Chapter 291 - Beaten Up

Both Felicia and Fendi left in a huff.

Of course, each of them paid for a full outfit for Daisy before leaving.

“Jiaojiao, how did they offend you? From what I heard earlier, they mentioned something about medicine. Did they try to drug you before?” Lina asked.

“Yes. They went overboard, and yet I only forced them to spend some money. How can I be so kind!” Sheng Jiaoyang spoke in a narcissistic tone.

Lina smiled wordlessly. Those two clearly didn’t just spend some money. They were also almost infuriated to death.

Daisy looked at Sheng Jiaoyang with a face full of complex emotions. “I’ll repay you for these two outfits in the future.”

“Why? I’m not the one who footed the bill for you.” Sheng Jiaoyang raised her eyebrows slightly.

Daisy was in deep thoughts for a while before she said, “Either way, I’ll remember this favour.”

Sheng Jiaoyang took Lina’s arm, and was ready to leave, but she got called back by Daisy.

“That day, I didn’t know of their actions beforehand. Originally, I wanted to… I’m sorry!” Daisy lowered her head.

“I knew you weren’t part of that incident. Otherwise, you think I would’ve helped you today?”

Daisy looked up at Sheng Jiaoyang. Since her family had been going through tough times, she had seen both the ugly and the beautiful side of humans. Those whom she treated as good sisters were now shunning her like she was a scorpion, afraid that she would approach them for money. Now, she realised that she did not have any true friends at all. Unexpectedly, her past love rival helped her when she needed it most.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Daisy too, her heart overwhelmed with emotions. Back then, Daisy was such an arrogant person. She probably would not admit her own mistakes even if she knew she had made them, not to mention apologising to others.

“Is your family’s situation that bad?”

Daisy’s face darkened, and she nodded silently.

“Then you…” Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes briefly glanced at the two bags in Daisy’s hands.

Daisy saw her look, and traced them to the bags in her hands before she spoke in a low tone, “I need them.”

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her brows, but didn’t question any further. After all, they originally weren’t friends. She just couldn’t ignore the two ladies’ bad attitude that she chanced upon. Moreover, compared to Daisy, she disliked the other two even more.

Sheng Jiaoyang was still quite traumatized over the last event. If not for Shen Zhining’s presence, she couldn’t imagine what might have happened. Now, she was considering whether she should reject all private party invitations. As the saying goes, once bitten twice shy.

After taking a final look at Daisy, Sheng Jiaoyang and Lina left.

“Daisy was originally the daughter from an affluent family, but now that she’s in such a situation, she could still come out to shop. Furthermore, what’s the use of just two outfits? She doesn’t have any money now, why does she need to wear such nice clothes?” Lina was quite curious.

“Maybe she needed them for an important occasion. Whatever, she’s in no way related to me. I don’t care anyway,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied indifferently.

Lina turned to look at her, “Why did you help her then? She’s got the advantage with your help, but you’ve gotten all the hate. Those two must hate you to the core now.”

Sheng Jiaoyang grinned, “Let them hate me. But I hope the number of people hating me won't increase too much, I can’t keep up anymore.”

Lina was about to continue, but she spotted something. Surprised, she pointed in a direction. “Jiaojiao, look. Isn’t that Rita?”

Sheng Jiaoyang directed her gaze in the direction Lina pointed at. Indeed, that back view was very similar to Rita’s. There weren’t any escort bodyguards with her. Instead, a tall and scrawny man stood beside her. Both of his hands were full with shopping bags of various brands, causing onlookers to cast gazes of sympathy from behind him.

“Let’s go and have a look.” Sheng Jiaoyang was quite curious as to where Rita got such a thin bodyguard from.

They walked closer, and before they could call out to her, they heard the tall and scrawny man ask in English, “Rita, are you tired? Do you want to rest?”

Right, this person is definitely Rita.

“I’m fine. Eh, this shop looks decent.” Rita did not read between the man’s lines, and she excitedly walked into a nearby shoe store.

“Rita,” Lina called out.

Rita turned around, and saw Lina and Sheng Jiaoyang. Her eyes brightened up, and she wanted to give them both a hug, but she was stopped by both their hands.

Sheng Jiaoyang asked tactfully, “Why did you only bring one guy out?”

Rita did not bother to question why they had stopped her, but instead turned to the man and said, “Sweetheart, come here. These are my best friends.”

Sweetheart? So he’s not a bodyguard!

Sheng Jiaoyang and Lina’s eyes met, and they both found it funny.

“Rita, aren’t you going to introduce him?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked.

Rita had wanted to lock her arms with that man’s arm, but there was no place for her to do that as her sweetheart’s arms were both filled with her shopping bags.

“This is Paul, my love.” Rita smiled sweetly.

Sheng Jiaoyang could feel goosebumps on her skin as she nodded in Paul’s direction. “Hello Paul, I'm Xu Jiaojiao. You can call me Jiao.”

Lina gave a self-introduction as well.

Paul replied to Lina, “I’m Paul. I attended your wedding in May.”

“Wow! So both of you met on my wedding day?” Lina was surprised.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt amazed as well; it seemed that making Rita as Lina’s bridesmaid was an excellent choice. She even found her love at the wedding.

“Yes, I got to know Paul at your wedding. He’s wonderful, and he is also an excellent designer.” Rita’s words were filled with adoration and worship for her lover.

“From his accent, is Paul from England?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked.

Paul looked at Sheng Jiaoyang, his eyes full of admiration as he nodded in confirmation.

Lina looked at Paul's hands, which were full of shopping bags, and kindly reminded Rita, “Rita, it's uncomfortable for Paul to be carrying so many shopping bags. Why don't you put them back in the car, and we can find a place to drink and have a chat?”

“Alcohol?” Rita's eyes shone brightly, ”Sure! Let's go!”

Paul heaved a sigh of relief and gave Lina a grateful glance.

“Is there somewhere quiet? A place that’s not too crowded,” Sheng Jiaoyang asked.

“Why not head to my workshop? It's nearby, just a 15 minutes drive from here,” Paul replied.

“Would it be convenient?”

“I have a wine cellar there. The one thing I do not lack is alcohol.”

Thus, the group headed to the basement car park to get the car.

They had just stepped out of the lift when they spotted four youths hiding in the shadows. If one hadn't taken a closer look, they might have gotten a scare.

“Beep beep beep.” Suddenly the car’s alarm sounded thrice.

All four of them stood up suddenly and started surrounding Sheng Jiaoyang and her group.

Paul was quite the gentleman. He was behind the ladies initially, but upon sensing the situation, he had wanted to step up in front of them. However, he was stopped by Rita.

The seemingly weak Rita rushed to step up in front, blocking both Sheng Jiaoyang and Lina.

“There are two additional people,” one of the four suspicious youths muttered.

“Whatever, just catch all of them.”

Having heard their conversation, Sheng Jiaoyang had an ominous feeling. She whipped out her mobile phone, ready to call for her bodyguards. As she had planned to shop with Lina, she left the bodyguards in her car. Now, it seemed like she had to bring them along wherever she goes.

“Rita, where are your men?”

“I let them take the day off,” Rita replied.

Rita had also gone all out just to have a date. She even let her bodyguards go on leave just to prevent them from being the third wheels.

As the four suspicious men were about to close in on them, Paul swiftly put the shopping bags down and pulled Rita behind him.

The moment he pulled Rita back, the closest man sent a punch flying over, hitting him onto the ground.

“Kid, you don't have the capabilities to save a damsel in distress,” the young man spat and replied arrogantly.

Rita looked at Paul, whose mouth was bleeding from the punch. Her hands clenched tightly into fists, anger evident in her expression. Before the young man could strike a pose, she had struck him in the stomach, making him grimace and bend like a shrimp.

When the other three saw that, all of them came after Rita.

Sheng Jiaoyang quickly called her bodyguards over, but before she could end the call, all the young men had fallen onto the ground, whining.


And Rita?

She was standing beside the young man who had struck Paul, kicking him with her foot, and cursing as she did so. "Kid, are you blind? How dare you strike my man, I’ll make sure you’ll never be a man ever again! You four scums dare to come after me, you’re not even qualified to…”

“Rita.” Sheng Jiaoyang pulled Rita back in a hurry, seeing that those young men were panting heavily. The men were so scared that they didn’t dare to even make a sound.

Rita broke out of her rage-induced trance after being stopped by Sheng Jiaoyang, and she hurried back to Paul’s side, only to see an astonished Paul looking right back at her. Rita was stunned, as memories of the times when her past three exes broke up with her flashed past her mind.

“Sweetheart…” You wouldn’t break up with me too, right? Rita felt very uneasy.

Paul showed Rita a thumbs up, and he complimented, “Rita, you were awesome!”

Rita’s face was quickly filled with happiness, and she rushed to Paul’s side to look tenderly at his bruised mouth.

At that moment, Sheng Jiaoyang’s bodyguards had arrived.

“There was a car which had beeped thrice before these men appeared. This means that the mastermind is in that car, and he must have known one of us here. Search the area quickly, to see which car is occupied,” Sheng Jiaoyang instructed her bodyguards.

As the three slightly injured men got up and fled, Rita wanted to chase after them but got pulled back by Sheng Jiaoyang once more.

“There’s one more.” Sheng Jiaoyang signalled to the man who was still curled up on the ground.

Rita spotted the man on the ground. After recalling that he had struck down her sweetheart, she immediately sent another kick to him.

That unlucky man who had finally caught his breath let out another shriek. He had nearly passed out from that kick.

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