Chapter 333 - To Acknowledge or Not?

Sheng Jiaoyang only learnt that Pan Zihui and Jiang Yin had been fighting when Pan Mingyue stopped her on the way to class and informed her about it.

“Why are you telling me this?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked calmly.

“Aren’t you happy to hear that they got into a disagreement?”

Baffled, Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Pan Mingyue and asked, “So you’re telling me about this to make me happy?”

“…” Pan Mingyue was silent.

“Class is starting soon. Is there anything else?” Sheng Jiaoyang had always liked to push the conversation forward.

Pan Mingyue asked awkwardly, “Have you ever thought of acknowledging dad?”

“He’s your father, it doesn’t concern me.”

“But he’s still your biological father, and he misses you a lot.”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Pan Mingyue, amazed by how different she was behaving. In the past, she was always going against others. Sheng Jiaoyang leaned in on Pan Mingyue.

Pan Mingyue seemed to be startled, and she took a step back while asking, “What is it?”

“I just suddenly realized that you’re actually quite cute.” Sheng Jiaoyang gave Pan Mingyue a smile before she headed to her classroom.

Pan Mingyue was stunned, and her cheeks were turning red.

After her lessons, Sheng Jiaoyang walked out of the school building with her classmates, but she was once again stopped by Pan Mingyue.

“Miss Pan, is there anything else?” Sheng Jiaoyang raised her brows slightly.

With so many pairs of eyes staring at her, Pan Mingyue became more cautious and nervous. As a result, she started stuttering, “Y-You still haven’t answered my question.”

“Didn’t I give you my answer already? Are you not satisfied with it?”

“I want to speak to you alone.” Pan Mingyue glanced at the crowd surrounding Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang bade her classmates goodbye and followed Pan Mingyue to a corner. Her bodyguards stood a fair distance away, ready to react to any circumstances.

However, her classmates did not leave. Instead, they stood on the same spot and observed the situation.

“If Pan Mingyue wants to try anything on our Jiaojiao, we’ll go and give her a beating!” one of the female students said.

That’s right. The netizens were very resourceful, so how could they not have known about Pan Mingyue? Many people now knew that Pan Mingyue was Jiaojiao’s half-sister.

“I wonder what Pan Mingyue wants to discuss with Jiaojiao?”

“Could she be threatening Jiaojiao not to snatch her father away?”

“That’s too childish!”

While the students were chatting, Sheng Jiaoyang was also wondering what exactly Pan Mingyue wanted to talk to her about.

“Dad once told me that he owed too much to the both of you. He wants to make it up to you guys, so can’t you give him a chance?” Pan Mingyue asked.

Woah! To think that Pan Mingyue would be the one pleading for him. Sheng Jiaoyang was quite surprised. Logically speaking, Pan Mingyue should not have wanted Pan Zihui to acknowledge her. After all, the acknowledgement would mean that there would be one more person fighting for her father’s love.

“Shouldn’t you be on the same side as your mother? She must be quite against this!” Sheng Jiaoyang asked tentatively.

Pan Mingyue cleared her throat and said, “My mum just wasn’t thinking straight. Thinking about it now, it doesn’t really matter if Dad acknowledges you, as your mum has already remarried.”

“What about you?”

Pan Mingyue could not find an answer this time.

Sheng Jiaoyang chuckled, “If you call me sister, I’ll consider it.”

“You’re just older than me by a month.”

“I’m still your elder sister.”

Pan Mingyue was feeling conflicted, but when she saw that Sheng Jiaoyang was about to leave, she reached out and pulled on her sleeves as she lightly called out, “Sister.”

“Since you addressed me as your sister, I’d be too heartless if I didn’t give you a chance. But the outcome is still dependent on his performance. Also, you better remember, I only gave him a chance because of you.”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Pan Mingyue one last time before boarding the car and leaving.

I only gave him a chance because of you… Pan Mingyue’s mood soared. She did not expect that in Sheng Jiaoyang’s heart, her place was greater than her biological father. Sheng Jiaoyang’s recognition gave her a different kind of satisfaction.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled.

After Jiang Yin disclosed the DNA test results, Sheng Jiaoyang was certain that she was the one who hired the Internet Water Army to continuously throw shade at her. The reason why Jiang Yin’s Weibo post was able to gain such widespread coverage was because these people kept adding fuel to fire. Additionally, they were the same group of Internet Water Army who threw shade at her in the past, so she was all the more certain that Jiang Yin was behind all of this.

When she thought about it, she realised that there was no other person who fit the criteria of being wealthy enough to execute such a plan while hating her to such a degree that she would smear her image.

Of course, Pan Mingyue’s action was unexpected, but it also gave her a new idea to exact revenge on Jiang Yin. The idea was to get into good relationships with the people closest to Jiang Yin. If Jiang Yin knew about it, she would probably be enraged.

Since she did not have the past memories of the original owner of her current body, whether she acknowledges Pan Zihui or not wouldn’t affect her. However, if she could use the chance to screw over Jiang Yin, that would certainly be great.

Pan Mingyue went home and called Pan Zihui to inform him about it.

However, Pan Zihui was hesitant, “But your mother…”

“I’ll persuade her!” Pan Mingyue said with confidence.

Pan Mingyue knew that Jiang Yin would either be out at the salon or doing some window shopping since she was feeling down. Thus, she waited for her mother’s return.

Pan Mingyue didn’t idle her time away while waiting for her mother. She scrolled through her mobile phone and subconsciously checked out Xu Jiaojiao’s Weibo. Then, she spotted her latest post, which was an official notice that ‘Double-Faced Lovers’ was slated to premiere on Fruits Channel in January, as well as on a couple of other video sites.

The post was also accompanied by a trailer.

The trailer was the first to be shown to the public, and the comments section was already buzzing with life.

She could not resist clicking on the trailer as it was only slightly longer than a minute. Soon, she was captivated by the scenes in the trailer. When she was done watching it, she realized that she shared the same sentiments as the comments; her desire to watch the show was tremendous.

Pan Mingyue laid on the sofa, and she felt overwhelmed by emotions as she looked at the promotional poster on her mobile screen.

Xu Jiaojiao was only a month older than her, but she was already very successful in her life. Instead, Pan Mingyue was still relying on her parents and being a freeloader. Just based on this aspect alone, she was already very impressed by Xu Jiaojiao.

It would be great if she had such an awesome elder sister.

Whilst Pan Mingyue was lost in her thoughts, Jiang Yin had returned home.

“Sweetheart, why are you home so early?” Jiang Yin was surprised to see Pan Mingyue.

“Yeah, I ended classes earlier today.”

“Why aren’t you out with your friends?”

“It’s not fun to be around them anymore. They only laze around while doing nothing,” Pan Mingyue answered.

Jiang Yin looked at Pan Mingyue in amazement, “Why are you suddenly…”

A sudden thought came into Pan Mingyue’s mind, “Mum, you told me before that the company will be passed down to me. I’ve given it some thought, I should have some capability as well, otherwise, how can I lead the company in the future?! Mum, if Dad isn’t reliable, you’ll still have me!”

“Sweetheart,” Jiang Yin sat down and hugged Pan Mingyue, “Mum is so glad to hear you say that!”

“I heard from Dad that the company’s stock price has plummeted by quite a lot. I’m worried that our company will crumble before I can even take over,” Pan Mingyue said while nestled in Jiang Yin’s arms.

Jiang Yin was stunned, she never expected her daughter to be so thoughtful. “No, it won’t.”

“I heard him say that there were originally a few large business deals, but they suddenly backed out. Then, I found out that it was all because of the person backing Xu Jiaojiao.”

“What? Xu Jiaojiao again!” Jiang Yin spoke resentfully.

“Xu Jiaojiao’s influence is quite huge. I’m afraid about what would happen if she publicly criticizes Dad. In the future… Sigh!” Pan Mingyue stealthily observed Jiang Yin’s expression while she spoke.

Jiang Yin turned silent. Obvious hesitation and conflict were painted on her face. She hated the thought of Pan Zihui acknowledging Xu Jiaojiao, and she hated having to watch their father-daughter relationship grow. However, under the current situation, she had no choice, as this was the only solution that could solve the present predicament.

That same night, Pan Zihui returned home. Before he went to sleep, Jiang Yin said, “Go ahead and acknowledge Xu Jiaojiao.”

Pan Zihui was surprised. Mingyue’s persuasion skills were quite good! To think that she could get her mother to bring up the issue first.

However, his face was still expressionless, and he said, “Forget it, she probably doesn’t want to acknowledge me anyways.”

“I believe that she would want to acknowledge her biological father! Call her over to our house tomorrow. I’ll speak to her myself!” Jiang Yin said forcefully.

Pan Zihui refused immediately, “No, if you said it personally, I’m afraid there might be an opposite effect.”

Jiang Yin wanted to start raging, but she recalled her daughter’s words. In order to not leave a mess for her daughter, she suppressed her anger and said, “Then, you better find a way to make her acknowledge you and publicly announce that your father-daughter relationship is great. You must stabilize the company’s stock price. I don’t wish to leave a worthless company to Mingyue.”

No matter what reason it was that led Jiang Yin to approve of him acknowledging Sheng Jiaoyang as his daughter, Pan Zihui felt genuinely happy. However, he did not show it on his face. If he did show his happiness, Jiang Yin would most probably back out and continue arguing with him.

“Alright, let’s sleep.” Pan Zihui embraced Jiang Yin.

“Wait, you’ve got to promise me one thing. You can do whatever you want to make up to Xu Jiaojiao, but you must never touch the things that belong to our Mingyue,” Jiang Yin said sternly while looking at Pan Zihui.

Pan Zihui never expected this from Jiang Yin, and he said to her reassuringly, “I will definitely not touch anything that was meant for Mingyue.”

“You said it yourself, so don’t go back on your words!”

“Yeah, go to bed now.” Pan Zihui laid down on his side, with his back facing Jiang Yin, and a smile spread across his face.

Jiang Yin did not see her husband’s expression, and she went to bed after turning off the lights.

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