Chapter 284 - Reviewing the Drama

The scene displayed on the computer screen showed the male lead holding a bouquet of flowers in front of the female lead while saying, "Do me the honor, let’s have dinner together."

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her hand and pinched the space between her eyebrows. She’d watched fifteen episodes in a row. Although she was determined to continue watching, her eyes couldn’t stand it any longer.

Although this was her second time starring as the female lead, the situation was different from the previous time. It was her own investment this time, thus she was naturally more concerned about the post-production editing quality.

At present, the post-production edits had achieved the desired results. The actors' acting skills were on point, the rhythm was compact and the ups and downs in the plot were also very consistent. The overall attractiveness index of the actors was quite high, they were attractive and appealing enough for the audience to fangirl on.

Sure enough, she’d made the right choice. Ye Fan was born to act as Ouyang Yi, his acting was very natural and the character fitted him perfectly. At least, her efforts didn’t go to waste. After all, she went out of her way and invited Ye Fan over at a high fee.

Ye Fan accepted her offer because he was in the stage of developing himself in other fields. He wanted an opportunity to enter the acting industry, but he didn't want to act in an insignificant supporting role. Sheng Jiaoyang went to find him and the two of them hit it off very quickly. The script was great and the remuneration was also acceptable, so he accepted her offer.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t go to find Gu Zhou because, on the one hand, his appearance was unsuited for Ouyang Yi's character and, on the other hand, it was the remuneration. Besides, Gu Zhou’s schedule was already fully booked. In the past, Gu Zhou was able to help with advertising because it didn’t take much of his time, and she compensated him by taking on the role of the female lead in his movie, and in a sense offset the remuneration.

Ye Fan, however, was different. Apart from releasing albums, holding concerts and participating in variety shows, he had nothing else planned with plenty of free time on hand. With his good looks, his agency would naturally be open to any development opportunities in other fields.

Sheng Jiaoyang took into account his good looks and his popularity when considering the male lead candidate. Coupled with their friendly relations, she decided to personally contact him.

Now that the final version of the drama was ready, it was sent to her for review. If she found that there were no issues after watching all the episodes, she would send it for approval. After pulling some connections, she would be able to shorten the time of the approval process. The drama could then be aired before December if everything went well.

Gu Zhou's film ‘Frost at Dawn’ had entered the publicity period. As the female lead, Sheng Jiaoyang had the obligation to follow the crew to do publicity for the film. Additionally, the drama ‘Empress’ she’d starred in as the second female lead had started its promotion activities too, so she had to participate as well.

She was busy flying around to participate in variety shows and doing promotional tours.

She only got two days of rest, which was extremely short. She used these two days to review ‘Double-Faced Lovers’.

In order to ensure it was finished in time for the year-end major film and television award ceremonies, the entire crew and cast worked overtime during the shooting process and the post-production. As such, they managed to finish the post-production work by September.

There was a dress rehearsal planned for the Mid-Autumn evening party the day after tomorrow. Sheng Jiaoyang arrived early at the hotel arranged by the program team and took advantage of the free time to lock herself up in her hotel room to watch the drama.

Zeng Huan came in with two bags of food.

"Jiaojiao, have a rest and have something to eat."

"I still have 20 episodes to watch." Sheng Jiaoyang stood up and stretched.

"Which episode are you on?" Zeng Huan curiously asked.

"The episode where Ouyang Yi thought that Zhou Yilin had a split personality. He was unwilling to part with Zhong Lin, so he decided to try and accept Zhou Yilin. He then took the initiative to invite Zhou Yilin to dinner."

Zeng Huan was watching the drama with her earlier, but when it was almost dinnertime, she went out to buy takeout.

"I think Ye Fan brought the role of Ouyang Yi to life. It doesn’t seem like this is his first time acting at all," Zeng Huan said with a smile.

"His own character is similar to Ouyang Yi’s. If he were given another role, he might not necessarily achieve the same outcome."

"Are you going to Ye Fan's concert in October?" Zeng Huan asked as she took out the food and placed them on the table.

"It will depend on the situation."

Zeng Huan cast an inquisitive look at Sheng Jiaoyang. "Jiaojiao, what do you mean by ‘depending on the situation'?"

"If ‘Double-Faced Lovers’ is approved before then, I will certainly attend the concert and take advantage of this opportunity to promote the drama."

"But Ye Fan's girl fans are too extreme. You will definitely be besieged by them. When the time comes, a lot of them will leave bad comments under your Weibo." Zeng Huan was very worried about this.

"There are always a few diehard fans, but I have a boyfriend. A rational person won’t fire on me."

Speaking of her boyfriend, Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly remembered that she hadn’t seen Shen Zhining for a long time. Lately, she was either filming or had other promotional activities, and Shen Zhining was also very busy. He seemed to be planning something big to get rid of a certain someone.

As for who it was, Shen Zhining simply mentioned that it was one of the guys Sheng Jiaoyang had encountered the last time they went skiing at the Alps. Back then, she paid a female staff member at the bathing area to secretly tail and take photos of the two suspicious guys and sent those photos to Shen Zhining.

After she’s done with all the promotional work, she'll go find him. Sheng Jiaoyang decided.

After dinner, Sheng Jiaoyang took a shower. She then leaned comfortably against the bedhead and continued to watch the drama with Zeng Huan. It was a different experience when watching it alone than watching it with someone else. They could discuss the details if they watched it together.

Sheng Jiaoyang clicked on the next episode.

At the beginning, there was a short preview of the last episode, where Ouyang Yi held a bouquet of flowers and said to Zhou Yilin, "Do me the honor, let’s have dinner together."

Zhou Yilin looked at him with a complicated look in her eyes. After a moment, she accepted the bouquet of roses.

"Jiaojiao, your expression is very on point. If it hadn't been for you leading him to inhabit in his role, Ye Fan wouldn’t have acted so well." Zeng Huan noticed this and sighed.

During the shooting process, she was watching from the sidelines all the time. At first, Ye Fan always laughed and NG’ed, but later he was sorted out by Jiaojiao and became much more serious.

Sheng Jiaoyang just smiled silently and didn’t speak.

The scene on the computer screen had already changed. Ouyang Yi and Zhou Yilin were sitting face to face in a western restaurant.

When the waiter brought the menu, Ouyang Yi immediately ordered the dishes Zhong Lin liked to eat. But Ouyang Yi suddenly stopped the waiter when the latter was about to write it down. He looked at Zhou Yilin and awkwardly asked, "What do you like to eat?"

Zhou Yilin swept a glance at him before saying to the waiter, "Just serve the ones he’d ordered earlier, thank you."

The waiter stared at the two with a look of surprise, he then wrote down everything and tactfully retreated.

"You…" Ouyang Yi wanted to say something but hesitated.

"You want to ask me why I also like those dishes, right? As I said before, we are the same person. Everything that Zhong Lin likes, I like them too."

Zhou Yilin paused for a moment before adding with a serious expression, "Including you."

Ouyang Yi was stunned.

He suddenly recalled the scene at the hospital. Back then, when he asked her what she exactly wanted, she replied without hesitation, "I want you."

At that time, he thought that Zhou Yilin and Zhong Lin were two different people, so he was very angry and felt that Zhou Yilin was trying to seduce her own sister’s boyfriend. He even said some terrible things to Zhou Yilin when she said that she liked him.

He said, "I have never met anyone as sickening as you."

On the computer screen, the flashback scenes were interlaced with the present scenes, and Ouyang Yi’s current expression also provided a sharp contrast.

"Jiaojiao, I don’t know why, but this scene made me tear up. I feel particularly sad when I think of Zhou Yilin’s words: ‘See? No one likes Zhou Yilin'," Zeng Huan said in a choked voice.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned to look at the engrossed Zeng Huan. As expected, it was the right choice to watch this together with Zeng Huan, because she didn’t feel anything while watching the drama. Mainly, it was because she has acted as Zhou Yilin herself and she was looking at her own face, so she couldn’t get engrossed in it at all.

When acting, it was different. She could set herself in the right state and get into character.

When watching, however, she would still feel somewhat embarrassed watching herself on screen no matter how well she acted.

Unlike many TV dramas that often had 60 or 70 episodes, this drama only had 35 episodes. However, the plot had several twists and turns.

From the male lead and female lead’s first encounter to them meeting again, a series of events made the male lead think that the female lead’s two different personalities with different living standards were two different people. Then when the female lead confessed her feelings, the male lead mistakenly thought that she had a split personality. As a result, a string of events happened and the male lead fell in love with the female lead’s strong-willed personality he initially disliked. Afterwards, he learned the truth and another series of events happened.

Ultimately, there was a happy ending.

Although the plot sounded a bit boring, watching the content didn’t make one feel bored at all. Seeing Zheng Huan laugh occasionally and cry at times, she could discern that the drama was well-received.

In order to make himself accept the Zhou Yilin he disliked, Ouyang Yi decided to date Zhou Yilin. Every day, he would pick Zhou Yilin up after work with a bouquet of flowers. In Zhou Yilin's eyes, she felt that Ouyang Yi already started to accept this side of hers.

However, things suddenly changed.

A week later, Ouyang Yi couldn't help himself and asked Zhou Yilin, "Can you let Zhong Lin come out to see me?"

Zhou Yilin froze on the spot.

Seeing her expression, Ouyang Yi misunderstood. He frowned and added, "You don’t want Zhong Lin to come out?"

"I already told you that we are the same person. Why would you still think that I have hidden her?"

Zhou Yilin took a few steps back and looked at Ouyang Yi with an extremely disappointed look. "If Zhong Lin never appears again, will you hate me?"

She got the paternity test results a few days ago. An Xiaotian wasn’t the biological daughter of her adoptive parents. In fact, this wasn’t the case, Tang Feng changed the paternity test report she’d asked for. At that time, Zhou Yilin packed An Xiaotian's hair in a waterproof bag and put it in an envelope. Tang Feng coincidentally went to her office to look for her when she walked away and saw the envelope on her office desk. He opened it out of curiosity and saw a hair in a waterproof bag.

But Zhou Yilin wasn’t aware that Tang Feng had intervened in this matter, she only knew that An Xiaotian wasn’t the person she was looking for, which meant that she had to continue living as Zhou Yilin.

So, when Ouyang Yi asked her about ‘Zhong Lin’, she lost control of her emotions then and there.

"I…" Ouyang Yi wanted to answer yes, but he couldn't say it when he saw Zhou Yilin’s expression.

If Zhong Lin never appears again, will he hate Zhou Yilin? He also didn’t know, but after getting along with her in the past week, he’s certain that he no longer disliked her.

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