Chapter 299 - Explanation

Without another word, she was kissed.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh, but she already made up her mind to make him taste the feeling of heartbreak, so she kept resisting.

Shen Zhining was afraid and flustered. He kissed her urgently, as he wanted to let her feel his sincerity.

Right now, he was really regretting his decision. If he had known that Prince Wight would give him such a vile surprise behind his back, he wouldn’t have agreed to help him test Daisy, no matter what.

However, there were no ifs in this world.

“Let go of me.” Sheng Jiaoyang moved her face away.

“Jiaojiao, you have to believe me. I was really only helping Wright test Daisy.”

Sheng Jiaoyang lowered her eyes and looked away from him while remaining silent.

“Do you really think I would spend tens of millions just to get a random woman?” Shen Zhining frowned.

“What about me? Now that you already got me, are you tired of me?” Sheng Jiayoang raised her eyes to look at Shen Zhining.

“As long as you want it, I can transfer all the assets under my name to you.”

“You think I care about your money? I’m no longer the person who barely got by and needed to put down my signature just for you to transfer me a million dollars.”

Shen Zhining thought back to those days when she was right in front of his face but he had failed to recognize her. He took a deep breath.

“Did you know how much pain my heart was in when I heard you ask another woman to be with you? Can you understand the emotional pain I felt?”

“During the time you were filming the intimate scene with Lin Yu, I felt the same pain when you asked me to leave,” Shen Zhining replied in a low voice.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt her heart go soft. Looking at it from another angle, if the one acting was Shen Zhining, and he had to film a scene where he needed to kiss another woman, and if he asked her to leave during the filming, the level of pain she would feel would certainly be no less than the pain she had just experienced when he asked Daisy to choose him.

Actually, this incident could all be blamed on Prince Wight.

Sheng Jiaoyang opened her mouth but was suddenly at a loss for words. She had only wanted to punish Shen Zhining a little, but now she actually didn’t know how to finish it.

“Don’t you dislike meddling in others’ business? Why would you help Prince Wright?” Sheng Jiaoyang gave in and asked.

Shen Zhining saw that her tone was finally softening, and began to rejoice. Hastily, he explained, “Wright chased after Daisy for three years and yet, Daisy only agreed to be together with him now. He was worried Daisy only chose him because of the debt, so he asked me to help.”

“He knew Daisy liked you, and you are also wealthy, so he wanted to know who Daisy would pick between him and her former crush, who also has enough money to help her settle her family’s debt.” Sheng Jiaoyang helped him finish his words.

Shen Zhining nodded.

“Then, who did Daisy pick?”

“Didn’t you already hear her decision?”

“Prince Wight was talking to me so I didn’t hear the entire conversation. Let’s see if you dare to find another woman with me around.”

Wight! Shen Zhining secretly reminded himself to get back at Prince Wight.

He went straight to the point, “That’ll never happen, so don’t ever leave me.”

Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t help but laugh, “At that time, I was just saying that I believed you would absolutely not do something like that.”

Shen Zhining was shocked for a moment before he leaned in towards her. “So just now, you were acting?”

“Don’t blame me. If you need to blame somebody, go blame Prince Wight.”

Sheng Jiaoyang pushed him away. She was about to slip away when she was caught, pushed up against a wall, and fiercely kissed.

“Little liar!” He bit her ear and whispered hoarsely.

Sheng Jiaoyang gasped and then explained, “At that time, I almost misunderstood, but I really didn’t believe that you would betray me like that. At the start, I thought you and Prince Wight were playing a prank on me and I asked Prince Wight but he said it wasn’t a prank. If I didn’t have enough trust in you, I would’ve just left at that point.”

Shen Zhining made another mental note to take revenge against Prince Wight. He would just remember Prince Wight’s transgressions for now, then slowly get even with him later on.

At the same time, his heart was filled with sweetness when he heard Sheng Jiaoyang’s statement.

“Zhining,” Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly turned serious, “In this world, apart from Grandfather and Mei Niu, you’re the one I trust the most. In the future, if you realise you don’t love me anymore, or if you fall for somebody else, you have to tell me so we can break up peacefully.”

“The words ‘break up’ will never be said between us. Either we live together, or we die together.” These words were squeezed out between Shen Zhining’s clenched teeth.

Sheng Jiaoyang became relaxed. Through his extreme words, she knew he was the Shen Zhining she knew and loved.

Because of what happened, neither of them wanted to stay around, and hence they decided to leave. They were the only pair who dared to leave without saying farewell to anyone.

Later, Prince Wight personally called Shen Zhining to apologise but hadn’t even spoken for two sentences before Shen Zhining hung up on him. When he called again, the call didn’t connect. Shen Zhining had already turned off his phone and went to ‘run amok’ together with Sheng Jiaoyang.

The next day, Sheng Jiaoyang flew back to China.

Moments after they left the hotel, Prince Wight rushed over and found out that they had already left for the airport. He hastily chased after them and blocked them at the airport hall.

“I’m truly sorry about yesterday,” Prince Wight immediately apologised.

Shen Zhining had a strange smile on his face as he asked, “What did His Highness do wrong?”

Wight heard Shen Zhining call him ‘His Highness’ and knew he was in trouble. He turned to Sheng Jiaoyang, “Miss Xu, the incident happened yesterday because I just wanted to make sure my good friend didn’t love the wrong person, please don’t take it to heart.”

“Aiya, he’s a good friend of yours, and yet you didn’t get his approval before doing it?” Sheng Jiaoyang faintly sneered.

Shen Zhining also looked at Prince Wight coldly.

The surrounding people already recognized Prince Wight, and many of them were taking pictures and whispering.

“Can we find somewhere to sit down and chat?” Prince Wight clearly already took note of the fans surrounding them.

“I certainly don’t have time to chat with His Highness, I still have a flight to catch,” Sheng Jiaoyang said.

As for Shen Zhining, he naturally listened to whatever Sheng Jiaoyang said. He accompanied her to the check-in area before watching her and her bodyguards go through the security checks.

“I thought you two were leaving together.” Prince Wight looked at Shen Zhining.

Shen Zhining only glanced at Prince Wight before walking away.

Prince Wight’s face still held a bright smile as he followed Shen Zhining. “I thought you two would leave together.”

“I still haven’t settled my debt with you, how could I leave just yet?” Shen Zhining’s tone sounded very eerie.

“Don’t be like that, Brother. I’ve always had you in mind, so I wanted to help you test your girlfriend,” Prince Wight smiled.

“Then I really have to thank you,” Shen Zhining said through clenched teeth.

Prince Wight hastily took back his smile, not wanting to further anger Shen Zhining. Otherwise, it would be terrible if he needed to borrow money in the future.

“Miss Xu really is an amazing girl. Not only is she very pretty, she’s also extremely clever, and she saw through to lies in an instant. Of course, it was all because of her trust in you. It’s really inconceivable how she actually believed you would never betray her.” Prince Wight praised her with all his ability.

Shen Zhining’s mood softened.

Prince Wight secretly smiled as he continued, “I have never seen you so intimate with any girl before, so I really wanted to see what kind of girl could hook in our unapproachable Boss Shen.”

“Huh, it looks like I have set my interest rate too low, which is allowing you to be so idle,” Shen Zhining snorted coldly and said.

Nowadays, Prince Wight was extremely happy because of the proposal, and he didn’t mind Shen Zhining’s attitude. He smiled widely as he said, “Originally, I thought you rejected Daisy because of me, but it turns out it was actually because you liked women like Miss Xu.”

Shen Zhining glanced at Prince Wight, and he asked with a casual tone, “Do you think Daisy is a jewel that everybody would like?”

“She’s the jewel of my heart. Brother, after saying my apologies, I also need to thank you. You helped me and Daisy get together. If you two are still unmarried by the time Daisy and I get married, I’ll definitely invite you and Miss Xu to be our wedding witnesses,” Prince Wight said.

Shen Zhining declined to comment and just asked, “Are you sure your parents would allow you to be with Daisy?”

“Of course, wouldn’t they want me to be happy?”

Shen Zhining suddenly stopped and looked at Prince Wight. “Since you treasure your Daisy so much, do you know she was bullied three days ago?”

“What?” Prince Wight was startled. Daisy didn’t tell him anything, so how could he have known? Also, how did Shen Zhining know about this?

Seeing Prince Wight’s shocked expression, Shen Zhining’s voice was calm, “Jiaojiao was also there that day because she was helping Daisy. Later, Jiaojiao was trapped in the parking lot because someone wanted to enact revenge.”

“Who bullied Daisy and wanted to take revenge on Miss Xu?” This time, Prince Wight was the one who was clenching his teeth.

Shen Zhining’s eyes flashed darkly. “You should ask Daisy. That way, you can show her some care.”

“You’re right, I’ll ask her when I get back. Was Miss Xu alright?”

“You should be glad she brought bodyguards, or the fault would be on Daisy.”

“Why did Miss Xu leave so hastily? Is there something urgent?” To show his attitude, Prince Wight asked with concern.

“One of her movies is about to debut, so she has to go back to attend a movie premiere banquet.”

“Wow~ so Miss Xu’s actually a movie star. I’ll definitely watch some of her movies later.” Prince Wight was surprised. He finally understood how Miss Xu could change faces so quickly yesterday. So, she’s actually an actress. He couldn’t help but be curious about her movies.

Shen Zhining smiled.

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