Chapter 305 - Clear Difference

“For this round, only Team Super Tall didn’t have matching answers.”

Everyone was stunned. They all turned their heads slowly to look at Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining.

“No way! Jiaojiao, how come you guys have different answers for such an easy question?” Liu Qian asked in astonishment.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at the words on Shen Zhining’s answer board: At home, in November.

November? Last November, they were still a fake couple. How could they possibly kiss each other? And they even did it at home? Which home?!

She looked again at her own answer: In December, at a hotel. She remembered that their first kiss was last December.

“Could you have mistaken?” Sheng Jiaoyang was full of bewilderment as she looked at Shen Zhining.

“I remember correctly, you were just drunk that time.”

Sheng Jiaoyang opened her mouth unknowingly. She rarely got drunk, so as soon as he mentioned it, she remembered the exact instance he was talking about.

But that time… she didn’t remember the kiss at all, so does it count?

“Wah~” Liu Qian let out an exaggerated gasp of shock.

All the unmarried women present unconsciously let out expressions of envy and admiration. For such a perfect man to sneakily kiss her while she was drunk, how romantic?!

They could think like that because they didn’t know that it was Sheng Jiaoyang who splayed herself on top of him and forcefully kissed Shen Zhining, rather than Shen Zhining sneakily kissing her after she got drunk.

“Fifth question. This question is directed to the men, but everyone must answer. What has your girlfriend done before that caused you to feel moved?” the director announced.

The questions just got harder and harder.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Shen Zhining and tried to figure out what answer he was planning to write down by making eye contact. However, she obviously failed, and Shen Zhining had already lowered his head to start writing. She found it even harder to see anything.

She could only try to think back on all the things she could have done that were moving to Shen Zhining. Thinking back on it, it seemed like she hadn’t really done anything to make him feel moved. When the director declared that time was up, she had written the words ‘I don’t know’ down.

Then, they revealed their answers. Sheng Jiaoyang saw that Shen Zhining had filled his entire board with words, that was how much he had written.

She saw that he wrote: When I was in the darkest point of my life, she accompanied me. When I was being bullied, she stood in front of me. When she said ‘If you don’t leave, I won’t leave’.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt her spirit shake. He actually wrote down so many things!

When the others saw that Shen Zhining’s answer was full of words, they were also stunned. In the eyes of outsiders, Shen Zhining should be a cold man with few words. They felt like he should be the kind of person who stood on an altar above the masses.

After seeing the emotional words he had written, they immediately had this feeling: We were wrong. So he was actually not walking the road of a cold and ruthless tyrant. He was actually walking the road of an emotional scholarly youth.

“Jiaojiao, but your answer isn’t right! He wrote about three separate matters. You have to at least match one answer up. How could you write down ‘I don’t know’?!” Liu Qian said.

With so many people staring at her, especially the person sitting across her, Sheng Jiaoyang felt a crushing pressure that was as heavy as a mountain. She felt like she had to explain herself, especially to the person sitting across her.

She thought for a moment on how to go about this and then said, “The reason why I wrote, I don’t know, was because I didn’t feel like I had done anything special.”

The director asked Shen Zhining, “Mr. Shen, could you explain things with more details please?”

Shen Zhining looked at Sheng Jiaoyang, and then at the curious gazes behind him, before he said, “In the past, there was a period of time where I really closed myself up. She always kept me company, no matter how much I tried to push her away. When others bullied and picked on me, it was also her who stood in front of me…”

“Mr. Shen actually had a time when he was bullied?!” Yao Yao questioned him with a doubtful tone.

“Yes. When I was young,” Shen Zhining replied calmly.

“Haha! This pair of childhood sweethearts is really interesting!” Liu Qian was laughing in a fit of excitement.

“Now, we can unveil the rankings. In first place, we have Team Bickering! In second place, we have Team Bewitching, and Team Gemini comes in third. Finally, in last place we have Team Super Tall. Dinner has already been prepared for everyone, so let’s set out now.”

Everyone left the parachuting site and got on the bus.

When the bus started moving, three black cars followed behind the bus. They seemed to be full of people.

The driver of the bus was greatly alarmed, and he called the program team over and informed them. The director walked towards where the four couples were seated.

The director stopped beside Shen Zhining, and just when he was about to speak, Shen Zhining cut him off by signalling for him to remain hush. He looked next to him, and saw that Jiaojiao was currently asleep, her head leaning on Shen Zhining’s shoulder. Thus, he bent his waist and asked in a quiet voice, “Mr. Shen, are the cars following us yours?”

“Yes.” Shen Zhining honestly replied.

The director could set his heart down at ease, and he went and informed the driver.

The bus finally stopped in front of a castle.

Sheng Jiaoyang was woken up, but she was still a little dazed, and Shen Zhining led her off the bus and into the castle.

The director brought them into the magnificent and grand castle hall. Then, he turned around to face everyone and said, “I will bring everyone to their own rooms. Please change into your evening clothes and then come group up here again. Then, I’ll bring everyone to dinner.”

Even though Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining were only guests that joined half way down the road, the program team’s efficiency was very high. They had already prepared a room and clothes for the couple.

When they entered the room, they immediately noticed the clothes laying on the bed. It was two sets of formal wear. The male outfit was a fine western suit, while the female outfit was a gown fit for a princess.

Sheng Jiaoyang was rather tall, but the dress fit her very well. Shen Zhining didn’t even need to be mentioned. While his body would look slim in a suit, he was actually very muscular. On top of that, his face also contained some of the mysteriousness of Westerners. After putting on the suit, he looked like someone straight out of a western fairy tale.

After changing their outfits, the four couples were asked by the program team to hold hands and walk down the white stairs in pairs.

Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining were put at the very end intentionally.

The three couples walked all the way down the stairs, to the center of the hall, where they stood waiting for the last couple.

Truly, the last couple had a far greater ability to light up the eyes of others compared to the three other couples. Their outfits weren’t more beautiful than the other outfits, but this couple was far more dazzling than the other couples, and this probably had to do with the aura they exuded.

There was no one who could compare to the confidence in their stride.

“Darn it, with these two here, we all look like we come from the countryside. Do you think the director is purposely trying to hide us like this? They let us walk together with these world class supermodels!” Liu Qian purposely fumed.

“Honey, we were originally from the countryside,” Peng Jiang replied.

“Eh… you’re right. I feel like we should suggest to the program team to move the activities to the mountains. No one can compare to us when it comes to creating a vintage, natural feeling.”

“Then, let’s change our team name to ‘Team Village Flower and Village Tyrant’.”

Team Bickering had clearly gone further and further on this silly road.

When Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining walked off the stairs, Yao Yao praised them, “You guys feel like the true owners of this place.”

Yang Zichu spoke even more incredulously, “I feel like the owners of this place don’t even have as much of a noble air as you two.”

At this time, the director clapped his hands. After attracting everyone’s attention, he called for everyone to go to the dining hall together.

This dining hall had a dining table that was long enough to fit twenty people. When the four couples sat down, they didn’t feel cramped in the slightest. The men and women sat on separate sides, facing each other..

The director called people over to serve dinner, like he was a housekeeper.

It was already mentioned earlier that the rankings of the Couples’ Q&A game would determine how good their dinner was.

The program team was really good at organising this kind of event. They first sent out the food for the two teams in the middle of the rankings. The second place team received steak and italian pasta, and the third place team got vegetable salad sandwiches. After them, the first place team’s dinner, a grand full course french meal, was brought out.

After seeing the different dishes, there was a clear and great divide between the dinners of the different couples. From this, one can clearly infer that the last place team would have a vastly inferior dinner compared to the dishes of the other three teams.

The last place team’s dinner was finally brought out.

Two dishes were brought out, but they were all covered up by opaque covers. They couldn’t tell what was on the plates.


They took off the covers.

The dining hall went silent for a good two seconds before roaring laughter filled the dining hall.

“Hahahahahahahahaha… you two! That sucks for y’all! Hahaha…” Liu Qian couldn’t help but laugh

Sheng Jiaoyang saw that her plate only had one croissant, and when she looked over at Shen Zhining’s plate and saw that he had the same thing, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Director, aren’t you guys a little too harsh? Haha! But I like it!” Peng Jiang was enjoying watching them suffer.

The richest and most noble people had to eat the most humble dinner. This kind of reversal was really satisfying to watch.

“Jiaojiao, do you want me to share some of mine?” Liu Qian smiled as she asked.

“It’s alright, you guys take your time and enjoy your food. I feel like these croissants are actually really good,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied.

Peng Jiang stretched his neck forward to look at the especially cute and small croissant on the plate in front of Shen Zhining. Then, he looked at the rich and generous dinner in front of him before he looked at Shen Zhining with a smile and said, “Bro, you’re a big man and you definitely won’t be full from eating that. Come over and eat some of mine too.”

Shen Zhining raised his head to look at Sheng Jiaoyang before he said, “I also feel like these croissants are very good.”

Whereas others were taking large bites of their dinner, Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining were slowly nibbling on their croissants. Their plates were so clean that they couldn’t get any cleaner.

This scene was truly extremely funny.

What originally was a croissant that could be eaten in one or two bites became the most extraordinarily savoury food when these two ate them. They ate them little by little. Yet, no matter how slowly they ate, they still only just had this little croissant. It wasn’t even enough to fill in the gaps between their teeth! So, they very quickly finished it all.

“You guys enjoy your food, we’ll go take a walk.” Sheng Jiaoyang stood up.

“Do you guys really not want any?” Liu Qian asked in a muffled tone.

“Nah, you guys take your time.” Sheng Jiaoyang then left the dining hall with Shen Zhining.

To be honest, they had never gotten this kind of treatment before. This was the first time.

They walked back into the grand and magnificent hall again, and Shen Zhining saw that there was a gramophone in the corner of the hall. He then suggested to Sheng Jiaoyang, “Let’s dance.”

“What?” Sheng Jiaoyang was stunned. Shen Zhining walked over to the antique gramophone that looked more like an ornament. After messing around with it for a while, music pleasing to the ears started coming from the machine.

Shen Zhining then walked over to her and stretched out his hand in a very gentlemanly manner.

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