Chapter 301 - Film Review

After watching ‘Frost at Dawn’, everybody left the theatre with a heavy mood. Those who were more sensitive even had tears in their eyes.

On that day, all kinds of critiques were released. They were mostly positive, and some had even written down long reviews.

Movie Lover Mr. Panda: Please read below.

When I first saw ‘Frost at Dawn’, I intuitively knew it would be an artistic film. And yet, I saw that the director was Cen Jin, a renowned director of commercial films… I won’t even talk about the male lead, Movie Emperor Gu. You can already tell my opinion of him just by how I address him. I’m confident about all the movies he’s in. However, when I found out that the female lead, Xu Jiaojiao, had only acted in a youth idol drama (somebody said she also had a role in Director Steve’s film abroad. Hehe, making a cameo for less than 30 seconds counts?), I was doubtful. Could such a new actress really act out such a complex role like Chen Xi? I wasn’t confident anymore.

A lot of movies have debuted lately, both domestically and internationally. With so many choices, why would I watch ‘Frost at Dawn’? Apart from being curious as to whether this was actually an artistic film or not, l was also interested in Xu Jiaojiao’s acting. I wanted to see what kind of spark she could create with Movie Emperor Gu as her partner. I had seen an advertisement they filmed together, and the two really fit each other well. Hence, I was especially eager for their next collaboration. However, at the beginning of the movie, I was still skeptical of Xu Jiaojiao’s acting.

The movie starts with the clear and calm voice of a young girl. “Even if I could start my life all over again, I would still choose to come here and be a volunteer teacher.”

The scene then transitions into a neverending landscape of mountains. At this point, I had an inkling that the film was an artistic film. Just as expected, our fresh and beautiful female lead appeared. She arduously carried her suitcase up the rugged mountain path. Her obvious struggles made me want to enter the movie to help her.

The female lead is Chen Xi, a young girl from the big city that came to teach literature. She came to the mountains as part of a program to educate impoverished children, and soon she ran into the male lead, Zhang Pojun, while in the midst of tailing somebody. Zhang Pojun is a criminal policeman who was on vacation. The two met like Mars crashing into Earth.

The female lead originally thought that the male lead was somebody evil. On one hand, she was afraid the male lead wanted to silence her or had some other evil intent, while on the other hand, whenever she tried to beg others for help, the male lead would always see through her. The two obviously weren’t trying to make the audience laugh, but watching them really made it hard not to.

After the female lead ascertains the male lead’s identity, she decides to take a risk and help the male lead gather evidence for a case. With this, the movie’s mood turned suspenseful. Even I, an old man, was led along nervously, worried that they would be discovered by the child traffickers. Just as I was about to see them get the evidence and arrest the villains… ha! Something completely unexpected happened.

Unfortunately, when our female lead’s perfect boyfriend from the city comes for a visit, he notices our male lead. As soon as he opens his mouth, he reveals Zhang Pojun’s secret identity. Great job, now everything’s exposed! Aiya, if it was somebody else, I would probably scold this pig teammate to death, but that tall, rich, and handsome boyfriend was really too handsome. It even made this old man doubt his own sexual orientation! I couldn’t bear to find any fault with him. (Out of topic, but I know the producer is Movie Emperor Gu, but by inviting such a handsome second male lead, isn’t he worried that the audience might sway sides? The second male lead’s name wasn’t even in the credits. I really want to know who that actor is, I’m going to be his fan!)

After the suspenseful chase, escape and arrest scenes, the dust began to settle and the villain was finally brought to justice. Our tall, rich, and handsome boyfriend also now proposed to the female lead. Such a handsome man kneeling down and proposing—even I would have to accept! Sure enough, the female lead dazedly accepted the ring and then they nearly took their intimacy to the next level.

Oh, wait. Although I’m also enjoying the female lead and her boyfriend’s unworldly attractiveness, I just remembered the male lead was still waiting beside Daming Lake. Female lead, hurry and wake up!

The female lead really did wake up as she pushed her boyfriend aside, turning the boyfriend into her ex before flying away on her own. Finally, while travelling on the road, she saw the male lead right across the street. Aiyo, even through the TV screen, I could feel her mood soar with happiness. Sure enough, a bond between two people facing danger together, shoulder to shoulder, really was different.

Alright, we’ve arrived at a perfect ending. As for what happens next… wait for this old man’s butthurt ass to get over it first.

My god, just as the emotion in the female lead’s eyes settled down, the male lead was sent flying after being hit by a car, right in front of her eyes… I had just been guessing who would confess first between the male and female lead when my heart was shattered just like that. I didn't even recall the female lead’s expression at the time. I was so worried and anxious, I was even about to cry…

Finally, the female lead returns back to where she had first started teaching, returning to where she and the male lead had first met. Watching the smiles on the children’s faces as they accepted her gifts and thinking back to the male lead’s smile before he died… a bittersweet emotion overtook my heart.

After watching the entire movie, I had many emotional thoughts, and I loathed those child traffickers. The movie never directly showed what happened to the victims of child trafficking, because it didn’t have to show what everybody already knew. The film showed how many people were sacrificed on the road to apprehending a band of criminals. Hence, I want to call on everybody to unite against child trafficking.

I really have to say, the acting skills of the two leads were amazing from beginning to end. Xu Jiaojiao’s acting was really astonishing, and Movie Emperor Gu’s was impeccable. He was always the star of the camera. This is absolutely my favourite movie of the year, and I recommend everybody to watch it if they have time.

Hehe, let’s stop my unworthy spoilers now.

There were quite a few long reviews like Movie Lover Mr. Panda’s. Some people read the reviews first and then went to watch ‘Frost at Dawn’. Of course, the ones who went straight to the cinema to watch were always fans. The next group were people like Movie Lover Mr. Panda who saw the male lead Gu Zhou as a guarantee of the film’s quality and were curious about the female lead, Xu Jiaojiao. Finally, the third group were naturally those who heard good reviews about it, which prompted them to watch it.

At the same time, the TV drama ‘Empress’, which was another collaboration between the male and female leads, was also getting popular. For those who followed the drama 'Empress' and watched the movie 'Frost at Dawn', they all wanted to change the main couple after following the later episodes of 'Empress'. The fans all felt like the Emperor and Imperial Wu should end up together instead. Many of their fans believed that the Emperor and Imperial Consort Wu would be the best pairing.

It seemed obvious that Imperial Consort Wu, a flamboyant, overbearing, and annoying character, would definitely be the lead female antagonist, and the character the audience hated most. Xu Jiaojiao’s Imperial Consort Wu really was flamboyant and overbearing, and she was very hateful when she oppressed the female lead. And yet, everybody seemed to like her.

If you needed a reason, it could only be said that it was because this role was played by Jiaojiao.

And our Jiaojiao, after finishing the film premiere, disappeared.

Of course, before that, she didn’t forget to call Li Yu to fire that manager Yu Hong.

Li Yu was dazed for a moment before asking, “Why do you suddenly want to fire somebody?”

“She’s unpleasant to the eye, and she exploited me as a headstart for one of her artists. How can I tolerate somebody like that under me? She has to leave. I don’t want people like that in my company,” Sheng Jiaoyang directly explained.

“There’s people like this everywhere…” Li Yu tried to change her mind.

“They can be everywhere except here. She can use anybody else as a head start, but it can’t be me.” Sheng Jiaoyang’s words were especially bold.

Obviously, Li Yu couldn’t say anymore and he could only agree.

Meanwhile, Yu Hong and her artist, Li Xinyan, were criticizing something on their phones. They were criticizing the newly popular drama, ‘Empress’. As for their target, they were naturally criticizing the hell out of the girl who they walked all over, but didn’t walk over enough—Xu Jiaojiao.

“She’s a villain, but everyone wants her to be the female lead. Do they think her acting is good? I can’t see it.”

“Xu Jiaojiao was originally just a poor girl from a single-parent family. I really don’t know how she managed to seduce so many men and got them to help her, one after another.”

“People are saying that if Xu Jiaojiao acted out the sequel of ‘Redeeming my IGD Boyfriend’, it’ll definitely be good. Are they blind? No matter if it was me, Xu Jiaojiao, or some other actor, the plot would all be the same. How would it be better? Saying I can’t act? Ha! It’s just because the sequel’s plot isn’t as good.”

“Why is President Li giving so many good resources to Xu Jiaojiao? Are they in some sort of relationship?”

Hearing Li Xinyan’s ridicule, Yu Hong spoke, “I heard the company’s planning to make a large-scale xianxia drama production next year. At that time, I’ll definitely get you a good role in it. You’ll definitely look better than Xu Jiaojiao in an ancient costume.”

Li Xinyan’s face turned happy when she heard Yu Hong’s words.

Suddenly, Yu Hong’s phone rang. She picked up and made a few sounds of acknowledgement before hurriedly speaking, “Alright, we’ll be there immediately.”

Yu Hong wasn’t aware she was about to get fired and had assumed President Li called her over to the company to give her resources.

Hence, Yu Hong hurriedly tidied up and went to the company.

Li Yu was sitting behind the office desk, his eyes filled with sympathy as he watched Yu Hong walk in. He didn’t hate people like Yu Hong. After all, people like her who played foul for money were everywhere. There was nothing he could do even if he didn’t like them. However, Yu Hong was also pretty stupid. She could have offended anyone, but why did she have to offend the big boss? Nobody could save you if you were seeking death like this.

“President Li, you were looking for me?” Yu Hong couldn’t conceal her joy.

Li Yu took out a file and gave it to his secretary while gesturing with his eyes.

The secretary walked over and gave it to Yu Hong.

Yu Hong thought it was a script and excitedly opened it, only to realise it was a termination of employment document. She was shocked, and asked in disbelief, “Why are you firing me?”

“Because you offended somebody you shouldn’t have offended,” Li Yu replied slowly.

“Somebody I shouldn’t have offended? Who? I haven’t offended anyone!” Yu Hong was unresigned.

Li Yu rapped the table and said, “When you do something, you should remember the consequences. Just sign it, take your money, and leave.”

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