Chapter 327 - Don't Wanna Tell You

“Why don’t we hold the press conference tomorrow?” Xu Ping felt that her instructions were weird.

“I have to go to the cemetery tomorrow.”

Only then did Xu Ping recall that her rumored ‘biological father’ had yet to be buried.

“Can’t you hold the press conference after the burial? It’s better if we explain the situation as soon as possible.”

“I have to “take care” of someone tomorrow afternoon,” Sheng Jiaoyang said calmly.

Xu Ping wanted to ask her who she was going to deal with, but ultimately chose not to. Even if their relationship was quite good, she should know her position as a manager.

There was a heavy downpour on the day of the burial.

All the funeral attendees were donned in black and held black umbrellas in their hands.

Sheng Jiaoyang personally held the urn carrying her deceased father’s ashes, and Shen Zhining stood by her side and held up the umbrella for her, shielding her from the rain and wind.

The situation looked like a scene lifted straight out of a movie.

After Sheng Jiaoyang placed Sheng Xun’s urn next to Yang Xiansu’s urn, she knelt down on the ground without caring if it was wet. Then, she kowtowed in front of their gravestone.

“May you grow old together in your next life,” Sheng Jiaoyang said softly.

“Come on.” Shen Zhining helped her up and was heartbroken to see her knees wet.

There were not many people present at the burial today. Even Grandmother Sheng and Grandfather Sheng did not appear. She heard that they had fallen ill. The Sheng Family’s Eldest Brother didn’t appear either. Only the Sheng Family’s Second Brother, his family, Cao Jian, Lawyer Song, and Sheng Jiaoyang’s people were present.

While they were leaving the cemetery, Sheng Jiaoyang asked Sheng Jia, “You’ll have to do an internship soon. Have you thought of what to do?”

Sheng Jia was both stumped and flattered, as she had never expected Sheng Jiaoyang to ask that question. She quickly glanced at her parents before replying cautiously, “Ever since I was young, I had always wanted to be an actress. I was actually planning to try my luck at the National Film Studios after completing my studies.”

“You wish to be an actress?” Sheng Jiaoyang examined Sheng Jia’s appearance.

She didn’t look too outstanding, but it was not something a little makeup couldn’t save.


“You majored in finance, right? Are you sure you want to be an actress?”

Sheng Jia nodded, “Yes, I’m sure.” She could hardly contain her delight.

“Head to Entertainment International and look for my manager, Xu Ping. I can give you the opportunity, but it’s up to you whether you can seize it or not.” Sheng Jiaoyang did not mind giving Sheng Jia a chance based on her family’s recent performance.

“Thank you, Jiaojiao!” Sheng Jia’s face lit up.

Sheng Jiaoyang gave her one last look before she boarded the car with Shen Zhining.

After the Sheng Family’s Second Brother and his family got into their own car, they couldn’t contain their excitement any longer.

“I never thought that she would be so accommodating!” Sheng Jia exclaimed.

“Now that there’s a chance, you must hold onto it, Jiajia. We’ll be waiting for you to become as popular as Xu Jiaojiao!” Zhou Hong said with a smile.

“Yes, wait for it!” Sheng Jia responded with a voice full of energy.

Back in Sheng Jiaoyang’s car, Shen Zhining was taking tissues out to help her clean up the wet parts of her pants, around the knee and thigh area.

Sheng Jiaoyang grabbed Shen Zhining’s hand and said, “Don’t trouble yourself. I can just change into another pair when I get back.”

Shen Zhining’s brows knitted lightly, and grabbed her hand instead, “Look at you, your hands are ice cold.”

Sheng Jiaoyang stuck out her tongue.

“I feel uneasy if I’m not taking care of you,” Shen Zhining said helplessly.

“Aren’t you sitting beside me right now? What’s there to feel uneasy about?”

Shen Zhining grazed her nose bridge, “What are you going to do in the afternoon?”

“I want to drop by the company to solve the mess that Sheng Yi had created.” She was obviously referring to Sheng Xun’s company. Oh, now it was her company, because she was the company’s largest shareholder.

“Do you want me to accompany you?”

“No need. If I need to trouble Mr. Shen over such small matters, then I must be quite useless.”

“You’re meant for much more than this.”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Shen Zhining curiously, “Like what?”

“To accompany me, so that we can live happily together.” Shen Zhining said with a serious face.

“…” Man Jun wished desperately that he could just turn deaf.

Sheng Jiaoyang was momentarily stunned into silence before a smile bloomed on her face.

When he saw that the darkness between her brows had dissipated, Shen Zhining secretly let out a sigh of relief.

In just half a day, every piece of information relating to Jiaojiao’s mysterious birth suddenly became extremely popular on the internet. Sheng Shiyun also made use of this opportunity to make her existence known by levelling various accusations against Xu Jiaojiao.

Honestly, to the public who did not know the truth, Sheng Shiyun seemed to be the more pitiful and weaker party. She was the daughter of a lawfully married couple, yet all her assets had been snatched away. Also, because Sheng Shiyun’s looks were fairly pretty, to the majority of people who only make their judgments based on appearances, those who looked good were always right. Thus, many of them were firmly in Sheng Shiyun’s camp, and they hurled insults at Xu Jiaojiao and her scum father.

There was also a portion of people who were just watching the scene unfold. They believed that, no matter how people were arguing about it, the truth would surface one day. Let us just sit back and watch the show.

Of course, the remaining people were Jiao fans who had gone through thick and thin with her. After this issue had blown up, the Jiao fans had unconditionally expressed their support to Jiaojiao, and they were all extremely convinced that Jiaojiao would soon be able to turn the tide. After all, they were used to such patterns.

Though the fans were used to seeing haters throw shade at their beloved celebrity, they would still be concerned about how the issue was developing. However, they had become some of the calmest fans around, and they always carried the belief that regardless of how much shade the haters threw, they would be the ones who got slapped in the face eventually.

Jiao fans might be calm, but they were still quite concerned over this issue. Thus, they did not just idle around. Instead, they started a cyber manhunt on Sheng Shiyun, and some of the technical experts amongst Jiao fans even dug out her past photos and stories.

And thus, Sheng Shiyun’s plastic surgery episode was leaked online.

This was not unexpected. Sheng Shiyun had long foreseen that this day would come when she made the decision to do plastic surgery. Thus, she had already memorized the script that she would use to defend and explain herself.

She threw a self-pity parade on her own Weibo. She told everyone that she once had an older sister who unfortunately passed away early. Thus, to express her love for her, she got plastic surgery so that she could live on well in her sister’s stead.

Those who supported her consoled her while encouraging her to be herself and live for herself.

Of course, the opinions of the online netizens would never be the same. Some people thought that Sheng Shiyun’s action was quite extreme and scary. There were also some who had seen the before and after photos of the surgery, and they felt that the reason Sheng Shiyun had plastic surgery was not because of that reason. Rather, they believed that she got surgery purely because her sister was prettier than herself!

After revealing her story, Sheng Shiyun, whom many people had not heard of initially, suddenly became the center of everyone’s attention in an instant. In just two short days, her number of fans had hit the millions, although her fanbase still could not be compared to Jiaojiao’s. But for a person like Sheng Shiyun, who was considered to be a nobody, this was considered rocket-like growth.

This was all part of Sheng Shiyun’s plan, and her ultimate goal was to remove Xu Jiaojiao and replace her.

As for our Jiaojiao, who was in the heart of the struggle, she was being accompanied by Lawyer Song and Cao Jian as they headed to the large conference room.

Not only were the company’s shareholders here, but even the company’s key management team was also called in.

Most of them had already known, via the internet, that their new boss was Jiaojiao. Those who were initially unaware learnt about it from the discussions in the room. Hence, nobody was alarmed when Jiaojiao walked in.

As the company was an industrial company, everyone had a novel feeling when they learnt that their new boss was a popular female celebrity from the entertainment industry. Thus, when she walked in, everyone gave her a curious look.

Such a scene did not matter much to Sheng Jiaoyang. She walked calmly to the front of the room and looked around at all who were present, “I believe everyone knows who I am. Today, I’ve called everyone here to discuss two issues. Firstly, there has been a change in the largest shareholder of the company. From now on, I will be the company’s largest shareholder, with 54% of the shares. Lawyer Song is here, so anyone who wishes to see the change of shareholder document can look for him.”

Everyone had known about this, but there were still some shareholders who did not believe it. Hence, they took a look at the document which Lawyer Song had brought along with him… and that was the end of the story. After all, the document was authentic.

“Secondly, I’ve heard that someone had created a huge mess by swindling the company’s seal and even transferring ten million dollars to an investment company for no reason. This matter was mainly caused by Deputy Director Cao’s negligence, but since it has already happened, what we have to do is to get back the sum of money.”

The Chief Financial Officer’s face turned pale. Although Sheng Jiaoyang had only criticized Cao Jian, he had a huge role to play in the incident as well. Ten million dollars was not a small sum.

“Ms. Xu. Oh no, I should address you as President Xu. How are we going to get back the money?”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Lawyer Song, “Does Sheng Yi’s action count as commercial fraud?”

Lawyer Song nodded.

“Let’s report it to the police,” Cao Jian suggested.

“Sheng Yi is President Sheng’s nephew. Why don’t you communicate with him, and try to get back the money that way?” the administrative manager blurted out.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at the administrative manager and smirked, “Why don’t you go and persuade him to return the money?”

The administrative manager shut his mouth, If getting back the money was so easy, why would Sheng Yi even bother to steal it?

“Here, I would like to clarify one thing. President Sheng and I have no blood relations. Thus, I don’t care if it’s his nephew or whoever else, they don’t concern me in any way.”

Everyone present at the meeting was stumped, including Cao Jian, who had known about the truth.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at everyone’s expression and asked, “Do you want to know why he left me his inheritance?”

Of course! Everyone looked at her.

“But I don’t wish to tell you guys.” Sheng Jiaoyang then leaned back against her chair.

“…” Everyone was left speechless.

Sheng Jiaoyang then knocked on the table, “Alright, let’s report this to the police!”

Cao Jian then took out his phone and called the police.

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