Chapter 27 - Being Watched by the Great Demon King

“Have you finished investigating it?”

In a luxurious room, facing the windows, a person sitting turned around slowly and looked at the young man who was standing in front of him wearing glasses.

“Boss, here’s all the information on Xu Jiaojiao.” The man wearing the glasses then handed over a thin folder to the person sitting in front of the window.

If Sheng Jiaoyang were here, then with just a glance she would recognise that the man sitting on the luxurious chair was Shen Zhining.

During the next fifteen minutes, the only sounds in the room were the ones of pages being flipped through.

With only a few thin sheets of paper, it didn’t take Shen Zhining long to finish reading it all.

“Is this it?” Shen Zhining didn’t make any excessive movements, leaving only his slender index finger to tap on the information. His tone was flat and sounded partially imposing.

“That girl is too ordinary,” said the man wearing glasses.

“If she was ordinary, would I have ordered you to investigate her?”

The man wearing glasses choked. He didn’t think that he’d missed anything as all he could find was documented on those sheets of paper. This world was filled with thousands of shy girls like Xu Jiaojiao, so there wasn’t much information to gather. It was only due to her personality becoming much more cheerful recently that a few more sheets of paper were able to be added to the pile. Otherwise, everything about her life would easily have fit on one piece of paper.

Seeing that the other person hadn’t yet realised his error, Shen Zhining slightly narrowed his eyes, his expression becoming a little more severe.

“What did I tell you when I ordered you to investigate this person?”

“Her style of painting is identical to Sheng Jiaoyang’s. She can also play Sheng Jiaoyang’s favourite piano piece, and her behaviour is similar to Sheng Jiaoyang’s,” the man with glasses said as he recalled the order.

“Then, what is it that you investigated for me? Do you want me to read it to you?”

“Xu Jiaojiao used to be too shy and had no friends, so no one really knew her. Perhaps, she’s a fan of Jiaoyang?”

Shen Zhining laughed slightly in annoyance before he stressed, “In the future, don’t tell people that you graduated from Harvard.”


“It will make people question Harvard’s standards.”

“…” The man wearing glasses blinked innocently. What had he done wrong?

“Get out and tell Weinan to come in.”

“Yes!” The man wearing glasses stared at Shen Zhining for a moment before he walked out of the room.

As he left the room, he quietly said to the tall guard standing by the door, “Brother Nan, be careful. Boss is in a bad mood today.”

Jing Weinan wordlessly glanced at the man wearing glasses. He’d heard the conversation in the room just then. Whose fault is it?!

Ignoring the man wearing glasses, Jing Weinan entered the room.

Shen Zhining looked calmly at the man for a while before he said, “Weinan, tell me what you’re thinking.”

“Xu Jiaojiao has many doubtful points. Before, she’d always been a nerd who only knew how to study. No one knew that she could draw, and nobody knew that she could play the piano. Moreover, her growing environment didn’t accord her the opportunity to acquire these skills. Even if she had an aptitude for those things, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Where did she learn those skills? This is the first doubtful point.”

“Why did she imitate Miss Jiaoyang out of so many people? And, coincidentally, let you notice that on top of everything? This is the second doubtful point.”

“The third doubtful point is related to the second doubt. According to our investigations, Xu Jiaojiao was the one who caused Miss Jiaoyang to fall into a coma. I’ve checked the surveillance video. At that time, she rushed in front of Miss Jiaoyang’s car. There were so many cars on the road, yet why did she choose Miss Jiaoyang’s?”

“After a detailed analysis, we’ve discovered that everything about this person is suspicious. Xu Jiaojiao is very questionable. That is to say, Xu Jiaojiao’s current behaviour is extremely suspicious.”

Jing Weinan reported everything in a measured tone.

Shen Zhining didn’t comment, and instead, he lowered his gaze and looked at the document beneath his hand. From his expression, no one knew what he was thinking.

“There are all sorts of coincidences in this world, but it’s impossible for them to continually occur with the same person. If it does occur, then it mustn’t be a coincidence,” Jing Weinan concluded.

“Do you think that this is some kind of game?” Shen Zhining’s finger, that had been rubbing the edge of the paper, paused.

“There’s another possibility.” The man wearing glasses suddenly poked his head in the door. “Xu Jiaojiao is Sheng Jiaoyang!”

Shen Zhining closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. His voice was heavy as he yelled, “Ning. Xiao. Ruan!”

“Boss, please call me Peter Ning. Thank you!” Ning Xiaoruan said brazenly.

“I’ll count to three. You either come over here or get lost!”



Without waiting for the number three to be said, Ning Xiaoruan was already standing next to Jing Weinan.

“I didn’t say it without a reason. You see, I like Jordan so much, but I can’t play basketball as well as him. You said that her painting style is identical to that of Sheng Jiaoyang. Is it actually possible to perfectly imitate someone’s art style? Ok, there are a lot of people in this world, but why on earth is Xu Jiaojiao imitating Sheng Jiaoyang without rhyme or reason? Sheng Jiaoyang only returned to China six months ago, and she’d never met Xu Jiaojiao before that car accident. How could Xu Jiaojiao be so similar to Sheng Jiaoyang? If it was the person herself, then everything could be explained.”

“Ning Xiaoruan, you can shut up now,” Shen Zhining said in a voice as light as a feather.

Feeling that he would be thrown out if he said anything more, Ning Xiaoruan blinked innocently while noticing that Jing Weinan was glaring at him.

Jing Weinan remained silent. Where did this person look like an educated and talented elite?! Rather, he looked like a patient who’d escaped a mental hospital while suffering from serious mythomania! If he had such a rotten cousin, he would’ve hung him up and beaten him long ago.

What ‘everything could be explained’?! How do two individuals become one? Soul possession? Why don’t you demonstrate how to do it if you have the ability!

“Weinan, this matter is handed over to you for investigation. Be sure to find the mastermind behind this,” Shen Zhining instructed Jing Weinan.


As Jing Weinan was leaving, he glanced at the man wearing glasses.

“Isn’t it already clear? What mastermind could there be? I think you guys are overthinking things. She’s just an ordinary girl, yet her personality changed after having her heart broken. What’s so fishy about that? To think that an optimistic girl like her, who’s confident and making great progress in becoming an idol, suddenly appeared as a scheming person in your eyes…isn’t that because your hearts are filled with negativity…?”

“Qin Ye said that he lacked an energetic and upward assistant. How about I send you there?” Shen Zhining raised his gaze to the man chattering on and on.

“Wha…what?! Qin Ye? Isn’t Qin Ye the one working for that corporation with a branch office in Africa that’s expanding their business into the mining industry?”

“That’s right, that Qin Ye.” Shen Zhining gave Ning Xiaoruan a knowing smile.

Ning Xiaoruan was suddenly anxious. “Cousin, please don’t! I’ll help Brother Nan investigate. Xu Jiaojiao is problematic, so I’m afraid that Brother Nan will lack manpower. I promise I’ll help Brother Nan investigate until the truth comes to light.”

Shen Zhining quietly stared at Ning Xiaoruan for a few seconds before saying lightly, “If you don’t find out, you’re going straight to Qin Ye!”

Ning Xiaoruan deeply felt the malice of the words as he looked at Shen Zhining with a sullen look, trying to garner a little pity.

“Do you want to go be Qin Ye’s assistant now?” A corner of Shen Zhining’s mouth raised.

Ning Xiaoruan escaped, filled with fear.

Mummy, your little boy won’t inherit the family business, so quickly pick me up and take me home~

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