Chapter 264 - Cursing out Loud

Why did Zeng Daren listen to a stranger’s advice? Because he was truly at his wit’s end! Originally, he planned to offer her an apology on his son’s behalf so it was unavoidable for his son’s shameful actions to be mentioned in the process. However, after hearing the other party casually toss words out like ‘very gullible’, he didn’t know how to continue. Instead, he asked her for her advice to teach his son a lesson.

Nevertheless, he felt that her plan really was good. Therefore, through emotion and reason, he had managed to convince his father and mother to leave his son’s discipline to him. He even chased away his wife, who loved to spoil their son, to stay with her parents in her old residence.

Based on the results of the first day, there was already some success. At the very least, that brat finally realized that his father had the power now and yielded to him.

As he thought about his spoiled brat turning into a new leaf and learning how to conduct himself properly, happiness surged within Zeng Daren’s heart.

Hmph! If that brat’s behaviour is good, I’ll give him a ham sausage bread. If he’s still the same, I’ll just give him a single ham sausage. If his behaviour becomes worse, I’ll let that brat watch me eat! Hmph!

Feeling pretty good after waking up, Zeng Daren hummed a song as he headed down to have his breakfast.

“Dad, dad––”

Zeng Daren came to his halt and looked towards the half-covered face peering out from behind the door.

“I’ve already written the self-reflection essay, so don’t sell my Red Moon!” With a head full of messed up hair, Young Master Zeng looked miserable as he knelt down before the door, his face peeking through the slit of the chained shut door towards his tall father standing outside.

Young Master Zeng obediently handed over the self-reflection essay without mentioning any conditions.

Zeng Daren took the report, but did not show a single expression before continuing to walk down the stairs.

“Dad…” Young Master Zeng cried out in grievance. Nevertheless, without turning around his head, his cold and emotionless father continued to walk down the stairs.

Zeng Daren took out some yogurt, bread and boiled eggs for himself. Seating himself at the table, he proceeded to have his breakfast while reading through his son’s self-reflection essay.

All of a sudden, he spurted out the yogurt he had in his mouth.

On the first look, it appeared as though his son had already admitted to his faults. However, in the 3rd paragraph, his son wrote, “My greatest fault was looking down on women. I swear from now on, that I’ll definitely place two-faced vile people and women that love to haggle over minor matters on the same level to guard against them. If I have daughters in the future, I’ll definitely treat them like queens to prevent them from ever rebelling against their father. Naturally, if I have sons, I’ll definitely beat them, beat them up so much that they can’t take care of themselves, before tossing them to dad. This way, my dad will have no time to care about me.”

“This scumbag!” Zeng Daren was lost between tears and laughter.

Finishing his breakfast, he grabbed a piece of bread and took his own sweet time to walk up the stairs.

“Dad!” Young Master Zeng immediately cried out upon seeing Zeng Daren through the crack of the door.

“I’ve finished reading through your self-reflection essay.” Shoving the self-reflection essay through the door, Zeng Daren wore a cold look on his face as he growled, “Unacceptable!”

Young Master Zeng was immediately struck into a daze. He had dug deep into his heart to write it, and had even used loads of flattering words to bootlick his great father. Yet, it was unacceptable? Seeing his cold-hearted father turning away, he extended his hand out to grab hold of his father’s pants while crying out in a pitiful manner, “Dad, I’m so hungry—”

“Ah, I almost forgot. Here’s your breakfast.” Father Zeng opened the bread’s packaging, shoved the ham sausage right into his son’s mouth, before tossing the bag containing the remaining bread into the room. “Look, your report is unacceptable. You’ll only have vegetables today.”

Young Master Zeng was left completely dumbfounded as he stared at the back figure of his father walking down the stairs, while an endless wave of miserable emotions surged through his heart.

He felt that everything was pointing towards disaster for his Red Moon.

A piece of bread wasn’t even enough to curb the hunger of a grown man. Being raised since birth with a golden spoon, never had Young Master Zeng experienced such horrible treatment. He was so hungry that his vision had started to spin. There was only enough bread to fill his mouth! That vicious old man of his had even taken the ham sausage from the bread. Wu wu…

Sinking down muddle-headedly onto the carpet, he suddenly heard the voice of an angel.


Young Master Zeng quivered in response as he sat up in haste and pasted himself at the door’s crack. Upon seeing the elegant looking woman, he immediately collapsed onto the ground while shouting out, “Mummmm, hurry up and save my…horse!”

Madam Zeng was stuck into a daze. She was utterly incapable of picturing her precious son as the sloppy-looking man laying before her. Immediately tearing up, she clutched her son’s extended hand and sobbed, “My darling! You’ve suffered so much! How can your dad be so cruel to lock you up in here?!”

“I’m so hungry, Mum!” Young Master Zeng gulped his saliva. At this moment, he was so hungry he could eat a whole cow.

“Okay! Mum’s going to get something to eat for you.” Madam Zeng rushed down the stairs to the kitchen. Opening the fridge, she noticed that two of the layers were stuffed full with ham sausage bread. She took two of them out, alongside a bottle of yogurt, and rushed up the stairs to hand them to her son.

“Why is it the same type of bread?” Although those words popped out from his mouth, his hands never stopped once. Ripping the packaging in a bestial-like manner, Young Master Zeng chowed down on the bread in big mouthfuls, his savagery sending his broken-hearted mother into a deep fright.

“Ahhh my darling…” Madam Zeng broke down into a tearful sob.

In the past, Young Master Zeng was always quite impatient when spending time with his depressed mother. However, after hearing his mother’s heartfelt sobbing, mothers were indeed the best in the world.

“Drink some yogurt, darling. Don’t choke, okay.” Despite sobbing tearfully, Madam Zeng didn’t forget to remind her son.

Young Master Zeng quickly devoured the food. Slurping up the last bit of yogurt, he exhaled deeply, before grabbing his mother’s hand. “Hurry and prevent Dad from selling my precious horse!”

‘When did your car change to a BMW?” Madam Zeng was so shocked she stopped crying. [1]

“Not my car, but my horse! My precious horse, my most beloved horse!”

“Ahhh.” Madam Zeng finally remembered her son’s interest in rearing horses. “What have you done to make your dad treat you like this, darling?”

A malevolent expression instantly appeared on Young Master Zeng’s face as he snapped out, “It’s all because of that woman!”

“What?” Madam Zeng’s eyes turned as round as saucers at her son’s reply.

“Didn’t Dad tell me to participate in some charity auction? While I was there, I saw a horribly lousy painting being placed on display on the 3rd floor, with a screwed up asking price of a million dollars! I made a few remarks about it and then the lady who drew the painting just appeared behind me like some ghost. We made a bet about whether or not it could be sold. I didn’t think anyone would want it, so I bet a million dollars. Never did I expect it…”

“To be sold?” Burning with curiosity, Madam Zeng interrupted her son’s explanation.

“That’s right. I never expected that shitty painting to sell for 4 million!” Young Master Zeng replied in an exceedingly depressed tone.

“What?!” Madam Zeng exclaimed in surprise.

As her shock faded, Madam Zeng finally discovered that the gist of the matter was that her son had lost a bet, causing her to break down into an embarrassed laugh. Before she had even dried her tears, she asked, “So what if you had lost a bet. What’s the problem?”

All of a sudden, a guilty conscience surfaced within the righteous-portraying Young Master Zeng. At this moment, he found himself able to understand a sliver of what his father had talked about earlier. Indeed, it was rather embarrassing to not be able to honour that million dollar bet.

“This is just a very small matter, Mum! Isn’t it enough to just give the money to that woman? Do you see how cruel Dad has been to me? He had me locked up in here, and had even starved me! Worst of all, he had asked me to write a 1000 word self-reflection essay, and to rewrite time and time after again!” Young Master Zeng complained out in grief.

“My poor baby~” Tears started to fill Madam Zeng’s eyes once again.

“Mum, hurry up and find a locksmith to open this door’s lock. I’ll die if I have to stay locked up in here.”

Madam Zeng felt unsettled when her son spoke of death. Completely forgetting all of her husband’s warnings, she hastily took out her phone and called people to open the lock.

Thoughts about implementing a carrot on a stick strategy to train his scumbag son filled Zeng Daren’s mind as he arrived home with a piece of bread in his hand. However, his expression immediately changed upon seeing the opened door. Rushing in, he discovered his scumbag son’s room was in a complete mess, with not a single trace of him inside.

At the first instant, he rushed over to his study to view the surveillance records, only to see that it was his wife that had unlocked the door for his scumbag son! If he had grown a beard, it would have already been ripped out by him in anger!

“An overly kind mother leads to useless children!” Zeng Daren lamented in grief.

Immediately, he rushed back to his old residence, though he was unsuccessful in finding his son. Rushing up to his wife, he exclaimed, “Didn’t I tell you all to not interfere this weekend? It’s just the second day!”

Madam Zeng instantly teared up as she cried out in response, “You dare to bring this up?! How can you treat our baby like that?!”

“He’s no longer a baby.”

“He’s our baby!” replied Madam Zeng with an “I’m not going to listen to you” expression plastered on her face.

Dazed by his wife’s reply, Zeng Daren asked, “Where is he?”

“I’m not telling you! I’ll definitely not let you treat our baby like this anymore!” Madam Zeng staunchly replied.

“You’re going too far, Daren. How can you starve our good grandson like this! This will not be allowed anymore,” Old Madam Zeng chimed in.

“He’ll become worse if this pampering continues! Don’t you know how much you all have spoilt this scumbag?”

“Slow down, Daren. Don’t pressure our precious little baby,” said Old Master Zeng.

“He’s not young. He’s already 24 years old. Don’t you know that President Shen is just 27 to 28 and yet his new company’s already booming!? Furthermore, their Shen Family still has many overseas businesses. Let’s not talk about him. Take a look at the director-general of Senlin Theatres, Li Senlin. He is slightly over 30, but he had already more than doubled the financial might and influence of Senlin Theatres. Yet, our Zeng Yuan is already 24 years old, but all he does is drink, gamble and does nothing fruitful! Time flies, I’m really afraid that he’ll remain like this if we don’t do anything about it.” Zeng Daren gave a clear explanation of his actions.

“So what? Ultimately, Xiao Yuan will be the one taking over all of our Zeng Family businesses!” replied Old Madam Zeng in an ultra staunch tone.

“However, I don’t want the businesses set up by our ancestors to end up being destroyed in the hands of that scumbag. I’ll still want to leave them to my grandson.” Zeng Daren didn’t wish to explain any further. Knowing that he would not be able to convince his parents and wife, he started to focus his attention on finding the whereabouts of that scumbag son of his.

For the sake of finding his scumbag son, he had frozen all of the latter’s accounts. However, that brat did not even use his card at all! Therefore, he knew that one of his family members must have lent their card to his scumbag son.

As he was about to finish making a trip around H City in search of his son, a phone call came in.

“Mr Zeng, are you trying to find your son?”

Zeng Daren immediately gawked, before answering, “How did you know about this, Miss Xu?”

“That’s because he’s right in front of me, and is cursing and swearing out––at me.”

1. It’s a word play: 宝马 means precious horse in Chinese, as well as being the Chinese name of BMW)

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