Chapter 307 - Every Dog Has Its Day

The first round ended.

All the selected pictures were flipped over and on the back of each photo, the correct team name was written.

When Liu Qian saw that ‘Team Super Tall’ was written behind the picture chosen by Sheng Jiaoyang, she exclaimed, "Oh wow! Jiaojiao, you actually guessed it correctly!"

"I thought Jiaojiao was being overconfident earlier when she said that her boyfriend's hands were the most beautiful," Yang Zichu also commented.

Yao Yao pouted.

Liu Qian heaved a long sigh and deliberately said, "This is called ‘being favoured by the Heavens’! Alas, when one is good-looking, even their hands are beautiful!"

Sheng Jiaoyang only smiled at them.

Soon after, the second round started.

This time, both the men and women had to write the words ‘I love you’ on paper, and then find the paper written by their partner.

That was to say, they had to recognise their partner’s handwriting.

If the last round’s difficulty was four stars, then the difficulty in this round could be considered five stars.

It was very difficult to recognize one’s handwriting from merely three words.

Fortunately, it was a little bit easier since they only had to choose from four people’s handwriting.

To make it easier for their partner to find their handwriting, Liu Qian added her personal touch to the three words she wrote by dragging out the last word ‘you’ into a heart shape that encircled the three words.

"Liu Qian, you are so ingenious!" Yao Yao had an inconceivable expression on her face when she saw the heart.

Liu Qian raised her chin in a complacent manner.

"No, I need to add something too." Yao Yao hurriedly added another mark to her words.

Sheng Jiaoyang just wrote the three words without adding anything. Her handwriting was rather special, it had a specific aesthetic that other people couldn’t imitate. Shen Zhining would definitely recognise it at a glance.

Both teams laughed when they saw the other sides’ handwriting. Some were normal written words, and some were more creative like Liu Qian’s.

This time, the director didn’t announce the result immediately. The girls chose the piece they thought belonged to their significant other and followed the director into the next room. Inside the room, the men were also holding onto a piece of paper each.

Both sides then revealed the paper in their hands simultaneously.

When Liu Qian saw that the paper she’d written with love was in Deng Renlong's hand, she immediately snapped at Peng Jiang, "Old Peng, what’s wrong with you? Can't you see the big heart I have drawn for you?"

Peng Jiang gloomily stared at the paper in Liu Qian's hand and replied, "You didn't choose mine either!"

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled when she saw the paper in Shen Zhining's hand. Sure enough, he’d picked the right one.

Shen Zhining also smiled when he saw the paper in her hand.

"This round, both Team Super Tall and Team Gemini get two points, while Team Bewitching and Team Bickering get zero points."

After the director announced the results of this round, he asked the four couples about the reason behind their choice.

"My husband is usually outwardly conservative but inwardly passionate. I thought that he would be on the same wavelength as me, but I didn't expect him to be so upright this time," Liu Qian answered.

"What do you mean by I'm usually outwardly conservative but inwardly passionate? I can't be any more upright of a person." Peng Jiang’s mouth twitched.

The director shifted his gaze towards Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining, who were enjoying the bustling scene from the sidelines, and asked, "You two were the fastest and the least hesitant when you made your choice. How were you so sure?"

Shen Zhining looked at Sheng Jiaoyang and answered, "Her handwriting is special, just like her."

Sheng Jiaoyang returned Shen Zhining’s gaze and added, "You’re the only person who’s able to imitate my handwriting."

The sudden PDA attack overwhelmed everyone present.

The director coughed before turning to question the other two couples.

When everyone was done speaking, the director said, "In the first round, Team Super Tall scored two points, Gemini and Bewitching got one point, and Team Bickering got zero points. As a result, the first place belongs to the Team Super Tall, Team Gemini is ranked second while Team Bewitching ranked third. In this game, Team Bickering comes in last."

"Ah? Director, this can’t be. We are only playing two rounds?" Liu Qian asked.

"The rankings are out already, so we won’t continue," the director replied.

"Today, Team Super Tall successfully counterattacked," Man Zi sighed with sorrow.

"The saying, ‘life has its ups and downs’, is a perfect description of our present situation," Peng Jiang sighed.

Yang Zichu smiled, "Liu Qian, you said that the Team Super Tall would be at the bottom again today, but they have unexpectedly turned the tables."

Liu Qian heaved a deep sigh, "That’s why one shouldn’t talk too much. Otherwise, they could be slapped in the face at any time."

Everyone then moved to the dining hall.

Liu Qian glanced at the two people sitting in the first-place seats and remarked, "Your tacit understanding of each other is off the charts today. You guys must have done something PG-18 last night."

Sheng Jiaoyang almost choked on her own saliva. Liu Qian is really daring with her words. She swept a glance at Shen Zhining before saying, "Liu Qian, you’re overthinking."

"Liu Qian, you and Peng Jiang have done PG-18 things for so many years, but you still didn’t score any points," Yao Yao teased.

"That’s right, you two are married for so long, and yet you didn’t get any points," Man Zi followed along.

Liu Qian and Peng Jiang exchanged glances and saw the grudging look hidden in the depths of each other's eyes.

"Why didn’t you recognize my lips?"

"Why didn’t you recognize my hand?"

The two questioned at the same time before turning their head away simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the director clapped his hands and asked someone to bring breakfast in.

Just like yesterday, the dishes for the second and third place were revealed first. The third-place couple was served fried egg, toasted bread, and milk. The second-place couple was served fried egg, ham sausage, toasted bread, and milk.

There wasn’t that much of a difference between the breakfast served for the second place and the third place. Based on this pattern, everyone speculated that the fourth place would be served either toasted bread and milk or a fried egg and milk.

The first-place couple’s breakfast was served first. The content of the breakfast was revealed when the lid on the tray was lifted.

It was fried egg, ham sausage, toasted bread, milk, and hamburger.

"Having toasted bread with milk ain’t bad." Liu Qian commented.

The breakfast for the last team was also served, but what came into sight when the lid was lifted wasn’t toasted bread and milk, but a small croissant.

Liu Qian and Peng Jiang were speechless.

The others were also dazed for a moment before they burst out laughing.

"Say, Director, what do you guys have with croissants?" Liu Qian rolled her eyes and complained.

Peng Jiang stared at the little croissant in front of him and sighed, "Every dog has its day, and it’s our turn this time."

How much they gloated last night was how miserable they felt at this moment.

Sheng Jiaoyang picked up the plate with the hamburger on her tray and leaned over to pick up the hamburger plate on Shen Zhining's tray. She then walked over to Liu Qian and Peng Jiang’s side and placed the plates in front of them.

"Jiaojiao, you don’t need to sympathize with us," Liu Qian said.

Sheng Jiaoyang also brought the glass of milk from Shen Zhining's tray and placed it between Liu Qian and Peng Jiang. "It’s not that I’m sympathizing with you. Shen Zhining simply doesn't like milk or hamburgers, and I also don't like hamburgers."

"Really? You haven't even asked him." Liu Qian cast a suspicious look at Sheng Jiaoyang.

"If you don't believe me, you can ask him." Sheng Jiaoyang walked back to her seat and ate her breakfast in a graceful manner.

Shen Zhining immediately followed along and said, "I don't like either of those."

Liu Qian and Peng Jiang were relieved.

"Honey, you can have the milk." Peng Jiang pushed the milk over to Liu Qian’s side.

Yao Yao stared at the breakfast on her tray before shifting her gaze to the breakfast in front of Liu Qian and inadvertently sighed, "Who is ranked last now?"

With a hamburger added to their trays, Liu Qian and Peng Jiang’s breakfast was upgraded to a whole new level, making Yao Yao and Deng Renlong’s breakfast look like a meal meant for the last place instead.

"They don’t like to eat these hamburgers, so we can’t let them go to waste. Old Peng and I are doing good deeds by eating them on their behalf," Liu Qian triumphantly said.

While staring at Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining, Yang Zichu sighed, "You two resemble an old married couple more than Liu Qian and Peng Jiang. You know each other too well!"

"They are childhood sweethearts and they may have known each other for much longer than Old Peng and I. That’s nothing strange," Liu Qian added.

"…You have a point," Yang Zichu acknowledged.

After breakfast, the director said, "Team Super Tall’s journey with us ends today."

"Ah? So soon?" Liu Qian was shocked.

"Is there anything you want to say to them?" the director asked.

"You’ve only been with us for such a short time, I really don't want you guys to leave," Yang Zichu spoke first.

"Why not stay a little longer?" Yao Yao added.

Liu Qian was more straightforward, "Well, they still have their own plans. We just ran into each other by chance, and they only joined the program because of that. Xu Jiaojiao, let's meet up when we get the chance!"

Peng Jiang smiled and said, "To tell you the truth, I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that they are leaving."

"Why?" the director asked curiously.

"With Brother Shen here, none of us three men seems to have a sense of presence," Peng Jiang explained.

"You know yourself well." Liu Qian shot a glance at Peng Jiang.

Everyone laughed heartily at this remark.

Sheng Jiaoyang lowered the window after getting in the car and said to those seeing them off, "Thank you everyone! See you again."

"Byebye~" Everyone waved.

Three cars then slowly drove out of sight.

"Look at how flashy they are when they come out to have fun. They have so many bodyguards to escort them," Liu Qian sighed.

"That goes without saying. Don’t you know how rich they are? How would they dare to come out without any bodyguards?" Peng Jiang retorted.

Man Zi then said, "I looked up Mr. Shen last night, and saw that his assets are over 100 billion dollars."

Yao Yao stared at the direction the cars left in and enviously said, "Jiaojiao is so lucky."

"From what I found online, it is said that Jiaojiao grew up in a very ordinary single-parent family. How did she become the childhood sweetheart of a wealthy man like Mr. Shen? And there is also a huge age gap," Yang Zichu remarked.

Deng Renlong then said, "That’s something only they would know. But based on their tacit understanding and how familiar they are with each other, it’s likely they’ve known each other for many years."

"Alright, everyone! We're departing to the next destination, so pack up and get ready," the director announced.

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