Chapter 370 - Pregnant


Right when Sheng Jiaoyang’s words were about to come out, Shen Zhining sealed her lips with his, and she had no choice but to respond to Shen Zhining’s relentless attacks.

Their lips only parted after a long while.

"I have a plane to catch."

"But you only came back a short while ago. You’re already planning to leave again after a few short days?"

Sheng Jiaoyang could hear the dissatisfaction in his voice, so she hurriedly coaxed, "In the future, we can be together forever, but currently, Lina is facing the most difficult moment in her life, so I have to go over and accompany her."

Shen Zhining snorted lightly.

"I know that you’re a very understanding person, and you would certainly empathize with me. Alright, I promise you that as soon as Lina gets over her situation, I'll come back right away, okay?"

Shen Zhining bit her lip and asked, "How long will it take?"

Sheng Jiaoyang blinked. "One month?"

"That’s too long."

"Then, half a month."

"A week."

A week is too short, isn't it? However, the look on Shen Zhining's face clearly conveyed his stance that he wouldn’t let her go if she didn’t agree to his proposed timeline, so Sheng Jiaoyang could only agree with a smile.

After finally coaxing Shen Zhining, Sheng Jiaoyang hurriedly got out of bed to wash up. She still had to catch the morning flight.

The first glimmers of dawn tinged the sky.

Sheng Jiaoyang heaved a sigh of relief, as she saw that Lina was in a better state than she expected.

"Jiaojiao, you don't have to fly back and forth like this. I'm alright. Don't tire yourself out for me." Lina’s heart ached for Sheng Jiaoyang when she noticed the dark circles under her eyes.

Sheng Jiaoyang wrapped her arms around Lina's waist and said with a smile, "I'm very fit right now, so I'm not tired at all. Besides, coming here to accompany you is just an excuse for me to goof off a little. Otherwise, I’ll have more work on my plate if I stay in China."

Lina was amused by Sheng Jiaoyang’s words.

"Come, let's go have dinner. We can ask Rita and Paul to join us."

"Rita went home. Her father's subordinates came to take her back."

"It's just the two of us then."

They went to a restaurant they frequented and ordered their favorite dishes. While they were in the midst of discussing the promotion plan for their new perfume, the waiter brought their food over.

Lina had just put a piece of fish into her mouth when she suddenly felt a wave of nausea. She hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand.

Sheng Jiaoyang immediately stopped eating and asked, "What's wrong, Mei Niu?"

Lina took out a piece of tissue and spat the piece of fish out in it. Then, she felt another wave of nausea hit her, and she hurriedly made her way to the bathroom.

Sheng Jiaoyang was really worried, so she followed Lina into the bathroom.

When she got there, she saw Lina, slumping over the edge of the sink and vomiting.

Sheng Jiaoyang caressed Lina's back and asked worriedly, "What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

After retching for a while, Lina gasped, and beads of cold sweat formed on her forehead.

"I don't know. I just suddenly felt the urge to vomit while I was eating."

Sheng Jiaoyang frowned. "Are you having gastric problems again? Let's go to the hospital now and do a check-up."

Lina took a deep breath, and forcibly suppressed the impulse to retch again. She smiled at Sheng Jiaoyang and responded, "I’m okay, let’s continue our meal."

"No, your reaction just now shows that you aren’t feeling well. Let’s go see the doctor. Your health comes first." Sheng Jiaoyang was determined to go to the hospital.

Lina didn’t object. She also wanted to know why she was feeling so nauseous. Prior to the meal, she had been totally fine.

They settled the bill and drove to the nearest hospital.

After they took a number from a ticket dispenser, Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly asked, "Is your menstrual cycle normal?"

Lina froze and then her expression changed. With a ghastly pale complexion, she said, "I haven’t had my period yet. It’s late by a few days. I thought it was because of the stress and emotional turmoil that I was dealing with due to my recent events. Also, my period often came late in the past, so I didn’t think too much into it."

Sheng Jiaoyang's face grew darker. "You…"

"It turns out, I truly need to see the doctor." Lina smiled bitterly.

Sometimes, the thing that you really do not want to happen, ends up happening anyway.

It turned out Lina had already been pregnant for a month.

"One month…" Lina didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A month ago, Lina and Sven had done the deed.

At that time, Lina suddenly had a fever and was hospitalized, and she forgot to take the contraceptive that she was supposed to take.

"It's my fault. I forgot to give you the medicine." Sheng Jiaoyang was vexed at herself.

Lina shook her head lightly. "It's not your fault."

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t know what to say to comfort Lina. Things have just started developing in a good direction for Lina, so why did something like this happen?

The room was enveloped in silence.

After a while, Lina lowered her head expressionlessly and broke the silence with a whisper, "Jiaojiao, I want to abort it."

"Alright, if that’s what you want, then go ahead." Sheng Jiaoyang unconditionally supported Lina's decision.

However, the doctor asked Lina to go back home and ponder over it some more before making her decision. If she still wanted to proceed with the abortion, she could go return to the hospital tomorrow.

In the car, Lina tightly clenched the hospital report in her hand with a complicated expression.

Sheng Jiaoyang held Lina's hand and comforted her, "Mei Niu, don't think too much about it. This child was an accident to begin with. You aren’t fated to be with it."

Lina laughed at herself. "Is that so? When I wanted to have a baby with George, I didn't get pregnant, no matter how many times we tried. Yet, I’m pregnant now."

Indeed, life could sometimes be just like a drama.

Sheng Jiaoyang remained silent. She didn’t know what to say, because there were no suitable words of comfort she could utter in this kind of situation.

Lina had said long ago that she wanted to have a baby with George. They got married on May 20th, but even after six months of happy marriage, she was still not pregnant. And yet, Lina got pregnant right after she did it just once with Sven.

"I'm not going to keep this baby. He shouldn't exist," Lina said coldly.

Sheng Jiaoyang reached out and hugged Lina.

Seeing Sheng Jiaoyang's worried expression, Lina gave her a few words of comfort, "It's just an abortion, it's not a big deal. Instead of letting the baby face such a terrible world, it would be better not to give birth to him or her in the first place. "

"Mhmm. Tomorrow, I'll accompany you to the hospital."

After they parked the car, Sheng Jiaoyang helped Lina out and supported her toward their home. However, when they got closer to the door, they noticed a figure crouching next to the door. When the figure noticed their presence, he stood up and faced them.


Sheng Jiaoyang initially thought that the person was Sven, but she soon noticed that it was actually George.

George’s scruffy mustache made him look unkempt, and he also looked somewhat dejected.

Lina stopped walking. She pursed her lips, and a trace of sorrow flashed across her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Sheng Jiaoyang stood in front of Lina and asked him in a cold voice.

"This is between me and Lina. It has nothing to do with you!" George's attitude towards Sheng Jiaoyang was way worse than before. It was as if he was putting all the blame on her.

"The divorce agreement has been sent to you already. Why did you come here and look for me? Do you have some objections towards the way we divide our properties?" Lina clenched her fists and feigned calm.

George walked up to Lina. "You were the one who betrayed me first, so why are you acting so righteously?"

"George! You have gone too far!" Sheng Jiaoyang reprimanded.

"Get lost!" George walked over and pushed Sheng Jiaoyang away.

"Jiaojiao!" Sheng Jiaoyang was almost pushed to the ground, and it was only with Lina’s support that she managed to stand firmly. Lina let out a sigh of relief.

"George, what are you doing?" Anger boiled in Lina's heart.

George's gaze landed on the paper in Lina's hand. As the street was well lit due to the streetlamps, he was able to clearly read the contents of the report.

His complexion turned ashen, and he snatched the report from Lina’s hand. He held the report and asked with clenched teeth, "What is this?"

"Didn’t you read it for yourself already?"

George clenched her fist and glared angrily at Lina. "Lina, I didn't expect you to be that kind of woman!"

"What kind of woman am I?" Lina retorted.

"You’re such a fickle woman!" George crushed the report into a ball and threw it at Lina. "I came here today to talk to you, but I didn't expect you to give me such a big surprise. As soon as I get home, I’m signing the papers. We’ll finally be done with each other."

George turned around and left.

Lina closed her eyes, and she started panting. Suddenly, she bent over and covered her mouth, before retching uncontrollably.

"Mei Niu!" Sheng Jiaoyang hurriedly supported Lina and led her into the house.

After they closed the door, a man got out of a car that was parked near the road. He walked over and picked up the ball of paper that had fallen onto the ground, and spread it open.

"One month…it’s mine?" Sven’s initial surprise was soon replaced by delight.

The next day, Sheng Jiaoyang accompanied Lina to the hospital.

"Mei Niu, are you sure about the abortion?" Before Lina entered the surgery room, Sheng Jiaoyang asked her solemnly to confirm her decision.

"I am." Lina looked determined. She cast a profound glance at Sheng Jiaoyang before turning around and walking into the surgery room.

Sheng Jiaoyang stared at the door, and complex feelings filled her heart.

Although she hadn’t experienced it before, she had heard that it was very painful to have an abortion, and that it would tax both the physical and the mental wellbeing of the patient.

Suddenly, hasty footsteps sounded out from right behind her.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned around and saw Sven, who normally didn’t attach importance to anything or anyone, rushing over with a panicked look on his face.

The bodyguards by Sheng Jiaoyang’s side immediately stood in front of her and blocked him off, but he pushed them away.

Naturally, her bodyguards were not pushovers, and they weren’t easily knocked down, but Sven also brought his bodyguards over, so the bodyguards from both parties confronted each other.

Sven quickly pushed the door of the surgery room open and rushed in.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s words were stuck in her throat. She stared at the door that was swinging back and forth, and she hesitated.

"Sven, let go of me!" Lina shouted.

Soon, the door of the surgery room was pulled open from the inside.

Sven walked out with Lina on his shoulder.

Sheng Jiaoyang tried to stop them, but one of Sven’s bodyguards blocked her path, so she could only helplessly watch as Sven took Lina away.

"F*ck!" Sheng Jiaoyang hurriedly chased after them. When she got to the parking lot, she saw Sven placing Lina inside his car. But by the time she ran over, the car had already driven off.

Sheng Jiaoyang naturally didn’t give up. She hurriedly got into her car and chased after them.

But after chasing for a while, she lost sight of his car.

By the time she found out where they were at, it was already evening.

Sven actually took Lina back to his own place.

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