Chapter 262 - Birth Another One

In the future, I would be grateful if you can come visit me along the way while you visit your mother’s grave.

Sheng Jiaoyang could barely believe that those humble words were coming from Sheng Xun’s mouth. Furthermore, the way he was speaking as if he was already one foot into the grave made her feel horrible.

“There is really nothing between us anymore. Even if you die, I can’t attend your funeral. Sheng Shiyun is your only daughter now. Once you passed away, she would naturally inherit all of your assets. She would also be the one attending your funeral.”

Sheng Jiaoyang appeared very calm.

Sheng Xun smiled bitterly. “I earned all the family assets myself. If you don’t want it, I would rather donate all of it than leave it with any of them.”

“It would be really interesting to see their expressions if they heard your words. Toiling for so many years, only to find they don’t get a single cent from you,” Sheng Jiaoyang sneered.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Sheng Jiaoyang cocked her head, her face still cold.

“For neglecting you in the past,” Sheng Xun said softly.

“I wasn’t the one who pushed Liang Xiaohui to cause her miscarriage. She grabbed my hand and fell herself, pretending I was the one who shoved her. Furthermore, the other woman you were having an affair with said she wanted to talk to me. But by the time I arrived, she had already jumped. I have no idea who threatened her in the first place. Also, even if I could come up with something like that, the first person I would’ve threatened would have been Liang Xiaohui!”

“I know.”

“Right, you knew. I told you all of this before, but did you believe me? You brought the two of them back to what was my mother’s home. You ignored me, Grandfather and Grandmother were deceived by them into thinking that something was wrong with me and started to find faults with me. In the end, you even wanted to send me out of the country.”

Pain flickered in Sheng Xun’s eyes. “I wanted to send you out of the country to get far away from the quarrels.”

Sheng Jiaoyang’s lips curved into a sneer. “You wanted to get me away from the quarrelling but in the end, all the slander fell on me. When I returned, everybody in the circle talked about how vicious I was, how people like me deserved to die.”

She raised a hand to her chest. “Fortunately, I have a big heart. Otherwise, my heart disease would’ve flared up from anger.” And I wouldn’t have managed to survive until I ran into Xu Jiaojiao.

“Why didn’t you even tell me about your illness?”

“If you cared about me just a little bit more, you would’ve long realised. I remember you saw me taking medicine at least three times. One time, you even grabbed my medicine. Although it was all written in English, you could tell it was related to the heart if you just took the time to examine the label.”

“Your mother said it was calcium supplements.”

“That’s you all right, believing whatever mother says.”

The two looked at each other silently, realising that both of them actually remembered those events.

“Your mother… was she also…” Sheng Xun’s breathing quickened, as if he wanted to know the truth but was also scared of it.

Sheng Jiaoyang flattened her lips. “Your reaction’s really slow. Is my mother the kind of person who would suddenly kill herself? Only you would easily accept her lie.”

She never understood why her mother wanted to hide her illness from her father. It was the so-called 'one skillfully gives a punishment while the other gladly accepts it'. Jiaoyang had assumed that Sheng Xun would eventually figure it out. But when her mother died of illness and faked suicide with sleeping pills, Sheng Xun was actually fooled just like that. There were many times she wanted to go against her mother’s wish and tell him the truth, but her mother’s passing struck him too hard. He no longer wanted to see her and always avoided her, rarely returning home.

“I didn’t expect you to find out, and here I thought that you’d die before taking the initiative to investigate.”

Sheng Xun revealed a smile that seemed even worse than crying. Sheng Jiaoyang gave him one last look before turning and walking away.

“You still aren’t willing to give me your mother’s diary?” Behind her, Sheng Xun asked.

Sheng Jiaoyang paused, replying calmly, “I already burned it.”

She didn’t look at Sheng Xun’s expression behind her. She didn’t need to look to know that it definitely wasn’t pleasant.

While she was on her way back to find Shen Zhining, Jiaoyang was once again blocked by someone else.

Pan Zihui’s face was grave as he stood in front of her. “Do you know President Sheng?”

“Mhmm, yeah? So?” Sheng Jiaoyang raised a brow.

“You should stay away from him. He has impure intentions towards you, don’t muddle-headedly get swayed by his extravagant actions.”

Sheng Jiaoyang silently stared at Pan Zihui as she listened to his strange words. She glanced around them and surprisingly didn’t see Ms. Pan who always seemed stuck to him like glue. She replied impatiently, “Your own wife doesn’t care so why do you care? If you’re so idle, go and do some charity work, help society.”

“I also wanted to buy your painting.”

“Then please, Mr. Pan, did you get it?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked disdainfully.

Pan Zihui choked, “I tried bidding, but you saw, it was won by President Sheng.”

“They don’t speak so pompously. If you’re really so sincere, you could’ve continued bidding. You don’t want to spend money but still want me to praise you. Do you really think the world works that way?” Sheng Jiaoyang was savage when she wanted to scold someone. She knew to attack the sore spots.

Pan Zihui was almost strangled by her words as displeasure pooled inside him. He felt as if his dignity was challenged. But when he thought of how he had wronged her, had never given any money or done any of his fatherly responsibilities, his confidence disappeared. He spoke softly, “It’s not that Dad didn’t want to continue bidding, I just thought it wasn’t necessary. Even if I spent more, it would be for others. If you need money, you just have to tell me and I will definitely help you no matter what.”

“Wow, who gave you the right to call yourself Dad in front of me?” Sheng Jiaoyang sneered, “Your daughter, Pan Mingyue, isn’t here. There’s no need to throw that title everywhere.”

“Jiaojiao, I know you and your mother have been wronged. In the future…” Pan Zihui didn’t finish before he was interrupted.

“In the future, you also wouldn’t have anything to do with them. I can take care of Jiaoyang.” Shen Zhining walked over and wrapped an arm around Sheng Jiaoyang’s shoulders, staring at Pan Zihui coldly.

Pan Zihui frowned, “President Shen, do you know about my relationship with Jiaojiao? You’re Jiaojiao’s boyfriend, you should call me…”

“Ms. Pan, you’d better watch over your husband. Don’t just casually let him out. Otherwise, he might bite somebody.” Sheng Jiaoyang looked in her direction.

Pan Zihui turned around and sure enough, saw his wife, Jiang Yin, walking towards them.

Jiang Yin was about to burst with rage. But to keep her good reputation, she squeezed out a smile and wrapped an arm around Pan Zihui’s, her tone warm. “What are you guys talking about?”

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t wait for Pan Zihui to speak as she directly turned to Pan Zihui. “Next time you dare to proclaim yourself as my dad, I’ll take half of your inheritance.”

Then, she left with Shen Zhining.

Jiang Yin ground her teeth and glared at Pan Zihui. “What, so when I’m not around, you want to take our Mingyue’s things to give to others?”

“Of course not,” Pan Zihui hastily denied.

“You’d better not. She doesn’t even cherish how well you treat her, what would you do that for? Let’s go, our baby’s still waiting for us at home,” Jiang Yin said confidently.

Meanwhile, the young man who made the bet with Sheng Jiaoyang waited outside for a bit. He left on his own after he didn’t see his female companion. He went to one of his regular bars and invited his pack of scoundrel friends and drank late into the night. He was completely wasted by the time he gave his card to pay. However, he instantly sobered up in shock when the waiter spoke.

“Young Master Zeng, your card was declined.”

“How could that be? I just bought some cigarettes this afternoon.”

“Young Master Zeng, your card’s frozen and can’t be tapped. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the bank and consult them.”

“Haha, Young Master Zeng, I think you should ask your dad if he froze it. After all, only our old pops like to do stuff like this.” Next to him, his friend grinned.

Young Master Zeng felt like he had lost a lot of face. The fun had just started, yet his dad dared to freeze his card? How could he ever raise his head proudly in front of his friends again after losing this much pride?!

“It looks like I’d better treat this time.” Another sloppy man rummaged for his wallet.

“Don’t! We already decided that I’d treat. You guys can leave first.” Young Master Zeng smacked the marble bar table before grimacing from the pain.

The rest giddily left with their women, including the guy who volunteered to pay. They had drunk a lot, and with so many of them, the bill definitely wouldn’t be small.

“Young Master Zeng, do you have any other cards?” the waiter asked.

“Wait a moment, I’ll make a call.” Young Master Zeng waved his hand and laid on the bar counter, giving his old man a call.

“Hey, Dad, did you freeze my card?” His tone was very unpleasant.

“Yes.” The other voice from the phone sounded even more unhappy.

Young Master Zeng’s face changed as he ground his teeth, “Have you gone crazy, what are you freezing my card for? Do you know how much face I’ve lost in front of my friends today? Hurry and unfreeze it, I need to pay the bill!”

“Little brat, what tone are you using towards your father?”

“Hurry up! I’m still waiting here!” Young Master Zeng was very impatient.

“Where are you? I’ll call the chauffeur to pick you up.”

“I don’t want someone to pick me up, I just want you to unfreeze my card!!” Young Master Zeng screamed angrily into the phone.

But the voice on the other end of the phone turned cold. “I’ll give you two choices: 1, give me the address and let the driver pick you up and pay the bill, or 2, stay there until you rot! Hmph!”

“I’m going to tell Grandpa and Grandma and say you’re bullying me!” The great Young Master Zeng had never heard his dad speak so strictly before and felt like his hair was going to puff from anger.

“Even if you complain to them, it’s useless. I have to sort you out today, you little bastard. Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ve caused? I let you gamble and whore all you want, but you actually dared to screw me over at such an important occasion today! Are you coming back or not? If you aren’t, just die outside and I’ll have another child with your mother!”

The entire bar was able to hear his father’s booming voice and the staff were dumbstruck behind the counter.

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