Chapter 274 - The Real Deal and the Phoney

Out of the four groups, Sheng Jiaoyang could basically confirm the identity of two. One must have been sent by Shen Zhining and the other by her grandfather. However, she wasn't so sure about the other two.

But even if she knew the identity of the two groups, she wouldn't reveal it either. She chatted a few moments with Zeng Daren and hung up the call.

Being reminded of Young Master Zeng's swollen and bruised face, Sheng Jiaoyang found it hilarious. No wonder he is acting all docile now, he was terrified by the beating.

She then filmed another scene in the afternoon and that was basically knock-off time for her.

It happened that a few main cast members of ‘Redeeming my IGD Boyfriend’ were filming in the area and hence they arranged to have a meal.

It had been a few months since they last met. Even since the Lunar New Year, Sheng Jiaoyang's schedule was packed with filming and didn't take on any variety show appearances. Hence, this could be considered the cast's first gathering of the year.

"Eh? Jiaojiao, you didn't bring Prince Charming Gu?" Song Yan asked when she saw Sheng Jiaoyang.

As they were all initially new to the industry and under the same company, they hung out a little more casually.

"He has other night scenes to film."

"Come, let's sit down and talk," said Zhang Yue.

Ever since ‘Redeeming my IGD Boyfriend’ became popular, the few main cast members started to be recognised and hence got better resources. Now, they were all playing characters with a substantial amount of screen time in their respective dramas. And of course, for Zhang Yue, he already had some popularity before and had now advanced the ranks to become one of the popular young actors.

"It seems like it's been a long while since Prince Charming Gu appeared in a drama. He has been taking on movie roles for the past few years. I am totally looking forward to it. I was so starstruck by him when I saw the drama stills!"

"Yes yes, his overpowering aura. He is Prince Charming indeed!"

"Hey hey, both of you, that's enough. Please take note that there are other men here, alright?" Zhang Yue said deliberately.

"That's right, that's right," the two who acted as Zhang Yue's roommates previously concurred.

Everyone laughed. It was as though they had instantly travelled back in time to when they were shooting the drama together; the atmosphere became pretty lively.

"Wait, I realised a secret," Wang Shiyi, who acted as the comic relief and one of the leading actress' roommate in ‘Redeeming my IGD Boyfriend’, suddenly lifted a finger and wriggled it, attracting everyone's attention.

She was seated next to Sheng Jiaoyang and due to the great ties in the show, they were also close friends in private. She directly reached out for Sheng Jiaoyang's hand, lifted it up and said with a beaming smile, "You guys didn't even realise such a huge secret? Indeed, my eyesight is still the best after all."

Everyone's attention was focused on Sheng Jiaoyang's hand. They hadn't noticed it earlier, but now that they did, they were dazzled by the shiny diamond ring on her hand.


"What is this? When did my goddess get taken away by another man?"

"Oh man, I felt like I have missed what happened for a whole century."

Zhang Yue froze for a split second when he saw the ring, but soon after joined in the teasing and said, "This is such a huge thing, why wasn't there any news of it?"

"I didn't get married, it's not considered a huge thing," Sheng Jiaoyang laughed in spite of herself.

"You are already engaged, doesn't marriage naturally come after? That person is such a sly fox. Goddess, do you want to reconsider? You are still so young and have just entered this vast forest, and yet now you have already decided on the tree with the tree hole that you want to live in for the rest of your life. What if it is the wrong hole for you?"

The one who made such a comical remark was Cheng Feng, who was seated next to Zhang Yue. In the drama, he acted as per his original self, the comical sidekick slash roommate of the leading actor. Together with Wang Shiyi, they were known as the comical duo.

"Great, Cheng Feng, how daring of you to say such things, Jiaojiao, don't invite him to your wedding," Wang Shiyi teased.

"I said what if. What if! But for him to have caught the goddess' heart, he must be a large and sturdy tree."

The group polished off the table of dishes amidst their banter.

"Let's go, we shall go to the bar!"

Everyone stood up and headed out with much chatter and laughter; it was a lively atmosphere. As the group exited the private room and was walking along the corridor to head outside, one of the private room's doors was opened and a person walked out.

"Lin Yu?" Sheng Jiaoyang called out in surprise.

Lin Yu followed the familiar voice and saw Sheng Jiaoyang. He was surprised at first, and then seemed to be reminded of something. He looked behind him and hurriedly closed the door before he smiled and greeted Sheng Jiaoyang, "Jiaojiao."

"What are you doing here?" Sheng Jiaoyang asked as she glanced at the door behind him.

Lin Yu's expression was slightly unnatural. He took a glance at the group beside Sheng Jiaoyang and said, "Just meeting a friend. Did you guys just finish eating?"

"Yeah, we are about to go out for some recreation."

"Enjoy yourselves then," Lin Yu said gently.

Sheng Jiaoyang nodded and went on her way with Zhang Yue and the rest. She only took a few steps before she heard a familiar voice from behind her, "Lin Yu, who are you talking to?"

Sheng Jiaoyang stopped to turn around and look. Suddenly, her eyes twitched and she asked with a blank expression, "Are you Sheng Shiyun?"

The person standing behind Lin Yu had long hair with wavy curls and distinctive features, her appearance was a dazzle.


That was the face Sheng Jiaoyang used to see when she looked into the mirror everyday.

No, this person could only be considered around eighty percent similar. There was still a significant difference in both of their dispositions.

Lin Yu was secretly worried as he looked at Sheng Jiaoyang and called out softly, "Jiaojiao."

Sheng Jiaoyang turned and walked back. Stopping before Lin Yu, she stared at the person behind the latter and questioned with a half-smile, "Lin Yu, this is the friend you said you were meeting?"

Lin Yu appeared to be in a dilemma.

"Who are you to Lin Yu? He can meet me as and when he wishes, how does that concern you?"

Sheng Jiaoyang scrutinized the person before her from head to toe and chuckled, "Sheng Shiyun, I never thought there would be a day that you would undergo the knife to change your appearance to the person whom you hate the most."

"Jiaojiao, Shiyun, she just, just…" Lin Yu himself didn't know how to defend Sheng Shiyun.

Sheng Shiyun lifted her hands, hooked it around Lin Yu arms and said, "Lin Yu, you don't have to explain to outsiders. It's my freedom to change my looks according to my wishes."

Sheng Jiaoyang raised an eyebrow. Sheng Shiyun has sure made much progress. She turned to look at Lin Yu and said teasingly, "Lin Yu, did your heart turn soft when you see that face? You are not using her as a substitute, are you?"

A crack appeared in Lin Yu's expression as he lifted a hand to firmly push Sheng Shiyun away and said to Sheng Jiaoyang, "Jiaojiao, no one can replace…" You.

"Lin Yu?" Sheng Shiyun looked at Lin Yu with a sorrowful expression.

Lin Yu was dazed for a moment when he saw Sheng Shiyun's face.

When Sheng Shiyun saw Lin Yu in a daze, she was secretly elated. So what if my face is that of the person I hate the most. As long as I can achieve my goals, I will do whatever it takes!

Suddenly, a hand reached out to cup Sheng Shiyun's chin. And the hand's owner was, of course, Sheng Jiaoyang.

"If you are trying to imitate someone, then make sure you look the part and don't put on such an expression, how disgusting," said Sheng Jiaoyang in disdain and shot a glance at Lin Yu before she turned and caught up with the rest and left the place.

Sheng Shiyun clenched her fists tightly. She found that there was someone in the world whom she hated even more than Sheng Jiaoyang— Xu Jiaojiao! Xu Jiaojiao is the one who caused my mother and I to be thrown out of the house. Someday, I will take vengeance.

Meanwhile, Lin Yu watched on in a trance as Sheng Jiaoyang disappeared into the distance.

Entering the bar, the group of friends sat down in a three-sided booth.

"Jiaojiao, just now I heard you mentioned 'undergo the knife'. That beautiful woman is a plastic beauty?" Wang Shiyi asked out of curiosity.

Sheng Jiaoyang's lips curled up as she sneered, "Ha, blindly imitating others just to make a fool out of herself."

"Imitating others? Do you mean she modelled her looks after someone else's?" Song Yan asked in surprise.

"Woah, she looks so pretty even though she is just copying another person's looks. Then isn't the person whom she is trying to imitate even prettier?"

"Jiaojiao, do you know the real deal? Is she also someone in our industry?"

"Cheng Feng, stop making me laugh. What do you mean by the real deal, is there a phoney deal then?!"

Cheng Feng pursed his lips and said, "Isn't that woman just now the phoney deal? That beauty is pretty, yes, but her disposition is lacky. What a pity, and to think she is actually a plastic beauty."

"Hey, Cheng Feng, your words sound so harsh to the ears. What's wrong with doing plastic surgery? I had my nose done too, do you have something to say about it?" Wang Shiyi counterattacked.

"Right, I cut my double eyelids too!" Song Yan chirped in.

"I am wronged! I was talking about that woman just now and not you girls," Cheng Feng said helplessly.

"No, you must drink in punishment."

"Fine fine, I'll drink then, I'll drink three shots as punishment," Cheng Feng downed three shots readily and forgot the question he asked prior. He then shouted for everyone to join in the drinking games.

After having their fill of fun, each person called their respective assistants and headed back to their own hotel.

Sheng Jiaoyang was also a little drunk. If Zeng Huan wasn't holding onto her, she would be walking an S-shaped path.

"Jiaojiao, hold on, I will open the door immediately." Zeng Huan held onto Sheng Jiaoyang with one hand and used her other hand to search for the room card key in her bag but couldn't find it for a long time.

Zeng Huan was so anxious that sweat was pouring from her forehead. She immediately helped Sheng Jiaoyang to lean against the wall and search through her bag with both hands.

"What are you doing? Why are you still not opening the door!" Sheng Jiaoyang started to wobble.

"Jiaojiao, don't move. I'll find the room card right away."

Zeng Huan heaved a sigh of relief when she finally found the room card key in one of the inner pockets and was about to open the door when she heard door knocking sounds. She turned to see the drunk Jiaojiao had already leaned against the door of the room beside hers and knocked it.

"Jiaojiao, that's the wrong room. This is our room. You are knocking the door of my Prince Charming, he most probably isn't…" Before Zeng Huan could say "back yet," the door was opened and the figure leaning against the room fell straight in.

"Jiaojiao—" Zeng Huan cried out.

Just as Jiaojiao was about to fall on her face, she was caught by Gu Zhou, who was dressed in pyjamas.

"Is she drunk?" Gu Zhou lowered his head to look at the person in his arms.

"Thank you, Prince Charming Gu, Jiaojiao had a gathering with her friends and got a little too excited and drank too much." Zeng Huan immediately went up to help Sheng Jiaoyang but apparently didn't have enough strength.

"It's okay, you get the door, I will help her into the room." Gu Zhou took out his room card key. Holding the confused little drunkard in his arms, he followed Zeng Huan into the room beside his.

Diagonally across them, a hand holding onto a mobile phone retracted into the room.

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