Chapter 332 - Panicking

When everyone learnt that Jiaojiao would be donating all her inherited assets to improve public welfare, even the unconvinced netizens had nothing left to say.

The resourceful netizens who had too much time on their hands managed to dig up the identity of Jiaojiao’s biological father, and they crafted the narrative that he abandoned his own wife for a daughter of a wealthy family. Thus, the scumbag label was put on Pan Zihui.

Jiang Yin, who initially posted the DNA test results up on the net, did so with the intention of getting the internet community to label Jiaojiao as an illegitimate child. However, she did not manage to achieve her goals, and this angered her so much that she almost trimmed every single leaf off her potted plant in the living room.

As Pan Zihui was a president of a listed company, any negative public perception would be reflected in the company’s stock price. Hence, Pan Zihui discussed with Jiang Yin about the possibility of publicly acknowledging Xu Jiaojiao as a member of their family.

“Were you already thinking of doing that before this incident happened?” Jiang Yin’s face was twisted in anger.

“Don’t you take this out of context. I just feel that the best solution is for us to acknowledge Jiaojiao. We can tell the public that I wasn’t aware of her existence, which would explain why I am only acknowledging her now.”

Jiang Yin laughed coldly, “Jiaojiao, huh? Such an intimate way to call her. I think the only reason you’re bringing this up is because you just want her in your life. Are you preparing to bring your ex-wife back as well?”

Women usually don’t think through what they say when they get agitated. They just want to rant. However, after they calm down, they become fully aware that they were in the wrong.

After listening to Jiang Yin’s rant, Pan Zihui looked disappointedly and helplessly at Jiang Yin, “You used to be such a reasonable person. Why are you so unreasonable now?”

I’m unreasonable? You dare to say that I’m unreasonable?” Jiang Yin looked as if she had just heard a joke.

“Aren’t you? Truthfully, you started this whole issue. If you didn’t intentionally disclose that document to try and stir up trouble, there wouldn’t be such a huge and troublesome issue today. We would all be at peace with each other, and each lives our own lives.” Pan Zihui did not wish to concede now, as he felt that he had been conceding to Jiang Yin for long enough.

Jiang Yin’s temper went out of control. After trembling with rage for a brief moment, she pointed towards the window and said, “Alright, go find her and acknowledge them then. But let me tell you, Pan Zihui. Don’t expect me to remain with you if you want her around!”

“You—” Pan Zihui was also angered by her ultimatum.

“Mom, Dad,” Pan Mingyue suddenly spoke out from outside the room. “That’s enough. To think that both of you would start arguing over whether to acknowledge Xu Jiaojiao.”

Pan Zihui and Jiang Yin turned around to see their daughter, Pan Mingyue, leaning against the door frame and watching the commotion.

“Jiaojiao is at her peak right now. She recently obtained a huge inheritance, and in the future, there’s still another huge inheritance waiting for her. Her boyfriend is also very capable. Even if Dad wants to acknowledge her again, she wouldn’t be happy about it! The problem isn’t about whether you should acknowledge her, it’s whether she wants to acknowledge us.”

Ever since Xu Jiaojiao protected her from the hydrochloric acid incident, Pan Mingyue has had no objections to having this half-sister. Moreover, when she saw how Xu Jiaojiao grew to become a highly popular celebrity through the internet, she felt a strange sense of pride. There were even times when she almost acted on the impulse to tell others that the popular celebrity they had been talking about is actually her half-sister.

“It’d be best if she refused to,” Jiang Yin snapped dismissively.

Pan Zihui looked helplessly at Pan Mingyue, but she only gave him a wacky look in return, as if she was telling him that he had to fend for himself.

Now that his daughter has given him a brief respite from the argument, Pan Zihui was able to calm himself down. He led Jiang Yin to the couch and sat her down nicely before saying, “Alright, we won’t acknowledge her if you don’t wish to. But our company’s stocks have dropped quite a bit. In just these two days, we have lost almost a million dollars. We have to think of a solution to stop our stock price from plummeting.”

Jiang Yin had calmed down as well. Of course, she did not want to see the company suffering huge losses, as the company was built up by her father’s hard work. She thought for a while before speaking in a gentler tone, “You may acknowledge her if you wish, but she absolutely can’t take away a single cent from us!”

Pan Zihui’s expression darkened slightly. “If I am not sincere, do you think Jiaojiao would want to acknowledge me? It is a fact that I owe too much to both her and her mother. I…”

“Pan Zihui, are you done or not!” Jiang Yin cut him off. “You got to remember, would you be where you are today without me? Without me, you’ll still be a small employee. I gave you everything you have now! Don’t forget, I’m the biggest shareholder of your company!”

Enraged, Pan Zihui stood up and headed to the door. Then, he turned around to face Jiang Yin. “Alright, then let’s divorce and I won’t take a single penny with me!”

Then, he stomped out of the house.

“Stop! Pan Zihui!” Jiang Yin chased after him. However, once she went down the stairs and out of the main door, all she saw was car exhaust smoke that was slowly dispersing. Pan Zihui had already driven away.

Pan Mingyue, who was following behind her, was a little dumbstruck. She never expected the situation to turn out this way.

When she saw her mother suddenly burst out into tears, she held onto her and tried to console her, “Mom, Dad must have said that out of anger. Don’t take it to heart. When he returns, just talk things out nicely with him.”

“Your father has changed. He has never spoken to me in this way before.” Jiang Yin replied disappointedly.

Pan Mingyue felt helpless and thought to herself: You didn’t speak to Dad in that way before either!

She had always had the impression that her mom was an elegant, easy-going and noble-like lady. However, today she felt that her mom was like an irritated hedgehog.

At the same time, Pan Zihui, who was in his car, was getting angrier by the minute. Jiang Yin’s words had deeply hurt his pride. Her words, ‘I gave you everything you have now’, seemed to imply that his hard work during all these years were for naught and that he was a gigolo.

When a person was alone and lonely, it was easier for him or her to be lost in an alley. Pan Zihui went to a pub to drown his rage and sorrows, and he unknowingly recalled moments from his past.

Xu Qing was his ex-wife and his first love. Everyone said that first love was the most difficult to forget, as all the first-time experiences always left the deepest impression in their minds. Also, first love usually happened in people’s youth, and the relationship would usually be pure. Hence, such beautiful relationships would be the easiest thing for people to remember and reminisce about. Moreover, Xu Qing was a good woman, but he never cherished her.

He thought back to the last time he saw Xu Qing, back at a charity auction event. From her radiant and charming appearance, he assumed that she must have been living quite a happy and well off life.

She was easily satisfied. Simply showing her some concern or giving her an intimate hug would be enough to bring a happy smile on her face.

Xu Qing’s personality was completely different from their daughter’s.

“Get me a drink,” a young woman’s voice rang out beside him.

Pan Zihui subconsciously turned his head around, before being utterly stunned by what he saw. Abruptly, he lifted his hand to grab the lady’s arm as he shouted, “Qingqing!”

Startled, the girl asked curiously, “Do you know me? How do you know I’m called Qingqing?”

Pan Zihui was half-drunk by then, and he could not differentiate the voices of the two. Thankfully, he was not fully wasted, and he managed to regain his composure and admit that he recognized the wrong person. The young lady looked like a younger version of Xu Qing. Their facial features were quite similar, but it was her temperament that most resembled Xu Qing.

“I’m sorry, I got the wrong person.” Pan Zihui let go of her arm and told the server to put the lady’s drink on his tab before he continued drinking.

The girl named Qingqing could not take her eyes off the man next to her. After all, even though Pan Zihui was a middle-aged man, he still looked good. His body was well maintained, and the sense of security that came from a mature man was quite attractive. Additionally, he seemed to exude a bitterness that suggested that he had an interesting life story.

“Uncle, you know someone called Qingqing as well?” Qingqing could not resist the urge to strike up a conversation with him.

Pan Zihui looked back at her. He didn’t know whether it was because of the ambiance, or because he felt he needed a listening ear, but he slowly started to recount his story, “In the past…”

By the time he finished sharing his story, Pan Zihui had drunk past his alcohol limit. After paying for his bill, he tried to leave, only to nearly fall off the barstool. Thankfully, Qingqing was there to hold onto him.

Back at the Pan Family’s residence, Jiang Yin was speaking to someone on the phone.

“… Look for him! No matter what, you’ve got to find him! Give me a call once you’ve found him.”

Jiang Yin sat around waiting for the call, and it finally came late in the night.

“How is it? Did you find him?”

“Yes, President Pan is drunk, and he is currently sleeping in a hotel room.”

“He’s drunk, but he is still able to get a room at a hotel?” Jiang Yin was furious.

The other person on the line thought she was doubting him, and he elaborated, “A lady brought him to the hotel.”

“What!?” Jiang Yin stood up, “Which hotel is it?”

“I’ll send the location to you,” the other party replied.

Pan Mingyue, who woke up in the middle of the night for a cup of water, saw Jiang Yin leaving in a hurry, and snapped herself out of her groggy state immediately. She chased after her and asked, “Mom, where are you going this late in the night?”

“I am going to catch an adulterous couple!”

Pan Mingyue’s eyes widened as she instantly wondered what disgraceful act her dad committed. She joined her mom in the car immediately.

When both mother and daughter arrived at the hotel, they rushed to the front desk aggressively and got the master key, before dashing to the room Pan Zihui was assigned to.

Once inside, they saw that he was sprawled on the bed, unconscious, in only his underpants. There were no other people in sight.

When Jiang Yin saw that Pan Zihui was almost naked, she immediately recalled that a lady had sent him here, and various thoughts came into her mind. She dashed over and hit Pan Zihui harshly. “Pan Zihui, wake up!”

Pan Mingyue hurriedly stepped forward to persuade Jiang Yin, “Mum, did you make a mistake? There’s only Dad here. Let's find out about the whole situation first.”

With such a huge ruckus, how could Pan Zihui continue sleeping? He opened his eyes to see the ladies before him, and he sat up immediately.

“Why are you guys here?”

“How dare you ask! Speak, did you find another mistress outside?”

Pan Zihui pulled up the covers and said helplessly, “Nonsense, how can I have a mistress?”

“Then, how do you explain why a lady sent you to this hotel? And where are your clothes?”

Pan Zihui frowned and tried to recall what happened. However, he found that he couldn’t recall much about the things that happened after arriving at the hotel. He could only vaguely piece together memories of him waking up briefly due to how hot it was. That was why he took off his clothes.

After hearing his explanation, Jiang Yin was still unconvinced. Eventually, she decided to check the hotel's surveillance camera. She only believed him after confirming that the lady had left the hotel room seconds after bringing Pan Zihui inside.

With Jiang Yin making such a huge fuss, Pan Zihui felt even more exhausted.

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