Chapter 308 - Peerless Couple

When the program team of ‘Journey of Love’ officially released the news that Xu Jiaojiao and her boyfriend were showing up in the next episode as guests, the fans were extremely excited.

Jiaojiao and her boyfriend actually went on a reality show together.

This truly…was something to look forward to.

The fans as well as interested passers-by were all waiting for the next episode to air. As they waited, the drama ‘Empress’ had already released four episodes out of the eight scheduled per week.

Finally, the seventh episode of ‘Journey of Love’ was broadcasted.

As soon as it was aired, both the TV ratings and the online click-through rate surpassed the previous episodes by far.

At the beginning of the episode, three couples received a parachuting mission. They had to travel to the base to parachute jump and complete the mission. The camera followed the couples to the base.

Afterwards, Yao Yao almost bumped into someone due to her recklessness. The camera flashed, and the two highly anticipated people entered the scene.

Nowadays, youngsters liked to watch live broadcasts online, because they could comment on-screen and interact with other viewers.

When Jiaojiao and her boyfriend appeared on screen, the...

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