Chapter 339 - Generous

The fans who went on stage were extremely excited. No matter what gift Jiaojiao gave them, even if it was something as simple as a hug, they would still feel happy.

Of course, Jiaojiao would not just give them a hug. How could she pay simple lip service for her fans who had always supported her? She got the staff who was overseeing her gifts to bring up three purple colored boxes.

She personally handed a box to each of the lucky fans, as if she was presenting an important award to them.

One of the lucky fans was male, while the other two were females. All of them were quite young, and they seemed to be students.

When they received their gifts, ecstatic smiles appeared on their faces.

“Jiaojiao, can I open it now?” asked one of the female fans who could not wait to see what was inside.

“Of course! Actually, I was planning to brief you about the gifts after you open them.”

As the wrapping was too intricate, all three of them could not bear to tear the wrapping off. Thus they removed the wrapping with extreme caution while the audience waited eagerly.

Finally, the gifts were unwrapped, and the fans found a notebook with a beautiful cover.

One of them was sharp enough to spot a signature at the corner of the notebook. After looking at the unique design, she asked Jiaojiao, “Did you design the cover yourself?”

Hearing this, the other two fans looked over with surprise, and the audience broke out into screams.

“That’s right. I drew the designs on the cover.” Sheng Jiaoyang smiled while nodding affirmatively.

The fan who asked the first question was already sobbing. She felt extremely touched to be able to receive a gift that Jiaojiao had personally designed.

Sheng Jiaoyang walked up to the sobbing fan and hugged her. She lightly patted her back and said, “This is nothing compared to all the support you have given to me. Alright, alright, don’t cry~”

However, her consolation only overwhelmed the fan. The other two fans also asked for hugs.

The fans off stage were feeling extremely envious. How they wished they could rush up the stage for a hug.

Sheng Jiaoyang tried to change the topic. She pointed at the notebook and said, “I made a special plastic cover for it. As long as you don’t tear at it or burn it, it won’t be damaged.”

“Wow, she’s so attentive!” The fans who did not receive the presents were turning green with envy.

“You can write down anything you want, regardless of whether they are words that you want to tell me, encouragements you want to give me, or criticism of me,” Sheng Jiaoyang specially added before letting the three fans return to their seats.

“Jiaojiao, we want them too!” one of the fans from the audience shouted out.

That voice immediately gained support from other fans, and this created a loud and lively scene.

“Okay, everyone will get a chance.”

Sheng Jiaoyang then invited the president and vice-president of her fan club up on stage. Then, she complimented both of them for the effort they put in over the past year and promised them that they could join and work with her team when they graduate.

Truthfully speaking, Liu Lu and Zheng Yuan had definitely put in huge amounts of work and effort into managing the fan club. It was thanks to their efforts that Jiao Fans had a widely recognized reputation as rational and disciplined, and it was also thanks to them that every fan event was highly organized.

According to the rules & incentives of the fan club, every year, fans who were given the title ‘Civilised’ would obtain the rights to enter the core group of Jiao fans and receive a small gift prepared by Er Jiao herself.

President Liu Lu announced the name list of the ‘Civilised’ fans, and they were all given a present prepared by Jiaojiao.

The name list was filled out in small font, and some of them were real names, while others were internet handles. Regardless, they were all codenames, and it was fine as long as they corresponded to the right person.

This time, the gift was a square box that was quite heavy. Hence, the staff had to bring them up on stage in batches.

The fans who had their name called out went on stage to receive their gifts. They even got a hug from Jiaojiao.

After everyone received their presents, Sheng Jiaoyang picked up the microphone and said, “This gift is a piggy bank that I designed myself. I hope that everyone who received this gift would be able to develop a good habit of saving up all your small change that you usually neglect, so that you may use it for yourselves in the future, or donate it to charity.”

The fans who received the gift had already opened them, and they were surprised to see a piggy bank wrapped in flannelette. It was a cute piggy bank with Sheng Jiaoyang’s signature written on it.

“Lastly, I’ve prepared a special gift, which I will give to a person who is chosen from amongst the audience.”

Everyone looked expectantly at Sheng Jiaoyang. From the previous gifts, it was obvious that Sheng Jiaoyang had put in a lot of effort to prepare the gifts. This made everyone desire the last gift more than ever. This last and only gift must be entirely prepared by Jiaojiao herself.

Sheng Jiaoyang motioned for the staff to bring the present up on stage.

The present was nearly a meter tall, and half a meter wide. It was basically half as tall as an average person.

It was more appropriate to call the giant gift a box. When people saw what was being carried onto the stage, their interest and curiosity were piqued.

While the box was being carried up, Sheng Jiaoyang continued engaging with her fans, “Everyone, make a guess. What do you think is inside that box?”

Even the staff had a hard time moving that huge box. It seemed to weigh quite a bit.

The fans started guessing any random thing under the sun. Some people even guessed a set of home appliances.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled and looked at all her fans before continuing, “Now I will choose one fan amongst you. He or she will be given this present, which I have personally made and designed. Let’s get the lucky draw rolling!”

The huge screen on the stage then started showing a quick slideshow of all the selfies of the fans who were at the event.

After a while, Sheng Jiaoyang, with her back facing the projector screen, shouted out, “Stop!”

The slideshow stopped at the picture of a boy who looked quite cheerful and good-looking.

“Wow!” Gasps of admiration came from the fans.

“Shall we have…” Sheng Jiaoyang turned around and looked at the name labelled on the photo, “Song Junyi! Come on stage to receive your gift.”

After a stir, a tall and handsome boy came jogging up the stage.

“You’re Song Junyi?” Sheng Jiaoyang sized the boy up.

“It’s me.” His face was flushed red, presumably a sign of his shyness.

Sheng Jiaoyang laughed and took the initiative to lead the conversation to help soothe his nervousness, “Is Song Junyi your real name? It sounds nice, and it seems to fit you perfectly.”

The fans who were off stage chuckled in response.

Song Junyi’s face turned even redder.

Sheng Jiaoyang then pointed at the one-meter tall box and said, “Go ahead and open your present. Take a look at it first, and then give our staff your address. They will deliver it to your house.”

Song Junyi walked towards the box and undid the ribbon. Then, he lifted the box up and revealed its contents.

The gift was finally revealed. It was a colored sculpture that was nearly a meter tall.

The highly-detailed sculpture was a depiction of the valiant Imperial Consort Wu in her martial attire, from the drama 'Empress'.

“I have chosen an image of Wu Qinghe in her martial attire and 3D printed it. Although its color could also be replicated, I personally painted it to express my sincerity,” Sheng Jiaoyang explained how she made her gift, and why she made it that way.

The fans were screaming and expressing how much they loved the present. Alas, it was a pity that the gift didn’t belong to them but to someone else.

“Do you like it?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked the boy who was entranced by the sculpture.

“I absolutely love it!” The boy took a deep breath and plucked up his courage. Then, he faced Jiaojiao and asked cautiously, “Jiaojiao, can I have a hug too?”

Sheng Jiaoyang chuckled and spread both her arms open. It seemed that this boy, who looked cheerful and outgoing, was actually extremely shy.

He walked up to her and gave her a light hug, his hands carefully laid on her back.

Now that the presents were all given out, to prevent any fans from returning empty-handed, Sheng Jiaoyang started an autograph session.

There were still at least over 200 fans left who had yet to receive anything.

The staff placed a table on stage, and Sheng Jiaoyang sat behind it and began signing for each and every fan.

Even though there were only 200 fans, it was not easy to autograph for every one of them. Furthermore, some fans would request Jiaojiao to write a customized sentence for them.

Halfway through the autograph session, Sheng Jiaoyang was already quite exhausted. However, when she saw the face of each fan filled with anticipation and excitement, she couldn’t bring herself to stop.

Sheng Jiaoyang was engrossed in signing for her fans, when suddenly, the fans started screaming. She looked up, only to realise that the fans were all looking… behind her.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned around, only to see Shen Zhining standing behind her.

“Why did you come?”

Rather than answer her, Shen Zhining asked her another question with a gentle look on his face, “Why don’t you rest for a bit before continuing?”

Sheng Jiaoyang rubbed her wrist lightly while looking at the long line of fans. She was about to reply when the fans started saying, “Jiaojiao, quickly take a rest!”

One of the staff brought up a chair on stage and placed it beside her.

Shen Zhining gave an appreciative look to the staff, and the staff immediately felt refreshed, as if he had just gained a huge encouragement.

The fans wanted to scream so badly at that point. However, the atmosphere quietened down instantly once Shen Zhining sat there. Everyone was ecstatic, as they were able to personally see the Peerless Couple being together.

“It’s dinner time. It’ll take a while for you to finish signing for everyone, so I’ve ordered food for you guys. The food should reach soon,” Shen Zhining said to Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang thought that he ordered food for herself and the staff, but later, she realized that Boss Shen had generously ordered food for everyone in the venue.

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