his door. Instead, he looked as if he had been waiting for her to appear for the whole night.

“Morning, Darling.” He wore his trademark smile on his face.

“I want to contact Lin Yan.”

Sven used his hand to gently comb the disheveled hair behind her ear. Then, he traced his fingertips across her eyelid before he said in a heartbroken tone, “Why didn’t you rest well last night? It’ll affect our child’s growth.”

Lina smacked his hand away, before she replied with a deep frown, “Answer me. Are you going to let me contact Lin Yan?”

“What for? He will never help you to leave this place.” Sven smiled at her.

Lina despised the look on his face that screamed that he was stating the obvious, but she felt extremely calm now.

She pushed Sven away and walked into his room. Then, she smashed Sven’s flower vase when he was not paying attention, before picking up a glass shard and swiftly placing it threateningly on her wrist.

There was finally a change in Sven’s expression. A look of tension and nervousness surfaced on his face, and he said in a dry voice, “What are you doing?”

“Threatening you.” A cold expression appeared on Lina’s face.

Sven smiled, “Darling, it seems that you also know the position you hold in my heart.”

“If you still want to have this child, you better send someone now to protect Jiaojiao,” Lina held onto the glass shard so tightly that even before her wrist was cut, her palm was cut first. Blood trickled down along the shard, onto her wrist, before dripping onto the ground.

Lina did not look down, as her nerves were currently tightly wound up. She was so tense that she could not even feel the pain on her own injured hand.

However, Sven had clearly seen that she was injured. He held up his hands in defeat and said, “Alright, throw away that piece of glass first, I’ll send someone down immediately.”

Lina did not hesitate. She threw away the shard in her hand.

Sven swiftly walked over and held her wrist. He wanted to lead her further into his room. However, Lina refused to budge.

“You’ve promised. Now go and send someone to protect Jiaojiao.”

Sven dragged her into the room and settled her down on his bed. He took out the first aid kit and started to tend to her wound, “I’ll do what I’ve promised, but tending to your wound comes first. We can settle the matter later, after a minute or two.”

Lina watched silently as Sven kneeled on one leg to apply medication on her wound. After he was done, she rushed him again.

Sven looked deep into her eyes before heading out to make the arrangements.

When he returned, Lina did not move from where she was sitting. Instead, she was staring deep into space.

“I’ve contacted Lin Yan, he doesn’t want to send her back.”

Lina raised her brow.

“I’ve already sent my guys to find them,” Sven added quickly.

Lina’s frown did not go away. How would Lin Yan let others locate him that easily?

Sven eyed Lina’s injured palm and touched her face, before bending down and looking into her eyes.

“Next time, if you try and pull this stunt again, for every cut on your body, I’ll make sure that the person you cherish the most will have them as well.” He spoke in a gentle tone, as if he was whispering sweet nothings to Lina.

Lina zipped her lips up and refused to speak.

With his thumb, Sven caressed her face, “You’d better stay by my side. I promise that from now on, George’s business will be smooth sailing, and that Ms. Xu will also have good days ahead.”

Lina’s lips quivered slightly. She could not deny that his words were quite tempting to her.

“You don’t believe me?”

“We’ll talk when Jiaojiao is back.” Coldness remained in Lina’s eyes, “If Jiaojiao is hurt in any way, I won't take things lying down.”

“Don’t worry. Although I’m not sure what Lin Yan will do, I can guarantee that, based on my knowledge of him, he won’t harm her. He will only try to change her impression of him.”

Lina did not respond. Though she agreed with Sven’s words, she could not guarantee that something out of their expectation might happen.

After waiting till it was late at night, Lina still had not heard any news about Jiaojiao, and she became more grumpy. Regardless of how Sven tried to coax her, she did not take any of his words into her heart.

It was only after Sven drugged her water with sleeping pills, did Lina fall into a deep sleep.

When Lina woke up, the first thing that came into her mind was that Jiaojiao was yet to be located. She got out of bed and headed downstairs, without even bothering to put on her coat. She went to knock on Sven’s door, but was notified by a servant that Sven was in the living room.

She didn’t care about her disheveled appearance, and simply told the servant to lead the way to the living room. Right when she walked into the living room, she heard a familiar voice.

“Which room is Lina in? Can I go and see her, Mr. Sven?”

“Jiaojiao!!” Lina entered the living room.

The person sitting on the sofa turned around, and an ecstatic smile appeared on her face when she saw Lina. She stood up to welcome Lina.

“Mei Niu, it’s been a while.”

Lina was stunned. What did she mean when she said it’s been a while?

Lina had yet to recover from her shock, but Sheng Jiaoyang had already gone up to her for a hug. Then, she heard her whisper into her ear, “Weren’t you still with George? When did you get together with Sven? You’re even carrying his child now. Tsk tsk, Mei Niu, why didn’t you tell me anything?”

Lina was totally stumped. She could not understand what had happened, but she knew that the person who hugged her was definitely Jiaojiao herself. But Jiaojiao’s words had left her bewildered.

Just what on earth had happened?

“Forget it, it’s fine if you didn’t tell me. You have your own privacy and space. Everything is fine, as long as you’re doing fine,” Jiaojiao continued.

“Jiaojiao, now that you’ve seen Nana, why don’t we come by another time?” Lin Yan added.

Lina lightly pushed Sheng Jiaoyang away, and looked coldly towards Lin Yan, “What did you do?”

Lin Yan smiled. He walked over and reached out for Sheng Jiaoyang before saying gently, “Let’s go shop around in the vicinity, we’ll come visit Nana again some other time.”

Just as Lina wanted to pull Sheng Jiaoyang behind her, she heard her respond with, “Okay.”

“Mei Niu,” Sheng Jiaoyang blinked at her, “I’ll see you again another time.”

“Jiaojiao--” Lina felt anxious, but someone pulled her back. She turned around to see Sven, this big jerk, pulling at her, not letting her chase after Jiaojiao.

“Do you want to know what happened?” Sven said.

Lina looked at Sven in surprise, “You knew?”

“I only found out about what your brother did when I saw Ms. Xu earlier.”

“You promised me that you’d protect her.” Lina looked sternly at Sven. Indeed, she should never have believed him.

“If it wasn’t for me, do you think Lin Yan would bring her here again? You saw it for yourself, she wasn’t hurt in any place, and she even looks much better than you are.”

“Just what did Lin Yan do to her? What happened to her memory?”

Sven pulled Lina’s hand to the sofa and got her to sit, before calmly explaining, “Seems like you noticed too. There is a fault in her memory.”

“There is actually someone in this world who could alter a man’s memory. I’m actually the one who introduced that person to your brother, but I did not know that he would employ his services in this manner.”

“A hypnotizer?”

“You can put it that way.”

“How can it be. It has only been a day…”

However, deep down within her heart, Lina had actually already believed in it. After all, if Jiaojiao could take over someone else’s identity, what else would be impossible to achieve?

Sven took the coat from the butler and put it over Lina.

“I know that Lin Yan had hired several researchers to study some instruments related to brain waves. It seems that he has succeeded.”

“No, he hasn’t.” Lina suddenly stood up.

Sven raised his brows, but pulled Lina back quickly before she could leave, “Where are you going?”

“Lin Yan did not want Jiaojiao to interact with me for too long. He must be afraid that I will awaken Jiaojiao’s original memories. I must find them. I will never let things go his way.”

“They haven’t gone too far. I’ll get someone to send them back. Sit down.” Sven did not allow Lina to refute him, and he pulled her back onto the sofa. He then instructed the butler to get someone to send Lin Yan and Jiaojiao back.

“They are your brother and your best friend. Shouldn’t you be happy to see them together?”

Lina put on a cold expression, and she refused to open her mouth to speak.

“I heard that your friend used to like Lin Yan a lot. Now that they’re finally together after they missed out on so many chances, why would you waste your effort in worrying for them?”

“Both you and Lin Yan are in cahoots, so of course you would speak up for him. But have you guys ever asked Jiaojiao what she wanted?” Lina laughed coldly and sneered at Sven.

So what if he had restricted her movement?

Her feelings and thoughts are her own. She would never let her heart be moved by such a person. No matter how much Sven tries to fix things, he would never be able to make up for the things he did in the past.

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