Chapter 270 - Wedding Procession

This tea was no normal tea.

George lifted the cup; he could even see the green powdery substance at the bottom of the cup. Apparently, it was a specially concocted wasabi tea.

This was the moment where the groomsmen would have to do their part. Taking a sip from the cup, everyone ended up with a bitter expression.

The bridesmaids burst out in laughter.

After another two rounds of pranks, the bridesmaids finally relented and showed them the way to the bedroom.

Lina sat up straight in the middle of the massive bed with her dress tail spread out to cover the whole bed. Rose petals were scattered all over the white chiffon dress train and looked extremely beautiful.

After a momentary astonishment, George walked over to pick up Lina's hand, placed a light kiss on the back of her hand and lovingly murmured, "Dear, you are finally mine."

Lina's lips curved into a smile and replied, "I was already yours long ago."

George took Lina's hand in his and said, "Let's go."

"Wait, my glass slippers."

George then realised that there weren't any shoes beside the bed.

The groomsmen fanned out to help find the glass slippers. A groomsman who was combing the living room for it suddenly shouted, "The shoes are in the swimming pool."

The whole cohort rushed out to see that the two glass slippers were indeed thrown into the pool, on the side that was against the window. Such a far distance meant that there was no other way to retrieve them other than going into the pool.

The groom, George, certainly couldn't get wet so this heavy responsibility fell on the shoulder of the groomsmen. They all looked at each other in speechless despair before a tall and lanky groomsman stepped forward, removed his blazer and jumped into the pool.

"Awesome!" the rest cheered. They watched the groomsman's lithe stature as the latter went into the pool to retrieve the glass slippers; the bridesmaids' eyes shone brightly as well, apparent that they too, thought highly of him.

Receiving the glass slippers, George patted the drenched groomsman and said, "You're a great brother, thank you." He then hurried back to the bedroom with the glass slippers and helped Lina put them on before he carried Lina up in his arms and headed out.

But, a person blocked him at the bedroom's door.

"It's you?" George recognised who it was.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled and said, "The last stage, George, you must promise me that from today on, you will love and care for Lina forever and never abandon her."

Lina had her arms hooked around George's neck and felt touch as she looked at Sheng Jiaoyang. She then looked at George with an expectant gaze. Though she knew his answer, she wanted to hear him say it personally.

"I promise!" George answered affirmatively. Only then did Sheng Jiaoyang step aside.

The party left the hotel noisily for the cathedral where the wedding was held.

When Sheng Jiaoyang alighted at the cathedral, she didn't see Shen Zhining at the entrance of the cathedral, where they had promised to meet. She didn't enter the cathedral immediately and took out her phone to call Shen Zhining.

"Zhining, are you not here yet?" she asked.

"I was delayed by some matters in the morning. I've alighted the plane and am rushing over."

"Oh, okay, then just come into the cathedral straight after you have arrived. I will wait for you inside. But don't be too late, or everyone would have all gone to another place after the ceremony ended."


Sheng Jiaoyang then put away her phone and turned. She was about to head up the stairs when she halted.

A handsome man in a silver-grey suit stood on the third step of the stairs; it was Lin Yan.

"Long time no see," Lin Yan said softly.

"Didn't we just see each other last month?"

Lin Yan watched her and replied only after a few moments, "Every day feels like torture when you’re not around."

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't know how to react. Her hastened heartbeats in the past had turned into awkwardness now. She didn't know expect to get over him so soon. In less than a year, her thoughts and emotions were no longer affected by Lin Yan.

"The ceremony is about to start, I shall head in first." Sheng Jiaoyang lifted the hem of her dress to walk up the stairs and brushed past Lin Yan.

When Sheng Jiaoyang walked past Lin Yan, she heard his bitter laughter and her heart trembled slightly. However, she didn't stop and proceeded her way into the cathedral.

When the wedding ceremony began, Sheng Jiaoyang was shocked to realise that from Lina's side, only Lin Yan came. So Lina made her entrance with her arm hooked on Lin Yan's.

"Woah, so that handsome man is Lina's elder brother?"

"I'm going to get to know him after the ceremony is over!"

"Lina has such a handsome brother and actually didn't introduce him to me, how mean!"

The chatter of the bridesmaid came from the side.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled with relief. Her heart wasn't the least bit wavered when she heard such remarks now. Rather, she thought that it would be great if Lin Yan could meet someone whom he could spend the rest of his life with. After all, she had once loved him so much and really hoped for him to be happy as well.

As Sheng Jiaoyang watched George take Lina's hand from Lin Yan's and both George and Lina walked towards the priest, made their vows and exchanged their wedding bands, a smile slowly formed on Sheng Jiaoyang's face. How awesome. Mei Niu is finally together with her beloved George.

The ceremony ended. The relatives and guests stood up and prepared themselves to head towards the place where the wedding banquet would be held.

Two of the bridesmaids approached Lin Yan immediately.

Sheng Jiaoyang took a glance at Lin Yan's direction before she turned and walked out. Upon reaching the entrance, a stretched-out hand grabbed onto her arm and pulled her in its direction. She then landed into a warm embrace.

Just as Sheng Jiaoyang almost thought she was kidnapped, she smelt the familiar scent on the other party. Instantly, her heart was at ease. She lifted her arms to hook them around the person's waist and cooed, "That gave me a scare. Zhining, you really turned wicked and have now started to launch some surprise attacks."

"Don't you find it surprising?" Shen Zhining raised a hand to pinch Sheng Jiaoyang's cheek but realised that she seemed to have lost weight.

"You are late! What surprises are you talking about!" Sheng Jiaoyang glared at him.

"Don't worry," He leaned close to her ear, "If it was our wedding, I will definitely not be late."

Sheng Jiaoyang could only feel her ears burning up and she pinched his waist, "It's still way early to talk about that."

"But if you dare to be late for my wedding, then you are definitely not the groom," she lifted her chin and declared haughtily.

Shen Zhining's two large hands reached for her cheeks and pinched it, instantly destroying her haughty expression.

"Don't pinch my cheeks, I am no longer a kid!"

Shen Zhining then rubbed her cheeks instead, squishing them together to make a cute pout and declared, "Only I can be your groom!"

"Fine, it's you, it's you," Sheng Jiaoyang hurriedly compromised.

When Lin Yan exited the cathedral, he was met with the couple's public display of affection. His gaze darkened and couldn't even hear clearly what were the two bridesmaids beside him saying.

"Jiao, time to go!" A bridesmaid followed Lin Yan's gaze and saw Sheng Jiaoyang. They had gotten to know each other at the party last night.

Hearing the bridesmaid's call, Sheng Jiaoyang turned her head. When she saw the three, her smile faded slightly before she smiled again and replied, "Okay, right away."

"Jiao, your boyfriend is very handsome!" another bridesmaid complimented.

"Thank you," Sheng Jiaoyang met Lin Yan's gaze and averted her gaze the next moment.

Shen Zhining met Lin Yan's gaze as he hugged Sheng Jiaoyang in a possessive manner and praised, "Young Master Lin is surely popular around women."

Lin Yan's face went at least three shades darker. To him, it felt like Shen Zhining was taunting him. He could only blame it on the wrong timing. If only I had recognised Sheng Jiaoyang the first time we met after she was reborn, if only I had recognised her when she was drunk that time, if only I had swiftly settled all the troublesome matter as soon as possible, I would never have ever let this fellow avail himself of the opportunity to sweep her off the feet.

The two bridesmaids didn't know of the entanglements between the three and only urged Lin Yan to leave.

Lin Yan took in a deep breath and with a gentle voice, said to Sheng Jiaoyang, "Jiaojiao, we shall leave first. I'll see you at the banquet."

Sheng Jiaoyang watched on as they walked towards the limousine but before she could see them board it, the hand on her waist pulled her in tightly as her chin was cupped and her face forcefully turned to be met with a pair of warm lips.

"Ummm…" What is this?

Lin Yan, who had just boarded the limousine, couldn't help but look through the half wind-up car window but was met with such a sight. Unconsciously, he tightened his grip on the car handle.

"Woah! Mina, look! They are making out!" A bridesmaid sitting in the backseat nearest to the cathedral grabbed the hand of another bridesmaid and exclaimed.

"Jiao's boyfriend is so handsome and seemed to have traces of Germanic blood in him. With such a handsome boyfriend, no wonder Jiao didn't interact much with the other men last night."

"Mina, don’t you feel that the dress Jiao is wearing today looks exceptionally like a wedding dress? They looked like a couple who’s here to hold their wedding. What's with both of them standing at the cathedral entrance."

"Now that you mentioned it, it does seem like it.”

The limousine had started but there was no way that the two bridesmaids would stop talking.

Lin Yan feigned a cough to interrupt the two bridesmaids from their incessant chatter. He diverted the topic and asked, "How do you girls know Nana?"

As soon as the limousine was out of sight, the two making out at the cathedral entrance separated.

"Why did you…" Sheng Jiaoyang didn't even finish her question when she saw Shen Zhining looking at the direction behind her. Out of curiosity, she turned to see a priest standing not far away with a smile on his face and looking at them.

"Just the two of you? Are there no other relatives or friends?" the priest asked tenderly in his heavily-accented English accent.

"Huh?" Sheng Jiaoyang was stunned and for a split second, she didn't understand what the priest meant.

"Yes," Shen Zhining replied.

"Come on in," the priest smiled and gave them a nod before he slowly walked into the cathedral.

"What?" a puzzled Sheng Jiaoyang asked Shen Zhining softly as the latter held her in his arms and followed after the priest.

Shen Zhining smiled without a word.

Sheng Jiaoyang was in a state of confusion. She looked at Shen Zhining, then at the back view of the priest before her. Her peripheral vision scanned the cross at the front of the church and a sudden realization came into her mind. Just now, Mei Niu and George made their vows here, could it be…

"Zhining, it's not the time yet."

"Then when do you think it will be time?"

Sheng Jiaoyang swallowed her saliva. "At least wait till I am of the legal age to get married? What we are doing now, isn't it too hasty?"

"Hasty?" Shen Zhining pondered over this word.

"Yeah, not to mention that I have yet to reach the age to get married. Also, look, there are no relatives or friends to be our witnesses. We didn't do any preparations either…"

"What preparations are there to be done?" Shen Zhining stopped and turned to look at her.

They had already arrived right before the cross at the inner part of the cathedral. The priest was already on the pulpit and picked up the vows booklet.

"What are your names?" the priest asked solemnly.

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