Chapter 263 - Punishing a Little Brat

In the end, Young Master Zeng chose to let the driver come and pick him up. He seethed as he endured the strange gazes of the bar staff and waited for the chauffeur to pay before exploding at him once he got into the car.

"What the hell is that old fart doing? What did I do? Just wait until I get Grandpa and Grandma to scold the crap out of him. How dare he freeze my card!?”

The driver drove the car silently, ignoring his drunken rambling.

Once he reached home, he kicked off angrily as he shouted, “I’m back–––”

“Since you're back, get up here. I'm in your room.” Another shout came from upstairs.

Young Master Zeng rushed upstairs. He saw his door wide open and rushed in furiously, cursing at his father, "You old fart, why did you freeze my card?! Why don’t I make Grandpa freeze your card too!”

“Little brat, watch your mouth! Do you know how much trouble you have caused me?"

"What trouble? Why don't I know about it?" Young Master Zeng stormed to the bed angrily.

"I thought you have grown more mature lately, so I agreed when your grandfather suggested that I should let you attend the evening party to expand your social circle. Who knew that your maturity was just an act.”

"I wasn’t putting on an act! I attended the party, but I did leave before it was over. That’s not what you meant by trouble, right? Are the sponsors really making such a big deal about it?!"

Hearing his son’s good-for-nothing words, Zeng Daren was furious. He was itching to whip him furiously with his belt, but was afraid of being scolded by his father so he could only pant with anger. "Didn’t you make a bet? A one million bet?"

“Yeah, so?” Young Master Zeng laid on the bed and sluggishly asked.

“Didn’t you lose the bet and then even ran away?”

Young Master Zeng sat up. “That woman actually complained to you?”

"If you want to make a bet, then bet. But if you can't afford to lose, then why gamble?! You’re ruining the Zeng Family’s dignity! Now, not even your grandpa cares about you.”

“Impossible, why would Grandpa ignore me for such a small thing.”

"Is this a trivial matter? You can’t even keep a gamble of one million, who would dare to cooperate with our Zeng Family if this leaks out? Your grandfather said, this time they will not intervene and it's up to me to punish you. Look around, can’t you see that your mother isn’t here?” Zeng Daren was slightly relieved when his father had loosened up to let him discipline his son. However, his father also said no corporal punishment.

Fine, there were plenty of ways to punish him. If he wants no corporal punishment, then there won’t be any corporal punishment. Even though… he really wanted to beat this bastard of a son up.

"Right, where's Mom?" Usually, whenever he drinks, she would always be rushing about to prevent him from getting hung over the next morning. Why wasn’t she here now?

“Your mom returned to her old residence. Nobody’s going to help you now!”

Young Master Zeng laid back on the bed. “Eh, who cares.”

Zeng Daren glowered, trying his best to resist his urge to beat his son up. Knowing that it would be of no use even if he said more, he didn’t continue the conversation. Zeng Daren turned around and walked out of the room, locking the door.

That's right, he locked the room's door from the outside. He even used steel chains and steel locks to ensure it couldn’t be opened.

If he doesn’t take the opportunity to teach this stupid brat a lesson, his name isn’t Zeng Daren!

The next day, Young Master Zeng woke up from a good night's sleep and was ready to go out for a stroll. However, just as he was about to head out, he found that the door could not be opened. Despite exerting all his strength to pull the door, he still couldn't open it. Angrily, he kicked the door hard, but only ended up hurting his own foot instead.

"Someone come! Hurry up ah, old man, old man? Old fart! Dad—"

“What are you shouting for?” His father's voice finally came from the other side.

“Why did you lock me up? Hurry up and let me out! I promised someone to go horseback riding today.”

“Horseback riding, how nice. I haven't exercised like that in a while.”

Young Master Zeng knocked on the door and shouted hysterically, "Old man, don't you touch my horse!!!"

"I heard that our Young Master Zeng is an expert at raising horses. It just so happened that President Hu is also a man who loves horses. I'll see if he wants it or not, and sell them off later. We can make some spare cash, let’s see if we can get to a million."

"How dare you! Ahhhhhhh! Let me out, I’ll kill you!"

"Bye-bye ~" The footsteps outside were getting farther and farther, and soon there was no movement.

Young Master Zeng finally realised how serious the situation was. He walked around in a circle around the room crazily, breaking objects. He thought of climbing out of the window, only to find that a security net had been installed.

He shouted loudly for a while before suddenly remembering that he could use his phone and hurried to find it. However, even after turning the whole place over, he still couldn’t locate his phone.

“That old fart, if you dare to sell my horse, I’ll definitely kill you!!”

Only his voice echoing in the room.

The discouraged Young Master Zeng could only fall towards the bed, silently praying that his beloved horses wouldn’t be sold off by that old fart. Otherwise, he would really turn crazy.

As time passed by, Young Master Zeng grew hungry. But what was even more tormenting, was the fear of his horses being sold off.

Finally, he heard footsteps outside, Young Master Zeng quickly got down from the bed. His legs felt soft and he almost fell over, but instead of worrying about his physical health, he was lying by the door and shouting, “Dad, Dad?”

“My horse—”

“President Hu liked your black horse very much, but it's too wild, so he fancied your claret horse. He thought it was docile, suitable for his daughter to ride.” Zeng Daren's joyful voice transmitted inside.

“F*ck your grandfather, how dare you sell my lover!” Young Master Zeng lets out a long stream of curses.

“You bastard, don’t speak so rudely, let your great grandfather stay buried at peace!” Zeng Daren obviously already found a way to control him. Before, he was always the one angered by this stinky brat. Now, the tables have turned.

“Return my Red Moon, give Red Moon back, wuwu……”

Zeng Daren was completely stupefied when he heard him start to cry. His face was filled with wonder as he paced in front of the door, waiting for the crying sounds to calm down for a while before saying, “I haven’t sold your Red Moon yet.”

The sobbing sound inside immediately stopped.

“However,” Zeng Daren deliberately lengthen the word, “That’ll depend on your performance.”

“Just say it, what do you want?” Young Master Zeng reacted instantly and asked.

“First, write a thousand-word reflection essay.”

Young Master Zeng paused for a while. He had never written such a thing even once before, but for his beloved horse, he forced himself to agree, “Okay, but there's no paper or pen in the room.”

In the blink of an eye, papers and pen were squeezed in through the door's seam.

“Dad, I'm hungry.” Young Master Zeng had never properly addressed Zeng Daren as 'Dad' ever since he'd started to form his own opinions. However, in the face of hunger, he finally couldn’t take it anymore and lowered himself. He no longer acted so high and mighty.

It had been too long since he heard his son call him “Dad”. Zeng Daren almost opened the door and let him out, but in the end, he still resisted and decided to wait. He wanted to look at his son's reflection paper to see whether his son was aware of his own mistakes.

Thus, Zeng Daren could only harden his heart and said, "I will give you food when you finish the essay."

Young Master Zeng, who had never put any effort in essay writing, bit his pen and thought hard about the self-reflection essay bitterly.

After quite a while, just as Zeng Daren almost fell asleep on the other side, he heard his son’s voice.

“Is Father here? I’ve finished writing the essay.”

“Push it out for me to see.”

“No, you must first guarantee that you won't sell my Red Moon.”

Zeng Daren raised his brow and barked fiercely, "Stinky brat, haven’t you figured it out yet? You’re not the one making the rules, I am!”

It was quiet inside before two pieces of paper were slid out from under the door.

Zeng Daren did not immediately pick up the essay on the ground. Instead, he loosened the chain and asked his son to open the door. When the chain was stretched, a gap between the two doors appeared where a hand could be extended. Zeng Daren pushed the ham bread in.

“This is for me to eat?”

"If you don’t want to eat it, then don't." Zeng Daren had just finished speaking when the bread was taken.

He listened to his son gobble it up as he picked up the essay happily, only to see the crooked writing on it:

Dad, I was wrong. I shouldn't have made a bet with a slut. The next time I see her, I’m definitely going to beat her to death. How dare she slander me! Don’t think that I don’t hit women, once I fight, even I am afraid of myself. No, it's too easy to just beat her up once, I want to blablabla… (omitting a thousand words of various torture methods)

Zeng Daren felt a headache. He ground his teeth and roared, "Continue writing. I’ll come back tomorrow morning and if I don’t receive a satisfactory self-reflection essay, I will sell your Red Moon for a good price. " After that, he turned around and went upstairs to his room.

"Hey! Come back, I’ll write! I’ll write right away, don't sell my Red Moon! Dad—"

The door was closed, and the howling from downstairs was isolated. Zeng Daren took out his cell phone and made a call. When the person on the other end answered the phone, he said, "Ms. Xu, I'm so sorry to disturb you so late. I have done as you suggested, but my son is too difficult to discipline. Although he is yielding a bit, he still doesn't realize his mistake. What should I do next? "

"Then keep him locked, until he wants to take the initiative to admit his mistake."

"It’s like this…" Zeng Daren recounted about the day's happenings, "Do you want me to lie to him tomorrow and say I sold his horse?"

"Don’t, even if he asks, don't reveal anything and let him guess himself. You can show interest in his other horse and make him misunderstand that you may sell them at any time. To change your mind, he has to work hard to show that he’s improved. All you have to do is to guide him and let him persevere while mending his ways. Even if he's just putting on an act, let him continue until he turns over a new leaf.”

“Okay, thank you very much, Miss Xu. If my family’s stinky brat were to change because of this, it would be wonderful. I will definitely thank Miss Xu properly.”

“No need, I only want him to apologize to me.”

“Good, I will tell him to apologize properly to you. I won’t bother you anymore now.”

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