Chapter 308 - Peerless Couple

When the program team of ‘Journey of Love’ officially released the news that Xu Jiaojiao and her boyfriend were showing up in the next episode as guests, the fans were extremely excited.

Jiaojiao and her boyfriend actually went on a reality show together.

This truly…was something to look forward to.

The fans as well as interested passers-by were all waiting for the next episode to air. As they waited, the drama ‘Empress’ had already released four episodes out of the eight scheduled per week.

Finally, the seventh episode of ‘Journey of Love’ was broadcasted.

As soon as it was aired, both the TV ratings and the online click-through rate surpassed the previous episodes by far.

At the beginning of the episode, three couples received a parachuting mission. They had to travel to the base to parachute jump and complete the mission. The camera followed the couples to the base.

Afterwards, Yao Yao almost bumped into someone due to her recklessness. The camera flashed, and the two highly anticipated people entered the scene.

Nowadays, youngsters liked to watch live broadcasts online, because they could comment on-screen and interact with other viewers.

When Jiaojiao and her boyfriend appeared on screen, the comments section exploded.

[They’re here! They’re here!]

[Their encounter was so unexpected.]

[Wow~ Xu Jiaojiao’s boyfriend is so handsome!]

[He has the power to protect his wifey.]

From the dialogue and the circumstances presented, the audience could tell that the program team met Jiaojiao and her boyfriend by chance. Previously, the program team revealed that they had invited them at the last moment. Sure enough, the subsequent developments confirmed this.

The scene of Jiaojiao and her boyfriend landing from the air was also added to this episode. The viewers saw how the couple were tied together, and how they jumped down together. When they came down, Jiaojiao’s feet went limp, and she had to be carried off the base by her boyfriend. This scene caused a jolt of surprise to ripple throughout the viewers’ hearts. Everyone screamed when they saw this.

During this period, the program team added a lot of special shots of the newly added Team Super Tall. The program team knew that everyone wanted to see this pair. Thus, most of the edited shots had them in it.

Suddenly, the words, [electric shock warning] appeared on the screen. These three words weren’t from the internet comments. Rather, the words were added on by the crew after filming, in a similar style to the barrage comments that netizens often used.

They had been affectionately called the ‘Peerless Couple’ by the netizens. Then, a scene of the two looking into each other’s eyes appeared on the screen. Their gazes were very affectionate, and everyone could clearly see the love in their eyes.

Later, an electric wave was mischievously added between their eyes. Everyone could see that both parties were shooting out electrical waves from their eyes, and the waves met at the center of the screen, culminating in a beautiful spark.

[It is obvious that Jiaojiao’s boyfriend loves her dearly.]

[She’s so blessed! I wish I had a boyfriend like that.]

[They’re a perfect match!]

[I lost. No wonder my goddess became someone else’s girlfriend so soon. Because of this brother’s good looks, I’m willing to silently retreat.]

[Hey! The commenter above, that’s enough!]

The camera then shifted to the ‘Bickering Couple’ on the other side. Liu Qian dropped something and bent down to pick it up. Immediately after, the three words [electric shock warning] popped up in bold red letters again.

Everyone watching the program was shocked. They stared at their screen without blinking. The next second, everyone was caught off guard by the two hands that were intertwined together under the table.

In the next moment, the comments exploded again.


[Even though I have a boyfriend, I have been abused by their PDA.]

[That’s sooooo sweet.]

[I didn’t expect the Peerless Couple to be like this.]

[I’ve learned another trick!]

[This episode should’ve been titled ‘Peerless Couple’s PDA attack’]

[The moment the ‘Peerless Couple’ came out, we are being tortured to death.]

Various comments flew up on the screen.

Everyone became excited when they saw the four couples play the torturous Q&A game. The questions, meant to determine each couple’s level of tacit understanding before dinner, could satisfy everyone’s curiosity about their favorite celebrity couple.

The Peerless Couple didn’t disappoint. Although they didn’t have any tacit understanding during the game segment, everyone who watched the program still had an expression that looked like they had been abused.

Even the answers about their first kiss didn’t match. Furthermore, they revealed one thing: Xu Jiaojiao’s boyfriend had once secretly kissed her when she was drunk.

From their answer, it could be seen that between the Peerless Couple, Xu Jiaojiao was the one being spoiled and pampered. This meant that the Jiao fans could finally rest assured. Previously, when they found out that Jiaojiao had a rich boyfriend, everyone was worried that it was just a temporary relationship. However, based on this episode, it was clear that Jiaojiao’s boyfriend truly cared about her.

It was also from this Q&A game that everyone got to know that these two were childhood sweethearts. It was no wonder that they could get together even though their status and family background were so different.

There were three kinds of love in this world that touched people’s hearts the most: Couples who experienced life and death together, couples who mutually help each other in humble circumstances, and childhood sweethearts.

Childhood sweethearts, innocent playmates…this kind of relationship was the same as mutually helping each other in humble circumstances. It was like a small but steady stream. Basically, if one heard that a couple were childhood sweethearts, they would think that the couple would grow old happily together.

Between the Peerless Couple, one was a hero who came to help the other in her times of distress, while the other was an intelligent beauty who stood by his side in the darkest moment of his life. It was perfectly normal for them to be together.

The netizens expressed that they wish to see the couple be married soon and have children. Judging by their looks, their children would definitely be super cute.

Even though the Peerless Couple didn’t say anything, the netizens were still tortured by their PDA. Everyone commented that they were physically and mentally delighted to be tortured by them. Everyone wanted to continue watching the Peerless Couple’s endless PDA attacks.

The Peerless Couple then appeared again, dressed in the western court costumes prepared by the program team. As they slowly walked down the stairs, the netizens spontaneously ignored everyone else on camera. There was only the Peerless Couple in their eyes. In this era where people focused on looks, the Peerless Couple’s good looks, elegance, and height had toppled everyone else. They were truly peerless and made the others look like dregs.

Then, it was dinnertime.

This scene amused everyone.

There was no harm when there was no comparison. When it was time to serve dinner, a lot of people couldn’t help but burst out laughing, especially when the Peerless Couple stared at each other as they picked up the croissant that wasn’t even as big as a little girl’s palm. Obviously, the two of them never intended to look funny, but this scene was very pleasant to watch.

The dinner in front of the Bickering Couple was so luxurious that it made the Peerless Couple’s meal appear even more pitiful.

Half of the bullet screen comments were occupied with ‘Hahaha’.

The rest of the comments were also hilarious.

Apart from the Peerless Couple, the ‘Old Married Couple’, also known as the ‘Bickering Couple’, attracted most of the laughter.

To those who hadn’t watched this program before, apart from the Peerless Couple who had many fans, the Bickering Couple was also very interesting and funny.

After dinner, the Peerless Couple stepped out of the dining hall, and the camera followed along.

[Ultra high warning] This subtitle popped up to give the viewers an early warning again.

The netizens instantly raised their spirits and stared at the scene without blinking, for fear that they would miss a scene of their marvelous PDA attacks.

The Peerless Couple didn’t let the netizens down. Very soon, they tortured them so much that the netizens’ hearts nearly jumped out of their chests.

The Peerless Couple began to dance, with a pleasant and beautiful scenery serving as their background.

Their moves were understated, but their elegant postures and light, synchronized movements were very pleasing to the eyes. The hearts of all the female viewers were about to melt.

Special effects were also added to the scene. Glistening, undulating hearts surrounded the Peerless Couple.

All of a sudden, Jiaojiao said something that spoiled the romantic atmosphere.

"We only ate that tiny bit earlier. After dancing like this, wouldn’t the food have become entirely digested by now?"


[Why is Jiaojiao so cute?]

[Goddess, come to my bowl quickly~]

[Hahahaha, I just recalled the small croissant that they ate.]

[Facing a girlfriend who can spoil the atmosphere, Mr. Shen must feel so dejected.]

[I wonder if they could sneak out for a midnight snack.]

A series of comments appeared on the bullet screen again.

Sure enough, Mr. Shen asked, "How about we sneak out and eat something later?"

“I don’t really mind, but you only eat that little bit. How’s that enough?”

Oh? The Peerless Couple were showing their concern for one another.

Immediately after, they saw Mr. Shen whisper something in Jiaojiao’s ear. Then, they saw Jiaojiao’s ears quickly turn red, and she looked as if she heard something so shocking that her mind was blown.

[Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Shen, what did you say to Jiaojiao? Why do you have to whisper?]

[As an old driver[1] with many years of experience, I can tell that he must have talked dirty.]

[Jiaojiao is so innocent. Her ears actually turned red.]

[I’m dying to know what he said to her. I’m going crazy~]

[I bet a bag of spicy sticks that he definitely told my goddess to be his midnight snack.]

[I bet my position as a teacher in charge, Driver Shen must have driven the car already[2].]

The commenters were very lively. There were obviously many old drivers hidden amongst the audience.

Then, the camera switched back to the dining hall, only to find that all three couples were still eating. Hence, they quickly switched the scene back to the Peerless Couple.

This episode was like a special episode dedicated to the Peerless Couple. Most of the shots were about them. Of course, apart from the other couples, everyone was happy to see this.

The venue in front of the audience’s eyes had changed. It was no longer in the hall but in the bedroom.

The Peerless Couple had changed out of their western court outfits, and they were sitting on the sofa while casually drinking wine.

The audience listened for a while. The conversation and their attitude in front of the camera showed that they belonged to the group of people who didn’t care much about whether there was a camera present.

Everyone was still wondering whether other celebrities’ attitude in front of the camera belonged to the ‘they don’t care’ category, or the ‘fake it with acting skills’ category. Then, the atmosphere suddenly changed, and the Peerless Couple entered the torture mode again.

As they chatted, Driver Shen suddenly confessed without a warning. ‘Driver Shen’ was the nickname given to Shen Zhining by the netizens.

He said, "You are my sunshine. I wish to see you and feel your warmth every day."

OMG! Only Driver Shen could say such corny words with a deadpan expression.

The audience felt that they couldn’t take it anymore. They now had a new impression of Big Boss Shen.

1. Old drivers as an internet slang generally refer to people with rich experience and resources.

2. Another slang, which is a subtle way to say that they must have rolled in the sheets already.

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