Chapter 318 - An Unforeseen Event

Throughout the taping of the show, other than occasionally tugging on Sheng Jiaoyang’s shirt, Sheng Shiyun didn't do anything else to her during the games. Sheng Shiyun was not considered to be smart, but she wasn't so dumb as to do something to Sheng Jiaoyang under everyone's gazes.

After the taping of the show, Wen Xiu invited everyone to a bar to unwind, and Sheng Shiyun started to devise a plan.

At such a social gathering, the bodyguards surely wouldn't be by their clients' side, or it would dampen the atmosphere.

Sure enough, the bodyguards stayed put at a separate table.

How could any social gathering that involves drinking lack drinking games? Everyone started off by playing the simplest game - Number X. The person who lost would have to answer a question posed by the game host. After answering the question, he or she would then take over as the game host in the next round.

Number X was a game where the game host would choose a number between 1 and 100. Then, the other players would take turns picking a number, and the host would narrow the range of numbers until eventually, someone would pick the host’s number, and he or she would have lost the round.

Luck played a huge part in this game. If a player was too ‘lucky’, they could possibly strike the jackpot with their first guess.

Everyone intentionally guessed the numbers that they felt were more uncommon, for they were afraid of guessing number X. But sometimes, the game host would apply reverse psychology, and intentionally avoid the common numbers which others would suspect as number X. Instead, they would choose the more uncommon numbers. Besides luck, there was another situation where guessing number X was inevitable. As more guesses were made, the range would shrink, and eventually, it would reach the point where there were only two numbers left for two players. But unfortunately, the player who guessed first may manage to avoid number X, and the remaining player would be forced to pick number X.

A person who always walked along the riverside was bound to get his or her shoes wet.

No matter how smart one was, it was still possible for them to select number X. So the tables were turned again and again, and almost everyone had picked number X at least once. Those who struck the jackpot would have to drink, and also answer a question.

As everyone present was of legal age, the questions posed were pretty straightforward and blunt. Common questions included: "How many people have you done it with?" or "How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?" If a media journalist was here, he would be extremely excited, because every single question exposed a private fact of theirs.

They played till it was nearly 10 PM, when Sheng Jiaoyang received Shen Zhining's call.

"Sorry guys, my boyfriend has come to pick me up. I got to go now." Sheng Jiaoyang stood up.

"Call him in to sit around for a while!" said Huanhuan.

"Exactly, it's still so early. We are all youngsters. Our lives would be too boring and dry if we didn't have some night life!" Wen Xiu concurred.

Sheng Shiyun, who was sitting in the corner, stealthily sent out a text.

Sheng Jiaoyang flashed the party an embarrassed yet polite smile and replied, "Actually, I quite enjoy this chill lifestyle. It's healthy."

"Alright, let's gather again next time when people are free. Bye, everyone." Before anyone could reply to Sheng Jiaoyang, she had already turned around and left.

Her two bodyguards and Zeng Huan, who was seated with the other assistants, followed after her. Zeng Huan promptly helped to place Sheng Jiaoyang's coat over her.

Suddenly, a drunkard dashed over madly, but he was stopped by the bodyguards.

"Pretty girl, come and drink with me!" The man tried to shove the bodyguards away, in an attempt to pounce on Sheng Jiaoyang.

The bodyguards weren't standing there just for show. In a matter of seconds, they had the man on the ground.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't spare a glance at the person on the ground and continued to walk out.

That drunkard clearly had accomplices. One man in a particular booth stood up, and the rest of his buddies followed suit. They came over and formed a crowd, clamouring for justice on behalf of their brother and demanding Sheng Jiaoyang to apologise with compensation.

"Do you know who we are?" Zeng Huan stood in front of Sheng Jiaoyang and stared at the few men with apparent hostility.

"I don’t care who you are. Since you dare to lay your hands on our brother, you will have to pay the price! Brothers, go!" one of them shouted.

The four men grabbed the empty beer bottles and dashed forward. The two bodyguards were each entangled in a brawl with two men when the drunkard who was lying on the ground crawled up nimbly and charged towards Sheng Jiaoyang to try and grab a hold of her. Zeng Huan, who stood before Sheng Jiaoyang, was shoved onto the ground by the man, who no longer exhibited any bit of drunkenness.

Sheng Jiaoyang furrowed her brows. She looked at Zeng Huan, who suffered a heavy fall, and the two bodyguards who were still engaged in the brawl. The man who pushed Zeng Huan down reached out his hand to grab Sheng Jiaoyang, but she immediately aimed a kick at him, and her thin stiletto heel struck the man's knee. The man hollered in pain, as he hopped around with his arms wrapped around his knees

One of the four men held back by the bodyguards managed to wriggle his way out. After wildly swinging and brandishing the broken glass bottle, he dived towards Sheng Jiaoyang and aimed the broken end of the bottle at her face. If the broken bottle struck her face, she would definitely be disfigured. Sheng Jiaoyang realised she couldn't dodge in time, but just before the man could ram the bottle into her face, he was sent flying away by an extremely forceful kick.

Sheng Jiaoyang heaved a sigh of relief as she looked at Shen Zhining, who stood before her and shielded her.

Meanwhile, her two bodyguards had already knocked the three people out. Man Jun didn't even have the chance to get involved.

Everyone in the bar already noticed the brawl. However, the brawl ended too quickly, and nobody got a chance to react before it was all over.

"A'Huan, are you alright?" Sheng Jiaoyang immediately helped Zeng Huan up.

"I'm fine," Zeng Huan gestured. Only when she lifted her hands did she realize that, not only had her hands been scraped, they had also been pricked by broken glass. Her hands were covered in blood.

"You call this fine?!" Anger rose in Sheng Jiaoyang. She had always been super protective of the people she cared for.

At this moment, the others had also come over and formed a crowd.

"That was so terrifying! Jiaojiao, are you alright?" Lele asked.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't answer immediately. She looked at the few men on the ground who were scrambling to get up to leave the scene and ordered her bodyguards, "Catch them!"

As soon as the assaulters heard her words, they scrambled to flee. Two of them managed to dash out of the bar, but the remaining three were apprehended by the two bodyguards and Man Jun.

"What happened?" the owner of the bar asked. He came alongside the bartender, although they were late to arrive.

"Ah, they broke my leg! Quick! Call the police to arrest them!" The man whom Sheng Jiaoyang had kicked was howling in pain. He was trying to make bogus accusations and pin the blame on them in the hopes that they would let him off.

Sheng Jiaoyang snorted, "Call the police then. I would love to know the mastermind behind this."

What happened today was definitely not coincidental. Firstly, they didn’t act like drunkards. Secondly, they went after her with a purpose — they were trying to disfigure her. This was not how people normally fought.

The wailing man paused briefly before he continued wailing.

Another man shouted, "What mastermind are you talking about? You guys clearly assaulted my brother first, I—" Suddenly, the man let out a piercing cry.

Man Jun, who had him pinned against the ground, promptly dislocated his arm.

The bystanders crowding around the scene shuddered, and their gazes towards Man Jun turned into awestruck gazes. Of course, there were some who found him cruel. After all, he already had the man beneath his feet, but now he even dislocated the latter's arm.

Sheng Jiaoyang ignored the action and ordered one of the bodyguards, "Xiao Wu, please help me send Huan to the hospital."

"Jiaojiao, I'm fine. I just need to go to the clinic, get the wound washed, and apply some medication. I will be fine," Zeng Huan hurriedly said.

"Be a good girl. Hurry up and go treat your wound at the hospital, lest it gets infected." Sheng Jiaoyang gently patted Zeng Huan on the shoulder.

Zeng Huan felt extremely touched, but she still insisted, "I can go on my own, Xiao Wu should stay here to protect you."

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't agree and only ordered Xiao Wu to take good care of Zeng Huan.

"Miss Xu, is there some misunderstanding?" The owner of the bar finally recognised Sheng Jiaoyang.

Some of the guests at the bar were also talking among themselves.

Sheng Jiaoyang scanned the surroundings and saw a CCTV camera. She looked at the owner of the bar and said, "Even if there were any misunderstandings, let's talk about it after the police have arrived. Now, please retrieve the footage of the incident."

The owner had an embarrassed expression on his face, "I'm sorry, Miss Xu. Only the CCTV camera facing the bar counter is functioning well. We have yet to replace or repair the other cameras in the bar."

The tense expression on the three men on the ground instantly became relaxed. No surveillance meant that there was no evidence, and they could explain their way out of this situation later.

Sheng Shiyun, who was standing in the crowd, also heaved a sigh of relief. She was really afraid that the three men wouldn't be able to withstand the pressure, and blurt out that someone did instruct them. Without any surveillance footage as evidence, the men just had to insist that it was a normal dispute, and the police wouldn't be able to do anything even if they had arrived. In the end, the police could only pass this off as a civil dispute.

"I…I caught it on camera," a slightly excited voice came from the crowd.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards the sound, only to see a young woman raising her handphone up into the air with an excited expression.

The woman squeezed out of the crowd and approached Sheng Jiaoyang. She looked at Sheng Jiaoyang with evident joy and exclaimed, "I recorded what just happened. Originally, I wanted to take a video of you and upload it to my Wechat Moments, but I never thought that I would manage to record the footage of them assaulting you."

Sheng Jiaoyang's furrowed brows became slightly more relaxed, and she replied, "Please send me the video recording then."

"Sure! Jiaojiao, I really like you a lot. Can I have your autograph later?" The woman looked at Sheng Jiaoyang with an expectant gaze.

"Sure," Sheng Jiaoyang flashed a smile at her.

The woman cupped her face in her hands and looked ecstatic.

Just as the woman was sending the footage to Sheng Jiaoyang over Bluetooth, the police finally arrived.

Sheng Shiyun immediately left the crowd, walked to the ladies, and hurriedly called Liang Xiaohui on the phone.

"Mother, bad news. They got caught."

"So? They are not so stupid as to confess."

The anxiety between Sheng Shiyun's brows didn't even dissipate by a little. "But Xu Jiaojiao has evidence on her hand to prove that it's a planned assault."

"Then did they succeed?"

"No, Xu Jiaojiao had someone to save her."

"A bunch of trash!"

Sheng Shiyun paced around, "What should we do?"

"Ignore them. Even if they can prove that it was a planned assault, they didn't manage to injure Xu Jiaojiao. Thus, they would at most be locked up for a short time. We just have to give them more money later to make it up to them."

"They wouldn't blurt out that it's us who planned the hit, would they?" Sheng Shiyun felt very uneasy. After all, she was still young and had never experienced something like this.

"You didn't contact them directly. Also, you used someone else's identity card to get that phone card. Just throw away the phone card later."

"Okay," Sheng Shiyun took in a deep breath and felt slightly relieved.

She was about to leave the washroom when she saw Mo Lan standing outside the door. She immediately froze on the spot.

Before she entered the washroom, she even deliberately looked to see that no one was around before she made the phone call. She hadn't expected that someone would come to the washroom at this time. Usually, when there was a show to watch, who in the right mind would go to the washroom?

"You…" Sheng Shiyun's expression was a little stiff, and she didn't know what to say.

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